Dick DeVos’s Foundation Trains and Inspires Children For Better Confidence and Productivity

One thing that children need is direction. They need to know how to be productive. Without the proper instruction and example, they will likely be discouraged. This discouragement often leads to behaviors that are not good for their future. Dick DeVos understands the importance of not only guiding the children, but giving them example of what they can do in order to achieve goals that are positive for their lives. Dick and Betsy had a desire to teach children and help them develop positive qualities that are going to take them very far in their lives. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is dedicated to helping direct the children so that they can lead confident lives.


Among the focuses of the foundation are community, education, justice, leadership and the arts. Leadership is especially important because people need leaders. However, in order for people to lead, they have to understand what goes into leadership. This is something that is not as often taught to people who eventually become leaders. However, Dick DeVos has realized what is important in a leader. There are quite a few traits that can inspire and help people follow their leader. One very important trait is example.


One very important trait of Dick DeVos is that he is a leader in his home. He has a lot of compassion towards his family. While he does show kindness in his home, he is also firm in what he expects from his family. He is the most firm with himself. He shows consistency in the way he acts. This makes not only his family, but other people more comfortable with him. After all, he is very true to himself. Therefore, he can be trusted. He helps the children that he comes across develop these important traits. Learn more: http://www.celebfamily.com/business/richard-devos-family.html


Dick and Betsy DeVos also focuses on the community. After all, a strong community can lead to some strong morals. However, it is the people who make the community. When people have strong character, the community is more likely to thrive compared to a community that is filled with a lack of character.