Personalities to Pay attention to: Attorney Bruno Fagali

Brazil is home to excellent attorneys, and they have some of the best schools of law in the world, like the public schools of Unicamp and USP. In Brazil, pursuing a profession in the law industry means extreme dedication and a rough path, but it also means that some of the best attorneys in Latin America come from the nation.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one such example of a great lawyer that was formed and graduated in Brazil, his homeland, and where he resides today. He is the co-founder of Fagali advocates. He has a master’s degree in law school, at the University of USP, the one we mentioned is one of the best. It is ranked as the best University in Brazil and among the four best graduations in Latin America.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is also the responsible for a program that aims to pursue the process of implementing the “Corporative Integrity Program” and the coaching and training of teams in São Paulo, Brasília (the capital of the country), and Rio de Janeiro, three of the largest metropolitan centers in Brazil.

The attorney Bruno Fagali has many processes being executed in the official court, related to either Compliance, the law of ethics and business ethics, the administrative and the civil Law, and, finally, the Regulatory Law. Bruno shines in delivering an excellent service when representing his clients, and have fought for the right causes countless times, helping spread justice throughout the country, which is a noble cause that is what brought the man to the law system in the first place.

The specialist lives in São Paulo, where he received his degree, studied his whole childhood and now worked in delivering an excellent representation in advocacy. It was also in São Paulo that Bruno Fagali made many partnerships that have assisted him in building his career.

Definitely one of the youngest minds in the law system that deserves more recognition and people should pay attention to the name of Bruno Fagali in the future.

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