Securus Technologies – New Products and Services

The Dallas-based security tech company Securus Technologies Inc has been striving towards establishing a better criminal and civil justice industry through tech products, software, and services since 1979. The business is working with thousands of correctional and law facilities around the United States of America, maintaining over 1 million inmates in prisons and jails throughout the North American country.

Over its decades of operation, the Securus Technologies Inc has managed to gain the reputation of a fast-paced company that is regular on the market when it comes to new product releases. Last year, the company put out their Wireless Containment System which was their solution to a rising issue in the United States of America. Inmates across the country were caught on social media using contraband cell phones. There were cases of prisoners ding live streams, uploading photos from within the correctional facilities, and reaching out to strangers online. The Wireless Containment System by the Securus Technologies Inc put an end to the issue as the product rendered the contraband cell phones useless for hooking up to any network.

To render the cell phones completely useless, the Securus Technologies Inc has also been working towards blocking the outgoing calls made from such devices. The prevention system for such calls has probably saved many lives as there are any known cases of inmates ordering and organizing hits on other people. The system for blocking the calls is active at all times, and so far, the Securus Technologies Inc has prevented a few million of them.

Earlier this year, the Securus Technologies Inc released another product that was also a solution to another issue. Correctional facilities across the country have been having problems with the delivery of contraband using drones. Cell phone, weapons, drugs and other objects have been delivered to inmates using such devices while correctional facilities have been unable to prevent the delivery with much success. The Drone Detection System made its debut in February, and so far it has been utilized by most correctional facilities using the services of the Securus Technologies Inc.

The Securus Technologies Inc is highly active in the industry of inmate communication as well. The company offers prisoners and their friends and family members a number of services t stay in touch effortlessly and regularly. Some of those services include video visitation and internet chats and calls. The Securus Technologies Inc has equipped hundreds of prisons and jails with communication kiosks where inmates can contact their friends and family on the outside.

Over the years, Securus Technologies Inc has established itself as a business striving for excellence. The company continues to innovate and release products and services and achieve streamlined growth in proportions and assets in the meantime.



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