Why Anji the Destroyer and Magi’s Morgianna Exemplify What Anime Does Best


One of the simple pleasures of watching a television show week to week and season to season is being able to watch a character grow. While it can almost be painful to see a character go through a difficult event it can also be incredibly fascinating watching them develop the ability to overcome whatever tragic event that has managed to derail their happiness that week. Two characters in comedy anime that manage to overcome terrible circumstances are Anji the Destroyer from the anime known as Rurouni Kenshin and Morgianna who appears in the anime series Magi: Labyrinth of Magic and the series Magi: Kingdom of Magic. Both of these characters are known for their strength and back stories that are tear-inducing to say the least.


Viewers meet Anji the Destroyer in the second season of sword anime Rurouni Kenshin where he becomes both an instructor and an adversary to a main character. Anji the Destroyer is a tragic hero who is capable of turning rocks and trees into dust with a single punch. Even though he is an antagonist we learn that his abilities were not developed out of a desire to gain power but out of a desire to seek revenge for the deaths of innocents. The hulking muscled man that viewers meet was once a humble Buddhist monk who watched over a small temple where a family of orphaned children were taking refuge. The temple was burned down with the children inside of it prompting Anji to turn away from his faith and towards martial arts.


Morgianna is a powerful teenage warrior who we meet first as a stoic slave girl. The audience learns that she was stolen from her parents and sold to a wicked master. Even though she endures a lot of pain we finally get to see her meet a prince and a young sorcerer who free her and help her find a new lease on life. Both Anji the Destroyer and Morgianna exemplify what anime does best and that is character development.  Definitely makes her one of the top anime girls around.