Bob Reina and His Mission through Charity

Talk Fusion and Their Mission to Give Back

Through their company’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion have seen their mission of giving back to the communities’ worldwide achieved through donations to various charity projects.

Talk Fusion gave a generous donation of $1 million to a society in Tampa Bay known as the Humane Society. As a four-star charity institution, it offers shelter, care and veterinary services for abandoned pets since its inception in 1912.

Bob’s contribution towards charity was also witnessed when he gave a generous donation to the Indonesian orphanage, Yayasan Rumah Kehidupan (House of Life Foundation). The orphanage’s existence was based on its mission to care for the less fortunate kids especially those from abortion cases.

House of Life Foundation achieves this through providing love, care and education so as to provide the kids with a fighting chance in their society. The foundation has helped so many lives since partnering with Talk Fusion back in 2014.

In the continued spirit of service to the community, Bob Reina introduced a charity program through which every Talk Fusion associate donates a free account to charity. Courtesy of this account, charity and non-profit organizations get access to video-marketing products that enable them develop an efficient communication platform to get to more partners and donors to get involved in their charity works.

These and other initiatives, have seen the Talk Fusion associate numbers increase in as many as in 140 countries. His initiative have been nothing short of inspiring.

Bob Reina’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Bob Reina does not just come across as any simple entrepreneur. He has set himself apart as a revolutionary. Talk Fusion is credited as the first of its kind having all video marketing solutions tailored in one package. Like every great entrepreneurial venture, his was founded on the need to send short videos via email.

His success story begun when AOL told Bob that he could not send a video to his mother via email. The reason behind it, it could not be done. Yearning for a solution pushed Bob to partner with his friend and together, they perfected the art of video-emailing and later grew to what we know as Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina proves that entrepreneurial ventures in charity can still be successful ventures.