Cotemar Mexico: Leading the Silent Revolution in Revamping the Mexican Oil and Gas Industry

Pemex, the state-owned giant oil company, has been facing a steep decline in production and is drowning in massive losses. Consequently, Pemex has admitted to facing a liquidity problem which has led to many job cuts. The corporation is also reeling in massive unfunded pension liabilities. Pemex has been underfunded by the Mexican government for years, and in 2016 the government stepped in to try and rescue it. In the past, Pemex has funded approximately a fifth of the government’s budget. All hope is however not lost. With the government pumping in money to try rescue this oil giant and the existence of companies such as Cotemar Mexico leading a silent revolution in the Mexican oil industry, the country believes that all will be well.


About Cotemar Mexico


Founded in 1979, Cotemar Mexico works in the oil and gas industry in the Mexican economy. The company provides services revolving around offshore oil fields development through innovation and expertise in the energy field. It is responsible for providing counsel to players in the oil and gas industry on matters regarding development off offshore fields. Years since inception, the firm has expanded its activities to maintenance and construction services as is the case in maritime support operations. Here, the firm maintains and rehabilitates oil rigs and complexes of offshore facilities belonging to Pemex.


Cotemar is also involved in catering and accommodation and transporting supplies and personnel using specialized vessels. Using specialized maritime support ships, the firm can accommodate between 450 and 800 guests which allow for the movement of staff from one location to the other with ease. These facilities come with services such as housekeeping for individual cabins, food preparation, cleaning of common areas and laundry services. Recreational facilities such as TV rooms, gym, cinema, and basketball court are also provided for visitors and employees.


The Silent Revolution


By providing these services, Cotemar Mexico is silently leading the revolution in transforming the Mexican oil and gas industry. Mexico’s oil industry is expected to make a turnaround from the losses it has been experiencing using services from the firm and an investment boost from the government. Using skilled and knowledgeable employees in designing, constructing and making structural adjustments in the oil industry using state of the art technology, Cotemar Mexico is keeping the Mexican petroleum industry up and running.


Employees working at Cotemar Mexico appreciate what the company’s efforts in keeping the industry afloat. They also praise the firm for duly training them on all they need to know in a bid to improve the standards of quality in the sector in addition to protecting the environment.


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