Cryptocurrency Currency Expert and Programmer, Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim are the co-founders of Stellar Development Foundation. It consists of Stellar Network which is universal financial software that seeks to connect everyone to technology and, an NGO that is focused on educating people on digital currencies. Members at also participate in the development of open source software. Jed McCaleb is the current Chief Technology Officer at Stellar Development Foundation.

Jed McCaleb is both a programmer and blockchain expert who has participated in various projects to revolutionize digital currency industry. He was also the founder of Mt Gox and co-founder of eDonkey2000 (eD2K) with Sam Yagan. Mt Gox was the first Cryptocurrency exchange while eD2k was the first network that enabled users to share large files. McCaleb also founded Ripple in 2001 but left the company after two years to start Stellar.

The idea behind Stellar is to help people make fast global payments. Currently Stellar has partnered with various NGOs, Banks, and Tech companies to make the implementation a reality in various countries in the world. As more coins keep getting in the market, Jed McCaleb did not focus on creating new altcoins, instead, he created a platform that would connect financial institutions to each other. Hence the platform enables users in low-income areas to access banking services. The company is focused on implementing the network in the developing countries where a significant population does not have access to financial institutions.

McCaleb day revolves around coding and corresponding to emails and messages. Jed McCaleb and his team have continued to develop and upgrade the platform since its formation in 2014. The aim is to make it secure and easy to use among the developing nations. As of today Stellar integrates both batch operations and multi-signature smart contracts to make the platform fast and easy to use.

As an individual who is focused on how technology can help solve human problems, Jed McCaleb is also researching on Artificial Intelligence. He predicts that within two decades Artificial Intelligence will be part of our existence thus making life much easier than it is today. This interest led him to join Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) as an advisor. MIRI is a nonprofit organization coming with tools that will enable safe use of AI when they enter the market. You can connect with Jed McCaleb on Github, Twitter, and YouTube to learn more about his current and upcoming projects.

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The New and Original Habanero Shaker from Joel Friant

Joel Friant is a financial advisor, serial entrepreneur and life coach living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Joel has been in business for more than a decade specializing in real estate. His mode of investment was buying a home, renovate then resell at a high price. This kind of projects worked in his favor that he established his own mortgage company. With a never give up attitude and a charismatic approach he managed to help friends and family acquire the home of their dreams. His focus is mainly to help people achieve their desired goals with his business. He also mentors individuals who are interested in doing business or achieving their potential.

As a great cook, Joel Friant was fascinated by Thai food recipes. He went on to establish his restaurant that served Thai cuisines. The restaurant was the first of its kind back in the 90s when Thai Fast Foods were unheard of. It was at this time that implemented his idea of Habanero chili pepper which he first experienced in high school. While traveling in Jamaica, Joe experienced the real test of Habanero. The experiences inspired him to launch his brand under the name Habanero Shaker, a buttery, spicy and tasty pepper. The product was successful that he even sold directly to grocery stores in the country.

Although some people find the Habanero shaker too hot when used in cooking and seasoning, they can still use it as a dry shaker to eliminate the hot taste. The sizzling taste and flavor will still be there. Habaneros originate from Chinense and constitute of different kind of peppers. As the fruit of the plant matures, the more pepper gets hotter. To get the hottest pepper Joel lets the pepper ripe up to its highest potential. The Habaneros have been found to have more than one health benefit such as helping to soothe and calm the body and increase immunity as it contains vitamin A and B.

Joel launched his product under the name The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon. It has no artificial flavors or colors, no additives or preservatives. What’s more, the Original Habanero Shaker contains pure Habanero flakes.

AvaTrade Review: Should you invest in Forex?

How much time will it take for you to make your money in the foreign exchange? You can take as long as you like as long as you do it with AvaTrade. You’ll be in the best position to win by using this platform. AvaTrade is a stunning forex broker that’s transformed itself into a digital platform and for all things foreign exchange.

The foreign exchange seems to never sleep. Forex gives traders the chance to benefit from the price rise or fall of world currencies. These currencies are all available through AvaTrade and the clarity you gain by using its system-controls. The controls of AvaTrade give forex traders all they need.


Pip After Pip. …

The world markets are gauged by the rise and fall of price points. The price points of the foreign exchange are called pips. It’s not impossible to see prices move in leaps and bounds that equate to dollars, but the common price movement is in pips. This small denomination captures all of the movements of economic systems.

Each pip can represent 100th to 1,000th of a percent. You need to keep track of these price movements as you watch your rallies and falls. The percentage you make on the winners and the losers are shown in the percentage you gain after your trade is done. AvaTrade ensures that you’re aware of every pip along the way.


Pay Nothing Extra Not Even “A Little” More

What people are actually raving about are the fees you don’t pay with AvaTrade. You know that a pip is only 100th to 1,000th of a percent of a dollar. This also the metric used when paying your broker. The commission you often see with stocks don’t apply to the foreign exchange.

The steady tick in every pip is what you need to pay attention to, for this number changes with the demand and supply of world currencies. Expect to see pips rise when the European Union has great financial news. You can also expect it to fall when it shows weak signs and instability.

Know that every price point will be captured by AvaTrade and to allow you to excel with each investment you make into the future.

Profit from The Oxford Club’s Investing Advice

The Oxford Club has been helping investors grow and safeguard their wealth for almost 20 years, ever since William Bonner founded The Passport Club in 1989. It’s now grown to over 157,000 members in 130 countries. Bonner believed investors could gain an edge in the financial markets by learning of special investing opportunities through networking with each other outside the mainstream business press.

Recently The Oxford Club published an important article detailing the four investing foundations of their success. The second principle all investors need to understand and adhere to is the importance of having an exit strategy. Without that, you are at the mercy of your emotions.

It’s important to know in advance how far down the stock or other asset may go down before it goes up as you expect, so you don’t sell it before it has a chance to prove you right. Because sometimes stocks keep going down, though, it’s also important to know in advance that you will sell at a certain low that proves the stock is really not the bargain you believed when you bought it. So, part of your exit strategy is knowing what to do with a loser.

The converse of that is knowing what to do with a winner. You thought a stock would double in price, and you were right. It has. Now what? Do you sell? Or wait for it to double again. Warren Buffett says his favorite holding time is forever, so as long as he is happy with an investment, he keeps it.

Many investors, though want to take profits. However, then you have to factor in the capital gains taxes you must pay to the government. And do you have another, better stock to buy? What are this stock’s long-term prospects? Has it peaked? Or will it keep growing indefinitely?

Transformed homes with Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline cabinetry is here to transform your home to suit your specification. Corsi Group’s newest brand has brought about great changes into people’s homes. The brand has been on the market for two years after its establishment in 2015. The Siteline products are produced after a customer’s places an order. Thus, their products are made depending on the specifications of customers. The brand comprises more than 270 accessories, finish choices as well as pre-designed cabinets. The brand is outstanding as the cabinets come as specified by the customer.
The brand has brought a lot of transformation to many homes since its inception. Siteline Cabinetry assures its customers that what they want is what they receive. Also, the siteline cabinetry allows homes to have an aesthetic appealing. In addition to this, the company provides complete investment value that the clients make to their homes. The moment the client makes a deal with a dealer, the company then builds the cabinets according to the orders of the customers and taking up to the installation service.
Siteline cabinetry has brought a new face to the home remodeling activity. Through its products and nature of work, a customer gets his life back to usual after a short while. This is so because the company comes with designed products unlike when a company builds them from the client’s home. This latest brand from Corsi Group is here to solve customers’ problems concerning storage areas in their homes.
Siteline cabinetry has renovated closets, bathrooms, storage rooms, kitchens as well as laundry areas. Besides, the company gives their customers the entire freedom to change their homes into exactly what they want. The company allows the customers to select the styles they want as well as the finishing of their cabinets. Furthermore, the customers can select from a variety of colors, size, and materials for the cabinets. Moreover, Siteline cabinetry is able to transform your bathroom into a place of unwinding and relaxation. For example, the company can arrange a bathroom area to look cozier and tidy. The inbuilt drawers from Siteline Cabinetry enable a customer to arrange and store their combs, makeup and shaves in a clean and neat way.

Stream Energy Gives Women the Mentorship they Require in Business

Women have a vital role to play in the modern society. Companies that are doing well in the market such as Stream Energy understand the roles of women leaders in the success of a company, and they are doing their best to make the women more powerful. Stream Energy is very popular. The institution has acquired its popularity because of the success it has achieved, especially when it comes to the provision of direct selling and life connecting services to the people living in the United States and other parts of the world. Stream Energy has always looked for a way to make the women working in the company powerful and confident, and it has finally managed to reach the dreams it always had. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

In 2010, one of the women leaders at the direct selling company announced that the company would form a powerful group that would only specialize in making the women leaders powerful and great leaders. The chief financial officer had realized that women performed better in the roles they are given in a company after they have received the motivation and mentorship they need. The career woman also noted that there were several women who were already doing well in their personal businesses because of the skills they had chosen to use in their business.

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Stream Energy introduced the Women of Power Group so that it could empower its women in many parts of the United States. The group takes time every year to hold a special conference where speakers are invited to share about success tips that the women can use to emerge as the winners in the market. Last year, Stream Energy did not forget about its annual occasion. The institution sponsored the event so that the women leaders could meet for the fourth time and at the same time share some of the tips to acquire confidence and become successful when starting their personal venture. Fortunately, the annual event was very successful, and it was held at the company primary offices that have just been renovated. The Dallas based company has announced that the women should look forward to the next year theme that will be focusing on empowering the young leaders. View the Company reviews at

Ian King: Lifeguard to Life Savings

Some might not believe that a lifeguard on the Jersey Shore could end up giving advice to people on how to make millions of dollars–successfully, too. However, that’s just what Ian King’s story entails.

Having grown up on the Jersey Shore, he spent most of his summers as a lifeguard. When he turned 19, he became Captain at the busy beach of Belmar where 50 rescues a day were not uncommon when the ocean was particularly rough. It’s because of the training he received as a lifeguard, that Ian King believes he honed his investment skills. Since a lifeguard is required to analyze a potentially dangerous situation quickly, and then make a decision, King believes that that can be correlated with examining the market and looking for and knowing when an investment is good or bad.

At first, however, he studied psychology in school, but between classes, he’d dabble in trading dot-com stocks. Utilizing what resources he could, he studied the market and those stocks, in particular, so he could understand them. It was this careful analysis that he realized he loved, as much as he loved analyzing human behavior. Follow Ian King on facebook.

Once he graduated, King worked in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers and then went to Citigroup. After that, he spent a decade working as the head trader at Peahi Capital. It was here that he and his team saw a 339% return in 2008.

When cryptocurrencies began to emerge, Ian King immediately took notice of it and started to investigate. Believing that it could become one of the biggest trading opportunities of all time, King has since made it his priority to educate others about cryptocurrencies, so they can take part in it and create profit, too.

In 2017, he joined Banyan Hill, a publishing site featuring global investment strategies among other topics, as an expert in cryptocurrency. With Banyan Hill, he intends to create a cryptocurrency trading course along with an investment advisory for those who read the publication. He also intends to create a trading service. Through Banyan Hill, King has been able to reach a wide audience, and he has developed a great passion for helping smaller businesses and those just starting out in investing to discover the fruits of cryptocurrency. Tired of helping rich men become richer, King has turned his expertise to the rest of America to help them seize the market. Visit:

Paul Mampilly prediction on Apple stock 2018

In 2017, Apple’s stock was one of the biggest gainers in the stock market. This happened after Warren Buffet bought shares worth $120 billion in the company. Everyone s confidence in the company was bolstered. However, according to Paul Mampilly, one of the renowned investors in the country, the gain Apple has been getting has been contributed by the perception that the company will continue producing innovative products like it once did. The bad news that many investors would not like to hear is that Apple is a company ion the decline. It cannot sustain its high prices anymore. In 2018, the prices will take a plunge according to Paul Mampilly. Why will prices fall? Paul Mampilly explains that this is a company that has lost its innovative touch.

It is no longer bringing the technologically advanced product like it used to do in the past. Steve Jobs introduced all its products. Since his death, no single product has been added. The company is still producing the same product that he introduced. Steve Jobs had introduced iPod in 2011. The idea of iPod was brilliant. To was bringing a new technology where people could have their music on mobile devices. Unlike in the past where people depended on discs to play music, iPod made it possible for people to access music right at their fingertips.In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. This was a mobile technology that would enable one to go online without needing a computer and also brought in the possibility of mobile phone communication. It was no longer necessary to use the landline phones.

Finally, in 2010, Steve introduced the iPad. This was a portable mini-computer. It brought all the functionalities of the computer closer to the user.In 2011, Steve Jobs died, and since then no other product has been introduced by the company. The company for the last seven years have been just redesigning the three products. There are numerous models of the iPhone. The last one is Iphone X which was released in the final days of 2017. IPhone X comes with an OLED screen that can recognise the face.Although some people find these features impressive, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is not. He says that he will keep his iPhone 8 which he adds has no significant differences with the previous versions iPhone 7 and 6.Paul Mampilly has experience in the stock markets for the last two and half decades. He is familiar with how the stock behaves and now he predicts that Apple will start to decline starting 2018.

Keeping Things In Compliance: Amanda Morgan-Taylor And Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is currently one of the leading quality care facilities in the UK. With over 600 beds at 20 different facilities, Sussex is able to provide the best care to its patients, many of whom are suffering from terminal diseases, dementia, learning disabilities, and more.

Since its inception in 1985, Sussex has grown rapidly, and this growth is expected to continue into the future. However, with a focus on quality of life and care, it is important that this growth does not hamper the good work that is being done at these facilities each and every day. Sussex Healthcare is expert on the care of the elderly. At Sussex Healthcare the staff provides the best attention that visitors require. Providing care around the clock. They are based in Sussex in the United Kingdom. They are a home care facility that provides healthcare services. That is why Sussex Healthcare recently hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as its new Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the quality of care continues on during this period of transition.

The choice to pick Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new CEO was definitely a conscious one. She has developed a reputation in the healthcare space throughout the UK as being a stickler for the rules and helping companies all over with compliance and regulatory issues. Morgan-Taylor started her career as a mental health nurse in 1985, getting into the industry at some of the lowest jobs on the totem pole. She quickly rose through the ranks and found that she was an extremely effective manager and was very good with spotting potential compliance issues.


In her next role, Morgan-Taylor became the Head of Audit, where she was tasked with surveying patient care and how the operations of the facility were run and verifying that everything was on the straight and narrow. She also took a job as the Director of Quality Development, where she had to create new and innovative ideas on how to improve the quality of the service and care that patients receive. With all of this experience, and especially her experience in making sure companies go through transition periods without disruptions to their patient care, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was the obvious choice as the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare.

Now Morgan-Taylor will have the eyes of the country on her as she takes up her new role. She has already created a new position at Sussex called the Director of Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement. This new position will have the sole task of making sure that quality does not suffer and that the entire facility is within the confines of the laws and regulations during the new restructuring changes to come. As Sussex Healthcare continues to grow, they will have the help of Amanda Morgan-Taylor to make sure that everything is legal along the way.

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Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen began his career at an investment bank in Brazil. The year was 1970, and he had just completed his studies in engineering and economics. He attended the Federal University of Parana.

A short time later, he was offered a position as an investment banker at Multibanco, a banking institution in Rio. He served on the Board of that bank, and in 1976 he was named its CEO. Igor Cornelsen held this position for 2 years. He left Multibanco when it was acquired by Bank of America in 1978. He continued to make a name for himself as a successful investment banker, and in 1995 he started his own investment advisory firm. Read more about Igor Cornelsen at Resumonk

As a part of his investment style, one of his daily habits is to keep a close eye on the international news and the stock markets. He analyzes the companies in his fund portfolio, and those that he considers to be a good investment, Igor Cornelsen sells and gets out of distressed or deteriorating areas, and looks to buy in the improving areas. This has frequently helped him identify market trends, ahead of others.

An example of this type of foresight occurred in 2010. He disposed of all of the assets he was holding in Brazil. He anticipated that economic changes would occur, as a result of unfavorable government policies that were to be set forth there. His decision to do so was made well ahead of that made by most of the other expert investment advisors.

Mr. Cornelsen prefers to do his own research and analysis. He follows Reuters for what he believes is the most accurate information. He does not rely on the financial advice of others. His advise to young fund managers just starting out, is to gather all of the information that they possibly can. They should then do their own research and analysis, and act accordingly.

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