Cryptocurrency Currency Expert and Programmer, Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim are the co-founders of Stellar Development Foundation. It consists of Stellar Network which is universal financial software that seeks to connect everyone to technology and, an NGO that is focused on educating people on digital currencies. Members at also participate in the development of open source software. Jed McCaleb is the current Chief Technology Officer at Stellar Development Foundation.

Jed McCaleb is both a programmer and blockchain expert who has participated in various projects to revolutionize digital currency industry. He was also the founder of Mt Gox and co-founder of eDonkey2000 (eD2K) with Sam Yagan. Mt Gox was the first Cryptocurrency exchange while eD2k was the first network that enabled users to share large files. McCaleb also founded Ripple in 2001 but left the company after two years to start Stellar.

The idea behind Stellar is to help people make fast global payments. Currently Stellar has partnered with various NGOs, Banks, and Tech companies to make the implementation a reality in various countries in the world. As more coins keep getting in the market, Jed McCaleb did not focus on creating new altcoins, instead, he created a platform that would connect financial institutions to each other. Hence the platform enables users in low-income areas to access banking services. The company is focused on implementing the network in the developing countries where a significant population does not have access to financial institutions.

McCaleb day revolves around coding and corresponding to emails and messages. Jed McCaleb and his team have continued to develop and upgrade the platform since its formation in 2014. The aim is to make it secure and easy to use among the developing nations. As of today Stellar integrates both batch operations and multi-signature smart contracts to make the platform fast and easy to use.

As an individual who is focused on how technology can help solve human problems, Jed McCaleb is also researching on Artificial Intelligence. He predicts that within two decades Artificial Intelligence will be part of our existence thus making life much easier than it is today. This interest led him to join Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) as an advisor. MIRI is a nonprofit organization coming with tools that will enable safe use of AI when they enter the market. You can connect with Jed McCaleb on Github, Twitter, and YouTube to learn more about his current and upcoming projects.

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Ian King: Lifeguard to Life Savings

Some might not believe that a lifeguard on the Jersey Shore could end up giving advice to people on how to make millions of dollars–successfully, too. However, that’s just what Ian King’s story entails.

Having grown up on the Jersey Shore, he spent most of his summers as a lifeguard. When he turned 19, he became Captain at the busy beach of Belmar where 50 rescues a day were not uncommon when the ocean was particularly rough. It’s because of the training he received as a lifeguard, that Ian King believes he honed his investment skills. Since a lifeguard is required to analyze a potentially dangerous situation quickly, and then make a decision, King believes that that can be correlated with examining the market and looking for and knowing when an investment is good or bad.

At first, however, he studied psychology in school, but between classes, he’d dabble in trading dot-com stocks. Utilizing what resources he could, he studied the market and those stocks, in particular, so he could understand them. It was this careful analysis that he realized he loved, as much as he loved analyzing human behavior. Follow Ian King on facebook.

Once he graduated, King worked in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers and then went to Citigroup. After that, he spent a decade working as the head trader at Peahi Capital. It was here that he and his team saw a 339% return in 2008.

When cryptocurrencies began to emerge, Ian King immediately took notice of it and started to investigate. Believing that it could become one of the biggest trading opportunities of all time, King has since made it his priority to educate others about cryptocurrencies, so they can take part in it and create profit, too.

In 2017, he joined Banyan Hill, a publishing site featuring global investment strategies among other topics, as an expert in cryptocurrency. With Banyan Hill, he intends to create a cryptocurrency trading course along with an investment advisory for those who read the publication. He also intends to create a trading service. Through Banyan Hill, King has been able to reach a wide audience, and he has developed a great passion for helping smaller businesses and those just starting out in investing to discover the fruits of cryptocurrency. Tired of helping rich men become richer, King has turned his expertise to the rest of America to help them seize the market. Visit:

Paul Mampilly prediction on Apple stock 2018

In 2017, Apple’s stock was one of the biggest gainers in the stock market. This happened after Warren Buffet bought shares worth $120 billion in the company. Everyone s confidence in the company was bolstered. However, according to Paul Mampilly, one of the renowned investors in the country, the gain Apple has been getting has been contributed by the perception that the company will continue producing innovative products like it once did. The bad news that many investors would not like to hear is that Apple is a company ion the decline. It cannot sustain its high prices anymore. In 2018, the prices will take a plunge according to Paul Mampilly. Why will prices fall? Paul Mampilly explains that this is a company that has lost its innovative touch.

It is no longer bringing the technologically advanced product like it used to do in the past. Steve Jobs introduced all its products. Since his death, no single product has been added. The company is still producing the same product that he introduced. Steve Jobs had introduced iPod in 2011. The idea of iPod was brilliant. To was bringing a new technology where people could have their music on mobile devices. Unlike in the past where people depended on discs to play music, iPod made it possible for people to access music right at their fingertips.In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. This was a mobile technology that would enable one to go online without needing a computer and also brought in the possibility of mobile phone communication. It was no longer necessary to use the landline phones.

Finally, in 2010, Steve introduced the iPad. This was a portable mini-computer. It brought all the functionalities of the computer closer to the user.In 2011, Steve Jobs died, and since then no other product has been introduced by the company. The company for the last seven years have been just redesigning the three products. There are numerous models of the iPhone. The last one is Iphone X which was released in the final days of 2017. IPhone X comes with an OLED screen that can recognise the face.Although some people find these features impressive, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is not. He says that he will keep his iPhone 8 which he adds has no significant differences with the previous versions iPhone 7 and 6.Paul Mampilly has experience in the stock markets for the last two and half decades. He is familiar with how the stock behaves and now he predicts that Apple will start to decline starting 2018.