What Desiree Perez Wants To Do Next

You don’t need to look far to see how Desiree Perez has influenced the music industry. She has helped Jay Z reach the status that he has now and continues to play a major role in the industry. You just don’t see anyone with that level of success making it as long as she has. This success took some serious skills to create and she shows no signs of stopping. Perez has been able to get where she is because she stuck with Jay Z in his early years. Her ability to help him land his feet is what proved to the music industry that she had an important role to play. Many others have taken notice of what she’s done and they want that for themselves.

We understand how she was able to get to the top and we can clearly see how she plans on staying there.The music industry has suffered some setbacks from the rise of streaming and internet music. We don’t have the same traditional ways of making money and this means there is a need to find new ways to make money. Perez has helped this come true by doing what she can to give Jay Z new forms of income. She understands the streaming world better and she has made plans that match this knowledge.

Desiree Perez is probably the equipped to make a difference in the music industry and she has the best ability to make clear what she wants done. Her role as an executive has helped create some of the most memorable differences for Roc Nation and everything as a whole. Roc Nation hasn’t lasted this long because of luck or coincidence. It’s the result of lots of hard work from many people. Desiree Perez shines as an exemplar business leader.

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