EOS Beats Chapstick

There hasn’t been a great deal of change in the lip care industry in over 100 years, and then one day two new brands came to light and changed things considerably. Burt’s Bee currently leads the way in lip care products, followed by EOS lip balm. Each brand beat out the top name in chapped lip formula in just seven short years.

What did EOS lip balm do that changed the lip care industry so drastically? They listened to consumers and designed a lip care product quite unique to the products that had been on the market for so long. Chapstick, in its cylinder tube, was the name that people chose when they wanted the best in lip care. The lip balm wasn’t very nourishing, had limited flavors, and frankly, became boring. EOS changed the game when they introduced their fun flavors in lip balm, made of natural ingredients and designed to comfort and nourish the lips.

EOS focused on the needs of women who wanted something new and exciting. The brand designed their product in fun flavors, and put it together in an orb- shaped container that made application easier. EOS continues to focus on organic ingredients and providing their customers with a product that follows the latest Facebook trends. But, they wanted to keep their product affordable for all women.

Chapstick is still available on eBay, but the brand is old news! When you want outstanding lip care that excels your expectations, EOS is the name that you can trust, https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos. Your product must be something special to beat a product from a company with such a long and trusted history. Find out firsthand what EOS is doing differently, and better, than Chapstick. Change is great!