Improving Oncology and the Medical Field at Large

Oncotarget is a medical journal that publishes papers in the field of oncology. It is released weekly and is published by Impact Journals. The editors-in-chief of the journal include Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is a distinguished researcher and has published several papers on cancer. Gudkov is a professor and the senior vice president of basic research at the same institute. Both of them have many years of experience in the medical field. They have been praised for their management of Oncotarget. Check Oncotarget at

Oncotarget was started in 2010. It has grown to become one of the top oncology journals worldwide. This is because of the high standards that have been set by its editorial board. The editorial board of Oncotarget is made up of distinguished researchers and scientists who have won awards such as the Lasker Prize and the Breakthrough Prize. The journal holds and endorses conferences and events that are held around the world. Oncotarget sponsored the recently held Gordon Research Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer.

Oncotarget was ranked first among all journals in Oncology in 2015. The company had an impact factor of 5.0 and a reach of 10,000 cities last year. The journal has averaged an impact factor of 5.4 over the past five years. The journal has been placed in the highest rank on the Scopus ranking in the medicine and oncology categories since 2011. It started out by featuring papers on oncology only. Oncotarget also accepts articles on other fields such as neuroscience, cell biology, and cardiology. This is because they realized that other fields could also benefit from the success that Oncotarget has achieved.

Oncotarget has strived to make scientific findings widely available by releasing the journal online and for free. Discoveries can be shared quickly as opposed to using traditional methods since the journal is open-access. The impact of research is maximized because more people are exposed to the journal in the end. Oncotarget has fostered collaboration between researchers of different fields since diversifying its subject area. Oncotarget has published some of the most important medical papers of recent years. This has improved the field of medicine.

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