An Innovative Approach To Medicine From Canada – Dr. Cameron Clokie

As medicine progresses daily, people such as Dr. Cameron Clokie deserve their due credit. Revolutionizing concepts and treatments have made it possible for millions of people to live past their diseases. Doctors who cure illnesses deserve high praise for their endeavors, and one of them is Dr. Clokie.

This Canadian entrepreneur has figured out a way to utilize his expertise and transfer them to the area of business.

He currently holds over two dozen patents that are either issues or pending, both in the United States and outside. Main focus of his career has been regenerative medicine and the multi-use of stem cells.

Dr. Clokie is a strong advocate for the utilization of the stem cells that can treat almost any condition. The fact that they can become anything one manipulates them into, is what could make these cells a game-changing part of medicine. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Preventing repeat heart attacks, fixing holes in organs, and many more purposes could all take place.

The business side of Dr. Clokie also sees a great potential that regenerative medicine would have for the world’s economics. The benefits of it could be measured in over $50 billions over the next couple of years. So, why exactly are these cells able to do all of this? Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

The science behind it is not as complex as it may appear. The cells could be able to trick the body into thinking that they are coming form oneself, thus enabling them to be accepted by the immune system.

Once this happens, large organs could be slowly replaced by stem cells. In a bizarre way, people might live in a time where a heart replacement is possible through the use of these cells.

Dr. Cameron Clokie sees a potential way to save hundreds of millions of lives in the future. Curing diseases that are currently unbeatable, such as AIDS, is what provides the motivation for the constant push of this new medicine.

The ultimate goal is to find a medicinal weapon, strong enough to fight off all the illnesses that have killed off millions of people, and Dr. Clokie might have found an answer.

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