How Raj Fernando has revolutionized the Trading Business

Fernando is the founder and head of, an established Internet startup that offers an avenue for firms and individuals to share trustworthy information and ask for confidential feedback. The startup has promoted the growth of several companies. It has also enabled many employees to achieve professional growth. Scoutahead opened its doors in 2016, and it continues to register tremendous growth.

Contributions to the trading world

Raj Fernando is a talented professional in the technological innovation and global financial markets. He actively supports affairs of foreign policy organizations. He is a member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the celebrated Brookings Institute, American Security Project’s Board of Directors, as well as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Stephen Cheney, who serves as the head of the American Security Project, reiterated that Fernando’s experience and skills in cyber security are vital to the national security.

Trading career

Fernando has established a successful career as a trader. He started by serving as a volunteer for the Chicago Mercantile while pursuing his university education. Upon graduating, he dedicated his efforts toward achieving personal growth and promoting the success of Chicago Mercantile. After a couple of years of serving as a senior trader, Fernando created Chopper Trading back in 2001.

Chopper Trading

Fernando became a part time trader in 2004 to focus on transforming Chopper Trading into a technological center. He created, implemented, and oversaw some of the most refined risk management communications, source code security, trading, and monitoring systems in the financial sector. After more than ten years, Chopper Trading started trading on the largest international exchanges, including Eurex, LSE, and CME. With close to 250 experienced workers, the firm was made up of the most competent traders and veteran engineers in the financial sector. In 2015, Fernando sold Chopper Trading to a leading financial company called DRW.

Board Membership

Fernando utilizes his 25 years of experience in global financial markets and more than ten years of professional expertise overseeing cyber security initiates to offer leadership insights to his firms and various organizations and boards he serves. He supports animal causes by serving on the PAWS Chicago’s Board. He provides insights and intelligence to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s board.

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