Samuel Strauch Invests In Real Estate Business To Better The Lives Of Residents

Samuel Strauch is a real estate entrepreneur who owns several businesses. Most of his companies are based in the United States of America. He specializes in property development as well as property investment. Samuel Strauch attended the Hofstra University that is based in New York. He majored in business administration. He joined the Erasmus University and Harvard University.

Samuel’s career began in banking. He later ventured into a real estate family business. Being visionary, he built relationships with people with the aim of establishing his business. He succeeded in winning the hearts of his clients through his family business. With his passion for business, he is


In 2002, Strauch established Metrik Real Estate. The Miami-based company is located in a successful location. He is the principal of the firm and is in charge of managing the entire firm. Since the establishment of the company, Metrik Real Estate has expanded its operations over the past four years. With offices in South Florida, the company has extended its services to Latin America. Samuel Strauch spends a lot of time in his business. He is passionate about providing people with not only safe homes but also stable homes where they can live with family. As a business, the company under Samuel Strauch is committed to offering brokerage and management services. The management also provides a variety of services including the creation of business contracts.


In an interview with Idea Mensch, Samuel Strauch stated that his passion for real estate cropped from his exploring nature. He noted a new wave of real estate property in Miami. He also noted the transformation of the city and realized that he could invest in the city. He knew that he could incorporate the input of international clients as well as investors. That marked the beginning of his business. As an investor, he strives to create a balance between career and family. Real estate fascinates him, and therefore he is committed to providing perfect homes for families. Samuel Strauch is a creative manager who implements excellent leadership skills to foster teamwork. He works as an adviser for real estate.

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New Brunswick Developer Sam Boraie Is On A Mission

Sam Boraie is part of New Brunswick’s Boraie family. The Boraie’s are well-known in New Jersey. Omar Boraie was one of the first people in the city to buy property in the crime-infested downtown area of this old New Jersey town. New Brunswick has been a city since the late 1700s. Rutgers University was established in New Brunswick in 1688. The Johnson family loved New Brunswick enough to make the city the home of their successful company, Johnson and Johnson. But something happened to old established New Brunswick in the 1960s. Crime and drugs destroyed the inner-city area, and people left town and settled in the suburbs. But patriarch Omar Boraie saw an opportunity where others saw destruction. Boraie began to build big buildings in the downtown slums. Omar’s company, Boraie Development LLC, single-handedly started an urban renewal project on that is still going on today.

Boraie Development is managed by Omar’s kids these days. Sam Boraie is the spokesman for the family. Sam is a well-known figure in New Jersey. When Shaq O’Neil decided to return to his roots in Newark, he called Sam. O’Neil and Sam Boraie developed the One Riverview Building in Newark. That building attracted young Millennials to Newark. Many of those young professionals worked in New York but couldn’t afford to live there. Boraie and O’Neil are also working on another project on Rector Street. Atlantic City needed help when the bottom fell out of the market, so the city leaders that ran DevCo called Sam.

When Boraie Development is mentioned in New Jersey, the first name that pops up is Sam Boraie. He is the man that people admire for several reasons. For the last several years, Sam has played a part in several inner-city building projects. New Brunswick’s Albany Street Plaza Two building, the One Spring Street building, and the Aspire building have been completed while Sam has been one of the VPs of the company.

But Sam Boraie is defined by more than his ability to build, sell, and manage buildings and real estate. Boraie is a city leader that devotes time and money to the community. The Elijah’s Promise organization is one of Sam’s passions. Elijah’s Promise helps feed the hungry. Sam is a major donor and board member of that organization. See:

The New Brunswick State Theater is another one of Sam’s passions. The State Theater is helping correct some of the flaws in the educational project through music. The historic New Brunswick State Theater has been around since the 1920s, but just like the city, it has gone through a transformation. Thanks to the New Brunswick Cultural Center, and people like Sam Boraie, the State Theater was transformed into a well-equipped venue for live performances. The Theater reopened in 1988, and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra performed that night. Since then performers and the audiences have enjoyed the theater’s acoustics and visual presentations. More than 5 million people have attended performances in the theater since 1988. Sam Boraie is on the Advisory Board of the State Theater.