Banco Bradesco Set to Appoint a New CEO as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Retires

Lazaro de Mello Brandao is widely recognized for his top managerial roles at Banco Bradesco. Apparently, Brandao serves as a chairperson in this pioneering private lender firm. He has consistently served in this place for the past 3 decades, a period within which he demonstrated his enterprise performance. In a statement released by Banco Bradesco, Brandao has confirmed his plan to step down and relief himself of the board duties.

Following Brandao’s resignation, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will run the company as the chairperson and the chief executive officer concurrently for the next 6 months. Banco Bradesco is planning to appoint a new chief executive officer in March to replace Trabuco. The appointment will solely be done by shareholders through an assembly meeting.

Brandao is among the oldest servants at Banco Bradesco. For the record, he has continually worked in the company for the last 7.5 decades. Further, Brandao is among the founding employees at Banco Bradesco. Brandao’s career success in the firm resulted from his strong relationship with Amador Aguiar, Banco Bradesco founder. As a result of this relationship, Brandao has loyally served in various managerial positions within the company.

Brandao is an enthusiastic character with great determination in management and leadership. He first became the chief executive officer at Banco Bradesco in 1981, a place he left in 1999. Brandao also became the company’s chairperson in 1990.

Banco Bradesco was to appoint the new chief executive officer but the process was hugely halted by the demise of Marco Antonio Rossi in a fatal plane crash. Antonio was a top candidate for the post. The company was tentatively forced to push the arrangement to give room for potential candidates to present their interests.

Antonio was an active executive who mainly offered extensive insurance services. According to Bradesco, the CEO selection process delayed for at least 2 years. Prospective chief executive officers, who now serves as presidents include Mauricio Minas, Josue Pancini, Octavio Lazari, and Alexandre Gluher.

Aged 91, Brandao is among the oldest banking industry profounder who are still serving as chairmen. His latter announcement to step down attracted several talents willing to take over from him. Banco Bradesco still ranks highin Brazilian banking industry and ranks second in market value.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco in 1993 as a clerk. Aged 16, Trabuco demonstrated determination and high-end competence in his duties. As a result, he later became the chairperson in the company. Apparently, he serves as the CEO in the firm.

Just like Brandao, Trabuco is a long serving employee at Banco Bradesco. During his time in this enormous company, Trabuco has gained managerial and financial skills in the banking sector. He was recently recognized and featured by Bloomberg as one of the top influencers in the Brazilian banking sector.

While confirming his decision to step down, Brandao stated that he will still be in charge of some holding companies run by Banco Bradesco. While in office as the chief executive officer and chairperson, Brandao fostered managerial culture at Banco Bradesco. As a result, the company now has enough pool of talents to pick the new CEO without necessarily outsourcing from other banking industry firms. The appointment of the new CEO will now be done by Banco Bradesco shareholder during a meeting scheduled for March in the upcoming year.

Trabuco formerly served as the president at Banco Trabuco before becoming the CEO in 2009. Trabuco earned a postgraduate degree from the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics. He also attended the University of Sao Paulo where he majored in Sciences, Philosophy, Arts, and Language studies. Trabuco now has over 40 years of experience in the banking sector, particularly in insurance. Learn more:

Lori Senecal is known as an innovator and marketing genius

Lori Senecal is a Global Chief Executive Officer for the company CP&B. CP&B Crispin Porter and Bogusky, LLC is a global advertisement agency that employees over 700 people. Lori Senecal is the youngest of four siblings. Lori says that she had to work hard from an early age to carve out her own identity and accomplishments. Senecal attended Motreal’s Mcgill University as a business major. Lori Senecal has a profound portfolio and has been at the head of advertisement for some of the top companies world wide. Lori has been the in charge of Coca Cola in Canada and later was responsible Coca Cola’s New York office. For the year 2017 Lori has contributed to CP&B being named creativity innovators of the year by Led Advertising Age. Lori’s leadership and strong focus has fueled many companies’ entrepreneurial spirit. Lori is always striving for new and creative ideas she has been known to dismiss employees that she felt could not withstand a new approach or idea. Lori has a long career in advertisement where she has created marketing for numerous companies such as BMW, Sprint and Kraft. Lori’s approach to advertisement is that you need to take risks and be creative; on, she says if an opportunity does not present itself that you must create the position and start innovating today. Lori Senecal has been recognized for many top awards for the way she has took companies to the next level. Being one of the top business women she is an advocate for women to succeed in management. Open to ideas Lori has often funded and backed ideas from her employees. Lori’s annual salary is upwards of 1.88 million us dollars. At the end of 2017, Lori will be stepping down from her position as CEO for CP&B so that she could be moved to assist the office in Boulder. Lori Senecal is among the top advertisement and marketing moguls and should not be overlooked. Lori Senecal has talked about the importance of focusing more on the mobile phone compatible advertisements going into the future. For more info, visit

George Soros: Fighting the Threat of Capitalism to Open Society

George Soros believes that the open society ideology provides the best platform for building truly democratic societies free from regimes and ideologies that seek to monopolize ultimate truth dispensation. It is such conviction that he first developed during his university studies that has seen him dedicated him time and financial resources to championing for the creating and fostering of democratic and open societies throughout the world. Following the fall of Soviet Union at consequently Communism, George Soros embarked on a quest to propagate the open society and democracy ideologies in the emerging societies including Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. To fill the ideological vacuum created by the regimes that had a tight stranglehold on the ultimate truth, he founded Open Society Foundation in 1979.

Since founding the charitable organization, George Soros has achieved various milestones in territories beyond the former Soviet Union members where Communism was the overriding central dogma. Through several network of organizations, Open Society Foundation has overseen the flourishing of its foundational philosophy in Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall, China and South Africa. In the latter, George Soros was involved in offering scholarships for black South Africans in a bid to challenge apartheid, which segregated the black South Africans. According to George Soros, the laissez-faire capitalism that is currently sweeping across many continents poses the greatest threat to the open society ideology and democracy. This is because it overstresses on self-interest, excessive individualism and perfect knowledge. It does not take into account human fallibility. This leads to unequal wealth distribution and maligning of human rights and democracy.

Philanthropic Endeavors and Political Activism

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American business mogul with strong philanthropic and political activism interests. He is one of the world’s richest people and has dedicated a significant portion of his wealth to helping the needy. As a philosophy student at London School of Economics where he studied for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, George Soros developed a philanthropic ideology based on creating an open and democratic society from an early age. One such cause that he has supported is economic empowerment of immigrants and their host communities. This saw his donate $500 million to help with the setting up of businesses whose proceeds will be ploughed back to help these communities and immigrants. George Soros’ successes exceed the numerous successful companies and books he has authored or coauthored. He has donated millions of dollars to support progressive and liberal political and social causes especially in the United States. His political activism has seen him financially and morally support minorities and pro reform candidates vying for various political seats and elective judicial positions such as sheriffs and district attorneys. He has also supported various presidential candidates over the years including Hillary Clinton.

Osteo Relief Institute, the Best Osteoarthritis Treatment Center

Many people think arthritis is a single disease but this is not so. Arthritis refers to any type of joint disease or pain, and there are different variations of the condition, the most common being osteoarthritis. This is caused by the wearing out of the cartilage, causing friction between bones at the joints, which in turn causes pain and swelling. The risk of developing osteoarthritis increases with age. Family history, previous injury, and excess weight also increase the risk of developing the condition.


Osteoarthritis is incurable but there a few ways in which patients can manage it to reduce the pain and the rate of cartilage degeneration. Patients should include exercise in their daily routine to prevent stiffness which can eventually lead to loss of mobility. It is important for the patient to have a health and fitness instructor guide them in their exercise routine so as to do the right exercises and to avoid injury. There are medications available to help manage the joint pain. Patients can also opt to go for surgery to repair the damaged joints. There are a number of clinics at which osteoarthritis treatment can be sought. One of these is Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is an excellent center for osteoarthritis treatment. It has some of the best facilities for the treatment and management of the condition. The center offers free screening to determine whether a patient can benefit from their various treatment options.All the treatment options offered at Osteo Relief Institute are non-surgical and are very effective.

The staff at the institute are friendly and caring, and patients are always their first priority. They listen to the patients’ needs and get to know them well before recommending any treatment options. While the experts at the center advise patients on their treatment options, the patient always has the final say on the type of treatment he/she is comfortable with.




Osteoarthritis is a very difficult condition to live with. However, investing in proper care and medication can go a long way in improving a patient’s quality of life. Clinics such as Osteo Relief Institute have qualified professionals who understand the condition and provide quality care to patients.


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Jason hope business life

Many people are now talking about the internet of things. Jason is one of the believers of this technology. Internet of things mainly refers to the interconnection of different goods being used by a single user. By interconnecting all the hard wares, the user is in a better state of controlling the products without the need of incurring a lot of money and time in the process.This is one of the ways in which many people have promoted efficiency in their entities. There are a good number of big firms using the technology at the moment.

They have been using the technology to execute different activities. Most airlines are using the technology to monitor different airbuses. In case any parts of the plane fail to work in the right manner, the experts will be informed in real time. By so doing they will be in a better state of fixing it.By using this technology, the firms have been cutting down their operation cost by a considerable margin. In the past engineers had to go through all parts of the plane before it flies. By so doing, the institutions were being forced to employ many people to carry out the activity. This did not only increased the operation cost, but also there were many inefficiencies in the process.

The article which was written by Jason showed the importance of using the technology. It gained a lot of popularity among experts in the segment. In the near future people will not have to go online so as to get the utility they need.Jason is also participating in other activities including philanthropic ones. He has been working closely with many organizations researching on different diseases. A number of them are now researching on anti-aging pills. This will be of great help since it will cut down the rate in which people will be aging. SEN is one of the firms which has been on the forefront of the sector. Jason has provided financial support to the entity for a good number of years now. He has also offered scholarships to some students.

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Jason Hope Believes Intelligent Gadgets Will Manage Our Lives

Jason Hope is a believer. His faith is in the ability of technology to change the way we live by changing the way we utilize machines. This Tempe, Arizona native is a young futurist whose passion for technology has established him as the one to go to when you want to know more about current technological trends. He believes that a clear understanding of technology will be required of all who want to be significant players in the future of modern society.

Hope, a graduate of Arizona State University, has a degree in finance and a MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and commentator on the latest tech trends. Jason Hope believes the best advice he can give to any young entrepreneur is found in a favorite quote by Nolan Bushnell: “The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something… Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. A true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer.”

Jason Hope is a philanthropist. A $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation shows his support for organizations that are life changing. The SENS Foundation is a California-based non-profit whose vision is to develop, promote, and ensure access to rejuvenation biotechnologies that comprehensively and aggressively address age-related disease. Hope’s donation is a bold declaration of his commitment to defeat the afflictions of aging.

Finally, Jason Hope is an optimistic supporter of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a network that allows various devices to work together. This connected technology would eliminate waste and make our lives safer.

Funding Community Projects with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a well-known American entrepreneur who works alongside other successful entrepreneurs to help the less privileged. Not only does he support the less privileged but he also mentors young people wishing to succeed in life. He even goes to greater lengths of funding promising ideas presented to him. His latest involvement with these causes is the Spark Tank that is focused on helping small non-profit organizations. This new venture focuses on organizations based in Fort Worth /Dallas area, and they stand to benefit with funds worth $5,000.


The latest winner of the Spark Tank venture is the Mommies in Need. This news was announced by Marc Sparks who said that he was thrilled in being involved in the proceedings. The Mommies in Need is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping needy families with healthcare emergencies. They also offer nanny support services to poor families that cannot afford these services. At the same time, the Mommies in Need acknowledged the grant and said that they were honored to be part of this project. To be part of this project, an organization must have been in operation for more than two years. During a normal case, an organization wishing to be sponsored is given 10 minutes to make their case to a panel that is followed by 10 minutes to answer queries from involved parties.


Mark Spark says that he developed this program to ensure there is a social success within his society. The third round of this challenge is currently accepting applications for the deadline set for 1st October. The winners of round one, round two and round three will face off in December. However, the project does not accept nominations from some organizations such as political action committees, United Way charities as well as national charities. Mark says that many startups fail because they can’t tell their story and thus are unable to seek for donations. It’s his aim to improve the presentation skills of people participating in this project.


Three terms can be used to describe Marc Sparks. He is a venture capitalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He has a diversified portfolio with interests in telecommunication and real estate. His most notable investments include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless, and Splash Media. Philanthropic causes that he has been involved with other than the Spark Tank include Habitat for Humanity and American can Foundation. As for the American can Foundation, he constantly supports to educate poor people from Texas by providing them with tuition fee and educational materials. With the habitat for humanity, he actively participates in building homes for the homeless within the area. He is also an active donor of the Samaritan Inn that focuses on feeding the hungry and the homeless.


Vijay Eswaran Spreads His Success, Wisdom, And Philanthropy Across The World

Vijay Eswaran founded the QI Group and also sits as the company’s Executive Chairman. The QI Group was established in 1998 as a conglomerate based on e-commerce, filled with various businesses in the education, lifestyle and leisure, retail and direct sales, luxury and collectibles, property development and logistics, and training and conference management industries on Facebook. The QI Group holds offices in locations like Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with presences in almost 10 different countries.

Eswaran’s experience includes working for top-notch companies at like IBM, in countries like Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. He returned to Asia in the 1990s after deciding to brand out on his own to become an entrepreneur.

Aside from his success with the QI Group, Mr. Vijay Eswaran is a world renowned motivational speaker. He lectures all around the world on numerous subjects that vary from spirituality to business. His lectures have taken place at business and leadership forums like Commonwealth Business Forums at CHOGM and World Economic Forum events.

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He has always been active in sharing his success, becoming a prominent philanthropist. He founded the RYTHM Foundation. This foundation has become the social responsibility side of the QI Group, having global philanthropic involvement. Vijay Eswaran established a local chapter of the foundation in Malaysia, working with local organizations to create projects for youth development, women empowerment, and special education in honor of his father.

Vijay Eswaran is also an accomplished author, becoming a best-selling author with his very successful book, Sphere of Silence. This book is about life management and has been published in numerous countries in many different languages. In addition to Sphere of Silence, Mr. Eswaran has three other publications under his belt, 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought, and In The Thinking Zone.

He is truly a leader on a global front. He has been named in the Asia annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes in 2011. He has also received a lifetime achievement award at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum. His advice and wisdom has even been sought by organizations like the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin.

Comparative Law and Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is generally an analysis conducted within a specific field of the legal studies. This study is used to compare the resemblances and the discrepancies between various legal systems adopted in various countries around the world. Comparative law mostly involves analyzing the relationship among existing judicial systems that include the common law, Chinese law, civil law, Hindu law, Islamic law, socialist law, Jewish Law and Canon Law. There are different sectors within the comparative law that focus on the laws concerning the constitution, administration, civil procedures, business organizations, commercial procedures and criminal activity. Comparative law is a crucial part of today’s dynamic, global world where there are more communication and interaction on a global scale.

The Essential Roles and Objectives of Comparative Law in Today’s Modern Time

The high degree of significance is crucial in today’s modern times because of economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization. The main intentions behind conducting comparative law study are:

To establish a vivid understanding of all legal environments in existence

  1. To modify the level of accuracy within all existing legal environments to reach perfection
  2. To unify the legal procedures accepted within all existing legal environments at a maximum possible scale

Businesses and global interactions can highly benefit through the outcomes obtained from comparative laws. Consequently, businesses operating globally will be able to completely understand and operate accordingly so that no laws are violated within a foreign nation. Moreover, comparative laws will be able to prevent misunderstandings and biases between people of different nations so that equality is maintained within the world assisting the world to function uniformly.

The Significant Role of Sujit Choudhry in Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry is an expert researcher and an internationally acclaimed specialist in comparative constitutional law. His educational qualifications include his attainment of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law at University of Oxford, Bachelor of Laws degree (LL.B.) at University of Toronto and Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Harvard Law School. His high achievements were depicted at the University of Oxford when he was awarded the title of being a ‘Rhodes Scholar.’ At present times, he secures the esteemed position of the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. He is also currently the Faculty Director and Founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Sujit Choudhry is reputed for compiling a vast array of research programs and comprehensive field experiences to establish construction methods. His work is mostly centered in countries within Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African continents. His area of research mainly focuses on designing legal methods to transform violent engagement of politics to diplomatic democratic political forms, to unify ethnically separated societies, to employ federalism, secession, semi-presidential, official national rights, language as well as cultural policies, constitutional developments and decentralization and also to obtain answers to general methodological queries. He had written and published numerous books like ‘The Migration of Constitutional Ideas‘ and ‘The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution’ to aid the development of comparative law study.

Eric Lefkofsky Jumps From Groupon To Cancer Cure

Eric Lefkofsky, the billionaire former CEO of Groupon and a string of highly lucrative and ground breaking ventures, set his sights on revolutionizing the study of a cure for cancer in 2016 with the initial funding and startup of Tempus. The difference in Tempus is that the focus of the present 29 tech experts is a cure for cancer and not another treatment.

Lefkofsky, an attorney by education, has made a success of all things that he has touched in his career. He is a bestselling business author, a teaching professor of business, a patron of the arts and art charities, and a longtime supporter of over 50 charitable organizations through his charitable trusts.

The structure of Tempus is designed to speed up the transition of the latest artificial intelligence development and advances in genetics to produce a technologically guided individualized treatment for cancer. He has collected former colleagues from his various successful enterprises as well as leading thinkers in cancer research, computing, and genetics to form the small core of Tempus.

Tempus will not be involved in the direct care of patients in a hospital or clinical setting. The company plan is to develop the most cutting edge technology possible through the combination of computer science, engineering, and genetic engineering to combat cancer and make these developments available to the physicians and clinicians who are on the forefront of the fight against cancer.

It is clearly obvious from his many blog posts about Tempus and his vision for cancer research and a cure that Lefkofsky has made a detailed study of the presently available information about cancer. His thinking is directed at a big data approach that makes use of all present knowledge to create new solutions based on what has worked in the past and what shows promise to work in the future.

In Lefkofsky’s vision, one of the problems with developing cancer treatments that extend life and finding a cure for cancer are the lack of cooperation between research organizations scrambling for limited research funding and the desire to make a profit from the developments in cancer treatment. Tempus is designed to bridge and eliminate the funding problems and the profit motive.

The expectations of the collaborative effort are that the rate of developments that treat cancer more readily and have the potential to cure cancer will expand by 1,000 percent per year due to the structure of Tempus.

At present, the only cure for any cancer can be found for skin cancer in Cuba. One can expect the first partnering in medical research between the United States and Cuba to begin with Tempus.

There are few if any that doubt that Lefkofsky will in fact lead the way to revolutions in cancer treatment and finding a cure.