Securus Technologies – Acquisitions and Expansions of its Services

The Dallas-based company Securus Technologies, Inc has amassed a reputation for being innovative and at the forefront of its line of work. Indeed, the corporation has been leading in it business and expanding rapidly through acquisitions and partnerships.



Two of the latest acquisitions made by the civil and criminal justice tech company were of Jpay Inc and the payment processor GovNetPay. The Securus Technologies, Inc has stated several times that it is getting better and better at identifying which companies would work best with their set of standards and what combinations of acquisitions would be best for the company.



The CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc recently became Robert Pickens after Richard Smith assumed the role of the company’s Senior Advisor for the Board of Directors. CEO Robert Pickens stated that the two new acquisitions are a perfect pair and they would be very powerful working together. That fact played a big role in choosing the next purchase after JPay, Inc.



Securus Technologies, Inc has been gaining a favorable reputation among is clients. The company serves a diverse client base such as correctional facilities, business owner of small to medium-sized enterprises, people with large homes, and citizens who want to communicate and stay in touch with incarcerated friends of family members.



The diverse client base could prove a challenge for many other companies but Securus Technologies, Inc has been thriving under the circumstances and even expanding upon its line of work. The company has been able to work on inmate welfare projects, inmate communication, and providing tech and software for the field of criminal justice.



Over the next couple of year, Securus Technologies, Inc will be expanding its ranks further and continuing to maintain its reputation of an innovative and solution-oriented company, serving its clients with excellence.



Securus Technologies Helping Law Enforcement Catch Fugitives

When a dangerous fugitive has been identified in our city, my task force is called in to locate and arrest the suspect quickly and without incident. When there is more than one working together, that really can make it difficult to bring them in without it affecting the residents of this community in a negative way. This was a very difficult case because the fugitives were siblings, and they made it clear they were ready for a war if we did not back off and leave them be.


There was no chance of us letting them off the hook, but we decided to tone down the police presence on the street because we didn’t want to irritate the fugitives so they took it out on the residents of this community. Although it looked like we backed off, we took our search to the local prison instead. We didn’t want the inmates to know we were there looking for information, so we went right to the monitoring room where corrections officers listen to the inmates talking on the phones.


Securus Technologies is the call monitoring company that installed the systems, one which they have in over two thousand prisons around this country. The company is dedicated to making our world a little safer, from the thousand employees to CEO Richard Smith. Once the officers in the jail plugged in some information into the LBS software, we waited for the system to alert us.


It didn’t take long for one inmate who was getting out this month to mention to his family that he wanted the siblings we were hunting to lay low at their house until he got out. He wanted to reunite with the fugitives and get back to business of robbing high-end houses. That information put us in the position to catch the fugitives when they were asleep and take them into custody without any incidents.


Securus Technologies – Using Technology as an Effective Tool to Build Safer Communities

The prisons for long have not been using technology as much as it could or should for the lack of modern technology in the sphere. However, thanks to companies such as Securus Technologies, all that is changing now rapidly. More and more prisons and prisoners across the country can use advanced communication as well as crime prevention technology to reduce crime as well as connect with their friends and relatives. Such technology helps the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officials.


Securus Technologies is known for developing innovative technology, and the fact that it has over 600 patents to its name amplifies the significance the company puts on innovation. Currently, more than 1.2 million inmates from across the country use the communication products and services offered by Securus Technologies. Moreover, there are close to 2,600 law enforcement agencies that use the crime prevention services provided by the firm. The primary aim of the company is to provide advanced communication technology to the inmates as well as their loved ones. They want to equip the prison and correctional facilities officials with the futuristic technology that would help them in preventing crime and solve cases much easily.


In a recent move, Securus Technologies published a company press release online telling the world what the law enforcement officials feel about the company by through letters and emails that were sent to the company address. It says how the technology offered by Securus Technologies keeps them safe in the line of duty and helps them catch the offenders with ease. The law enforcement officials also added that the information provided by the products and services of Securus Technologies helps them catch the criminals before the crime is committed, and also gives them evidence to convict them in the court. I hope that Securus Technologies continues to do such exceptional work in the field as it would help in reducing crime considerably across the country.

How Securus Technologies Is Playing a Vital Role in Stopping Crimes

Securus Technologies has brought a vast array of benefits to the world of communications, some of which can play vital roles in uncovering crimes. Securus Technologies has enabled inmates and their visitors to keep in touch despite their being conflicts in visitation scheduling. By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, an individual can simply keep in touch with an inmate via means of video conference chatting through its program.


It is understandable that jail facilities are extremely busy. They are often so busy that it can be difficult to set up appointments in which people are unable to schedule a time of visitation that is most accommodating to their very own scheduling. Such a fact particular pertains to the visitors as opposed to the inmate as inmates are no necessarily capable of being busy with much. By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, visitors can speak with and see the inmate through its program on a computer, thus, eliminating the need to actually visit the jail facility.


One of the most important roles Securus Technologies is having in the world is having a part in uncovering crimes that may have otherwise gone overlooked. Securus Technologies allows law enforcement officials to monitor the video sessions in which they can uncover crimes that may currently be taking place and those of which have been discussed in the video chats that have consist of the inmate explaining what may have occurred. Please ask one of the customer service representatives what they can do to assist you in utilizing this wonderfully designed program that has brought benefits to both people and entire communities. It is a state-of-the-art platform that’s been utilized for some time now and has been proven as being a wonderful tool to allow people to keep in touch with one another when it may have been a bit difficult otherwise.