The New and Original Habanero Shaker from Joel Friant

Joel Friant is a financial advisor, serial entrepreneur and life coach living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Joel has been in business for more than a decade specializing in real estate. His mode of investment was buying a home, renovate then resell at a high price. This kind of projects worked in his favor that he established his own mortgage company. With a never give up attitude and a charismatic approach he managed to help friends and family acquire the home of their dreams. His focus is mainly to help people achieve their desired goals with his business. He also mentors individuals who are interested in doing business or achieving their potential.

As a great cook, Joel Friant was fascinated by Thai food recipes. He went on to establish his restaurant that served Thai cuisines. The restaurant was the first of its kind back in the 90s when Thai Fast Foods were unheard of. It was at this time that implemented his idea of Habanero chili pepper which he first experienced in high school. While traveling in Jamaica, Joe experienced the real test of Habanero. The experiences inspired him to launch his brand under the name Habanero Shaker, a buttery, spicy and tasty pepper. The product was successful that he even sold directly to grocery stores in the country.

Although some people find the Habanero shaker too hot when used in cooking and seasoning, they can still use it as a dry shaker to eliminate the hot taste. The sizzling taste and flavor will still be there. Habaneros originate from Chinense and constitute of different kind of peppers. As the fruit of the plant matures, the more pepper gets hotter. To get the hottest pepper Joel lets the pepper ripe up to its highest potential. The Habaneros have been found to have more than one health benefit such as helping to soothe and calm the body and increase immunity as it contains vitamin A and B.

Joel launched his product under the name The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon. It has no artificial flavors or colors, no additives or preservatives. What’s more, the Original Habanero Shaker contains pure Habanero flakes.

Banco Bradesco Set to Appoint a New CEO as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Retires

Lazaro de Mello Brandao is widely recognized for his top managerial roles at Banco Bradesco. Apparently, Brandao serves as a chairperson in this pioneering private lender firm. He has consistently served in this place for the past 3 decades, a period within which he demonstrated his enterprise performance. In a statement released by Banco Bradesco, Brandao has confirmed his plan to step down and relief himself of the board duties.

Following Brandao’s resignation, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will run the company as the chairperson and the chief executive officer concurrently for the next 6 months. Banco Bradesco is planning to appoint a new chief executive officer in March to replace Trabuco. The appointment will solely be done by shareholders through an assembly meeting.

Brandao is among the oldest servants at Banco Bradesco. For the record, he has continually worked in the company for the last 7.5 decades. Further, Brandao is among the founding employees at Banco Bradesco. Brandao’s career success in the firm resulted from his strong relationship with Amador Aguiar, Banco Bradesco founder. As a result of this relationship, Brandao has loyally served in various managerial positions within the company.

Brandao is an enthusiastic character with great determination in management and leadership. He first became the chief executive officer at Banco Bradesco in 1981, a place he left in 1999. Brandao also became the company’s chairperson in 1990.

Banco Bradesco was to appoint the new chief executive officer but the process was hugely halted by the demise of Marco Antonio Rossi in a fatal plane crash. Antonio was a top candidate for the post. The company was tentatively forced to push the arrangement to give room for potential candidates to present their interests.

Antonio was an active executive who mainly offered extensive insurance services. According to Bradesco, the CEO selection process delayed for at least 2 years. Prospective chief executive officers, who now serves as presidents include Mauricio Minas, Josue Pancini, Octavio Lazari, and Alexandre Gluher.

Aged 91, Brandao is among the oldest banking industry profounder who are still serving as chairmen. His latter announcement to step down attracted several talents willing to take over from him. Banco Bradesco still ranks highin Brazilian banking industry and ranks second in market value.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco in 1993 as a clerk. Aged 16, Trabuco demonstrated determination and high-end competence in his duties. As a result, he later became the chairperson in the company. Apparently, he serves as the CEO in the firm.

Just like Brandao, Trabuco is a long serving employee at Banco Bradesco. During his time in this enormous company, Trabuco has gained managerial and financial skills in the banking sector. He was recently recognized and featured by Bloomberg as one of the top influencers in the Brazilian banking sector.

While confirming his decision to step down, Brandao stated that he will still be in charge of some holding companies run by Banco Bradesco. While in office as the chief executive officer and chairperson, Brandao fostered managerial culture at Banco Bradesco. As a result, the company now has enough pool of talents to pick the new CEO without necessarily outsourcing from other banking industry firms. The appointment of the new CEO will now be done by Banco Bradesco shareholder during a meeting scheduled for March in the upcoming year.

Trabuco formerly served as the president at Banco Trabuco before becoming the CEO in 2009. Trabuco earned a postgraduate degree from the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics. He also attended the University of Sao Paulo where he majored in Sciences, Philosophy, Arts, and Language studies. Trabuco now has over 40 years of experience in the banking sector, particularly in insurance. Learn more:

The Hardworking Habit of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a hardworking man. Some of his duties include mentoring, entrepreneurship and revolutionary business. Due to his open-mindedness, he has worked in several companies which include; M&As and LaunchPad Holdings LLC. During his early age, he had an opportunity to work in some enterprises that include; Nova Four and GE Capital. He has held many leadership positions like being a CEO, President, and Director.

As a mentor and a writer, Glen Wakeman has inspired many by writing. One of his famous called the 5 step performance methodology is best known for risk management. He has a broad range experience with emerging issues in the corporate management. Through his mentorship, many corporates have developed their reputation by using his accurate methods. His real work can be traced back to companies like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

Glen Wakeman, a very learned person he holds a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance. His MBA was acquired from the University of Chicago while his BS was acquired from the University of Scranton. Also, Wakeman holds a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He is lucky to have lived in more than five countries, and he aided operations in many countries which add up to 30. During his travels, he has provided much advice in raising capital, international financing platforms and angel investing.

The beginning of LaunchPad Holdings was just a small software platform which came from several start-ups. Due to that Wakeman knew the difference between an idea and a plan. To make this idea grow and be productive, he talks to other people about it. That forces him to organize his ideas plan his thoughts in a way that can make them real. In most cases, his says his thoughts out loud. By doing so, he notes whether that idea is right or bad. If you want to know if an idea is good, you look at the reaction of people. If it is good, most of them will like to see it grow into something good. With his curiosity, he is always ready to start anything new. That is what makes him good in problem-solving.

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Mike Baur: Inspiring Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur based in Zurich. He attained his MBA from the University of Rochester and later gained an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike spent close to two decades working as an investment banker in Switzerland before venturing into private business. He was a prominent banker that he even attained a rarefied status in Swiss Banking. He is a perfectionist who pleases his clients with innovative and efficient financial solutions.

His experience working with wealthy Swiss nationals in his banking days gave him the knowledge needed to succeed in the Startup finance industry. In 2014, Mike Baur started Swiss Startup Factory with two partners. The firm looks for young innovative entrepreneurs in Switzerland and helps the young youths to be successful. Being the first privately owned and independent start-up finance company in the country, Swiss Startup Factory has helped numerous projects get the elusive funding needed for starting a business. Although Switzerland has a government-sponsored Startup program which helps young innovators, Mike Baur has found a niche of personalized attention and care to the young companies.

A resilient and focused Mike Baur has coached many technology-based businesses to be profitable. He has the drive to see young people succeed and uses his experience to advise the complex strategic and financial challenges of the modern world. He advises a business to be adaptive of the ever-changing trading landscape. Innovation and loyalty to customers is a key ingredient to success in business. Many companies that have worked with Swiss Start-Up Factory have been satisfied with the extensive support provided by the firm.

The canvas approach business model that Mike Baur uses helps him identify which projects to support. He invests a lot of time analyzing the idea brought and tests its applicability in the real world. This process helps in ensuring that only concepts that will deliver the right products to the consumers get attention. Early market validation and retest of a prototype ensures that his projects are successful in the long-term

Mike is the director of Swiss Startup Association as well as deputy managing director of CTI. He participated the Startup pitching contest the University of Gallen and was one of the judges. He has the aspirations and zeal to see young people succeed and has invested his time and experience to make this a reality. Mike Baur is happily married and a father of two.


Todd Lubar’s Numerous Achievements In The Corporate World

No one can succeed in life if they can’t surround themselves with people who share the same ideals and ambitions like them. Everyone needs someone who can challenge them, motivate them and push them to become the best they can in the fields of expertise. Entrepreneur and motivational speaker believe that the entrepreneurship journey is long and without mentors, many will give up along the way. Todd Lubar wears many hats one of them being the Senior Vice President of an investment company called Legendary Investment and he also serves as the President of TDL Ventures LLC.

With a vast business experience that spans over two and half decades, Todd Lubar ranks as one of the best mortgage originators in the United States. In as much as Todd is better known in the real estate and construction circles, he has also worked in the entertainment and financial services industries.

Todd Lubar chose entrepreneurship because he knew the problems of most Americans whenever they want to acquire homes or secure their investments. That is why he came up with TDL Ventures. His company enables many citizens of America to get solutions to their needs. Mr. Todd has always made it his obsession to ensure that his business ideas are implemented, and the goals that were laid out are achieved.

The seasoned and self-styled entrepreneur always starts his days early by sharing breakfast with his family before reading a newspaper and heading to the office. Mr. Todd Lubar is always keen on keeping in touch with the latest happenings in the world.

According to Patch, for over two decades, Todd Lubar has established his enterprises in the real estate sector. When he graduated from the University, he began his career at a financial services company called Crestor Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar later worked with other businesses in the home ownership and mortgage sectors until the time he created his firm. Todd’s commitment and hard work have always been the driving force behind his success. According to the business leader, entrepreneurs need to possess personal traits such as self-discipline and passion for them to succeed.

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How Louis Chenevert’s Commitment to Technology Contributed to the Growth of UTC

According to Gregory Hayes, the current CEO at United Technologies, investing begins immediately. An employee recently asked him what he wanted his legacy at UTC to be, and he responded that effective chief executive officers must first of all realize that they are the stewards of the companies they head. They have a responsibility of leaving their offices in better shape than before. He further explained that the only way to achieve this is to invest intensively in innovation.

In as much as CEOs cannot ignore their immediate responsibilities, they must also keep an eye on long term goals. Consequently, UTC continues to invest in technology, recognizing that the decisions they make today will have a long term effect on the company’s performance. Hayes gives an example of the Turbofan engine, which was invented over twenty years ago by Pratt and Whitney (the engine was recently on display on Capitol Hill). It reduces fuel burn by 16% and footprint by 75%. Hayes believes that the willingness of companies to invest in such technology is what drives future growth. Not only do such investments grow the business but they also support the country’s economy and creates employment opportunity in the manufacturing sector.

Innovation investment also grows the suppliers of the business due to a rise in demand. The suppliers of UTC play a major role in ensuring that the company meets the customer needs and expectations. So far, the company has spent close to $40 billion on supplies within three years. The company also encourages its employees to continue learning and improving their skills, allowing them to earn degrees in different fields and taking care of the cost.

Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Quebec, Canada. The businessman is the former chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation, and also served as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada. The performance of Louis Chenevert was remarkable when he worked for the organization.

His rise to the top rank was due to his significant contribution to UTC gaining larger market share over time. Despite the fact that Louis Chenevert was appointed during a recession, his leadership saw the company share market price rise from $37 to $117.

No doubt, Louis Chenevert had an outstanding performance during the time he led the company. His contribution will always be remembered. Louis Chenevert is also a role model to many CEOs who have led the company after he left.

Duda Melzer’s Rise to CEO in Brazilian Media

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known by his nickname of “Duda.” He’s a Brazilian family based business entrepreneur. His skills are in media and communications, and he’s been well groomed for the job. He’s currently CEO of Grupo RBS, which specializes in news, radio and television media. More recently, Duda founded and is CEO of e.Bricks Digital and Ventures. This company has begun revolutionizing Brazilian media with an online presence. This article will focus primarily on Duda Melzer’s background and career, as well as take a closer look at the e.Bricks side of the business.

e.Bricks Digital and Ventures serves two different purposes. First, the company serves as a location to store projects for Grupo RBS. Secondly, the company provides venture capital opportunities for companies who are in the process of getting started online. The venture capital side of the business has already funded over 300 million to businesses in the last few years. In the first year, Duda Melzer’s company funded nearly 100 million. The companies that are able to apply vary widely, but are limited to those who can show a track record of success offline. This implementation of stringent criteria been critical to the success of the organization. Check out Valor to know more.

Also important to the success of the organization is Duda Melzer’s education and training. Duda is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio do Sul in Brazil, and also earned an MBA from Harvard University. He still takes continuing education courses from Harvard on occasion. Working after graduation as a financial analyst and the leader of a media company in the US, gave Duda the skills necessary to take on Grupo RBS as a CEO. After some reorganizing, Duda has led the company to all new levels of success. There’s a reason why Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is such a widely recognized leader, and definitely an entrepreneur to keep on any business follower’s radar.

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What you need to know about Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Group and the Trump Connection

When the current president came to power, people were looking forward to a lot of exciting changes. One of the things which were noted about him was his business connections and the faces which were present at his inaugural ball.

One of the people who was invited to be part of the inaugural ball was the Hussain Sajwani family, an Emirati businessman who is in charge of the DAMAC group. The company was set up more than 25 years ago and has managed to create a network of branches all over the Middle East, and Africa.

Up until 2013, Hussain was the principal shareholder in the company. Hussain Sajwani decided to sell off some of the shares of his business regarding global depository receipts. This is an action that was carried out in the London Stock Exchange.

Today, he is in ownership of 85 percent of the total stock of the company. His net worth currently stands at $3.5 billion and still expanding. He is a former student of the Washington State University where he studied economics.

The journey towards the top of the investment ladder hasn’t been easy for Hussain. After leaving school, he first took up a job at GASCO. After working here for a few years, he decided to start his business venture. This is how DAMAC, which stands for Draieh Management Services Co. was born. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

He has started several other companies ever since, which include Al Jazeera Investments, and also DICO investments. In total, these companies have a net worth of more than $100 million. The other areas in which he has invested include businesses that deal with ceramics in the UAE.

Hussain is a well-respected member of the business community. He is a member of the board at the Majan University located in Oman. The Damac owner spends most of his time with his business ventures, and when he isn’t working in his businesses, he plays golf and spends time with family.

He is one of the most inspirational and transformative business leaders and his involvement with Donald Trump is evidence of his position.

Funding Community Projects with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a well-known American entrepreneur who works alongside other successful entrepreneurs to help the less privileged. Not only does he support the less privileged but he also mentors young people wishing to succeed in life. He even goes to greater lengths of funding promising ideas presented to him. His latest involvement with these causes is the Spark Tank that is focused on helping small non-profit organizations. This new venture focuses on organizations based in Fort Worth /Dallas area, and they stand to benefit with funds worth $5,000.


The latest winner of the Spark Tank venture is the Mommies in Need. This news was announced by Marc Sparks who said that he was thrilled in being involved in the proceedings. The Mommies in Need is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping needy families with healthcare emergencies. They also offer nanny support services to poor families that cannot afford these services. At the same time, the Mommies in Need acknowledged the grant and said that they were honored to be part of this project. To be part of this project, an organization must have been in operation for more than two years. During a normal case, an organization wishing to be sponsored is given 10 minutes to make their case to a panel that is followed by 10 minutes to answer queries from involved parties.


Mark Spark says that he developed this program to ensure there is a social success within his society. The third round of this challenge is currently accepting applications for the deadline set for 1st October. The winners of round one, round two and round three will face off in December. However, the project does not accept nominations from some organizations such as political action committees, United Way charities as well as national charities. Mark says that many startups fail because they can’t tell their story and thus are unable to seek for donations. It’s his aim to improve the presentation skills of people participating in this project.


Three terms can be used to describe Marc Sparks. He is a venture capitalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He has a diversified portfolio with interests in telecommunication and real estate. His most notable investments include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless, and Splash Media. Philanthropic causes that he has been involved with other than the Spark Tank include Habitat for Humanity and American can Foundation. As for the American can Foundation, he constantly supports to educate poor people from Texas by providing them with tuition fee and educational materials. With the habitat for humanity, he actively participates in building homes for the homeless within the area. He is also an active donor of the Samaritan Inn that focuses on feeding the hungry and the homeless.