The Oxford Club And Retirement Stock

Recently, Investment U of The Oxford Club published an article titled, “This Is Exactly How Much Retirees Like You Should Have in Stocks”. It was written about a discussion held at the Oxford Club Private Wealth Seminar.

Many Americans wonder how much retirement money they should have in stocks.

And there’s no simple answer to this question asked time and time again. It is dependent upon many factors. Some of these include your portfolio size, your age, your health, and much more. But age can be tricky since many Americans are living longer and longer lives. This may make planning a retirement age a little more difficult.

You also don’t want to end up with too much money in stocks, especially while in a bear market, as this can lead to many other potential investment issues.

Retirement rebalancing may be a solution for some.

This involves calculating your portfolio with how much you will need for monthly overhead. You will also want to set aside five years of living expenses in case of a disaster or anything else unforeseen. Consider this your disaster fund in some ways.

The Oxford Club is a group of international private investors.

They were founded in 1989 and have members all across the globe in more than 100 different countries. The Oxford Club’s headquarters is based out of Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. The Oxford Club has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent financial services to their clients and helping them make informed investing decisions. Their unique investment system has provided them and their clients with a lot of success over a period of decades.

The Oxford Club also runs Investment U.

Investment U is an educational website source for financial and investment information. It was founded in 1999, ahead of its time in an age before the internet hit it big with social media.

Find the out more about the road to financial independence on the Oxford Club’s Youtube channel:

George Soros: Fighting the Threat of Capitalism to Open Society

George Soros believes that the open society ideology provides the best platform for building truly democratic societies free from regimes and ideologies that seek to monopolize ultimate truth dispensation. It is such conviction that he first developed during his university studies that has seen him dedicated him time and financial resources to championing for the creating and fostering of democratic and open societies throughout the world. Following the fall of Soviet Union at consequently Communism, George Soros embarked on a quest to propagate the open society and democracy ideologies in the emerging societies including Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. To fill the ideological vacuum created by the regimes that had a tight stranglehold on the ultimate truth, he founded Open Society Foundation in 1979.

Since founding the charitable organization, George Soros has achieved various milestones in territories beyond the former Soviet Union members where Communism was the overriding central dogma. Through several network of organizations, Open Society Foundation has overseen the flourishing of its foundational philosophy in Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall, China and South Africa. In the latter, George Soros was involved in offering scholarships for black South Africans in a bid to challenge apartheid, which segregated the black South Africans. According to George Soros, the laissez-faire capitalism that is currently sweeping across many continents poses the greatest threat to the open society ideology and democracy. This is because it overstresses on self-interest, excessive individualism and perfect knowledge. It does not take into account human fallibility. This leads to unequal wealth distribution and maligning of human rights and democracy.

Philanthropic Endeavors and Political Activism

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American business mogul with strong philanthropic and political activism interests. He is one of the world’s richest people and has dedicated a significant portion of his wealth to helping the needy. As a philosophy student at London School of Economics where he studied for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, George Soros developed a philanthropic ideology based on creating an open and democratic society from an early age. One such cause that he has supported is economic empowerment of immigrants and their host communities. This saw his donate $500 million to help with the setting up of businesses whose proceeds will be ploughed back to help these communities and immigrants. George Soros’ successes exceed the numerous successful companies and books he has authored or coauthored. He has donated millions of dollars to support progressive and liberal political and social causes especially in the United States. His political activism has seen him financially and morally support minorities and pro reform candidates vying for various political seats and elective judicial positions such as sheriffs and district attorneys. He has also supported various presidential candidates over the years including Hillary Clinton.

Equities First Expands in Australia

Equities First is an international specialty finance firm that provides a unique type of financing to consumers and small businesses. While many lenders have reduced the amount of lending they do to consumers, Equities First has increased their lending dramatically over the past few years.

The main difference between Equities First and banks is that Equities First provides loans that are secured by a stock portfolio. If the loan goes into default, Equities First is then able to sell the underlying stock to offset the loan balance. Because of this liquid asset, the company is able to provide very low interest rates and high leverage.

These loans are idea for people in a number of different situations. One situation is when a borrower has a stock portfolio but doesn’t want to sell for either tax or investment strategy purposes. The low cost of interest and fees that can come with the loan are almost always offset by a reduction in tax liability, future dividend income, and the potential for appreciation in stock value in the future. This can make taking out a loan from Equities First a great financial option.

Due to the increased popularity in the loan products provided by Equities First, the company has continued to expand rapidly. Today, the company has a strong presence in countries all over the world including the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States. The area of the world that has seen the most growth recently is Australia and read full article.

Due to their growth in Australia, the company has been forced to move offices. The company has recently announced that they will be relocating their Melbourne office to a building that will accommodate their growth. The company will now have much more space for employees, to meet with clients, and even have space for future expansion and contact him.

Jim Hunt, CEO Of VTA Publications Talks About Recent Market Developments

The US presidential election of 2016 had quite an impact on the market with the unexpected victory for Donald J. Trump. In the days following Trump’s victory, the stock market took various turns from a 1000 point downfall, but then surging for an all-time high of 20,000 in recent days. Various investment experts on have been unsettled by these events, but not Jim Hunt who has always taken an objective look at the markets. Jim Hunt VTA Publications is the founder of a UK-based company. Hunt says the overall downturn that happened in the market was far less of a crater than the events of 2008, though he also says the record upturn is very likely to come down soon. He does believe both the financial and industrial sectors will perform well under the Trump administration.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is always finding ways to make good investments and trades in both bear and bull markets. He’s known for sharing secrets about investing that most investment experts and banks will not share with their customers, and he started VTA Publications because he wanted to serve the customers that most big banks ignore. Jim Hunt VTA Publications offers information to aspiring investors and entrepreneurs about retirement planning, stock charts, trades and insights gleaned from some of the world’s leading investors and businessmen. The information has been taken not only from Hunt’s research and experience in the field, but even from old books and manuscripts including the bible. VTA Publications distributes the information both in print and electronic media format on LinkedIn.

In addition to the materials published at his company, Hunt also is known to show tutorials and post market information on his YouTube channel. He’ll take his audience through the latest stock market developments and show them how he executes his trades. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also founded two programs he’s posted video updates about called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about the hands money changes in a bear market, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about picking the right stocks to trade that can multiply 10 times to millionaire status.

Vanity Fair Asks Kyle Bass “Why Things Fail”

Prognostication can be a tough business. The winning percentage is probably lower than a good professional baseball player’s batting average; but one correct prediction can go a long way. Just ask Hayman Capital Management principal Kyle Bass “Why Predictions Fail.”

“Annual Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit”

Entertainment and finance have merged with cable shows, Social Media and smart phones sharing predictions 24/7/365. In order to spark debate about topics, such as “Why Things Fail,” Vanity Fair has invited Mr. Bass, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to its October 19th and 20th summit in San Francisco. Of course, Mr. Bass is an expert at why the global banking system failed during the 2008 Sub-Prime Crisis.

During this crisis, global Capitalists warned everyone that immediate bailouts were necessary to save the Too Big to Fail banks. For what would anyone do without JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America or Wells Fargo?

“Why Japan Will Fail by Mr. Bass”

Unfortunately, not all of Mr. Bass’ predictions have turned out as rosy as the United States one. Since 2010, Kyle Bass has been predicting the collapse of the Japanese economy. As of 2016, the Japanese economy was still one of the strongest in the world. So, what went wrong?

Kyle Bass also defended General Motors when it was facing lawsuits over faulty air bags and power steering. Mr. Bass decided to “blame the victims.” This questionable behavior has even led to a lawsuit by the American Sniper widow.

“Don’t Cry for Bass, Argentina”

When Argentina came a’knocking on Kyle Bass’ door, he supported their decision to default on its debt for the second time in 13 years. American bankers fumed over this traitor.

So why is Kyle Bass, so popular? In the 24/7/365 “cookie-cutter” infotainment media world, the contrarian view is quite valuable. Mr. Bass avoids the “crowded trade” that is modern infotainment.  See just why this happens to be the truth on UsefulStooges, through the following link: