Keeping Things In Compliance: Amanda Morgan-Taylor And Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is currently one of the leading quality care facilities in the UK. With over 600 beds at 20 different facilities, Sussex is able to provide the best care to its patients, many of whom are suffering from terminal diseases, dementia, learning disabilities, and more.

Since its inception in 1985, Sussex has grown rapidly, and this growth is expected to continue into the future. However, with a focus on quality of life and care, it is important that this growth does not hamper the good work that is being done at these facilities each and every day. Sussex Healthcare is expert on the care of the elderly. At Sussex Healthcare the staff provides the best attention that visitors require. Providing care around the clock. They are based in Sussex in the United Kingdom. They are a home care facility that provides healthcare services. That is why Sussex Healthcare recently hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as its new Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the quality of care continues on during this period of transition.

The choice to pick Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new CEO was definitely a conscious one. She has developed a reputation in the healthcare space throughout the UK as being a stickler for the rules and helping companies all over with compliance and regulatory issues. Morgan-Taylor started her career as a mental health nurse in 1985, getting into the industry at some of the lowest jobs on the totem pole. She quickly rose through the ranks and found that she was an extremely effective manager and was very good with spotting potential compliance issues.


In her next role, Morgan-Taylor became the Head of Audit, where she was tasked with surveying patient care and how the operations of the facility were run and verifying that everything was on the straight and narrow. She also took a job as the Director of Quality Development, where she had to create new and innovative ideas on how to improve the quality of the service and care that patients receive. With all of this experience, and especially her experience in making sure companies go through transition periods without disruptions to their patient care, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was the obvious choice as the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare.

Now Morgan-Taylor will have the eyes of the country on her as she takes up her new role. She has already created a new position at Sussex called the Director of Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement. This new position will have the sole task of making sure that quality does not suffer and that the entire facility is within the confines of the laws and regulations during the new restructuring changes to come. As Sussex Healthcare continues to grow, they will have the help of Amanda Morgan-Taylor to make sure that everything is legal along the way.

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