Securus Technologies – Acquisitions and Expansions of its Services

The Dallas-based company Securus Technologies, Inc has amassed a reputation for being innovative and at the forefront of its line of work. Indeed, the corporation has been leading in it business and expanding rapidly through acquisitions and partnerships.



Two of the latest acquisitions made by the civil and criminal justice tech company were of Jpay Inc and the payment processor GovNetPay. The Securus Technologies, Inc has stated several times that it is getting better and better at identifying which companies would work best with their set of standards and what combinations of acquisitions would be best for the company.



The CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc recently became Robert Pickens after Richard Smith assumed the role of the company’s Senior Advisor for the Board of Directors. CEO Robert Pickens stated that the two new acquisitions are a perfect pair and they would be very powerful working together. That fact played a big role in choosing the next purchase after JPay, Inc.



Securus Technologies, Inc has been gaining a favorable reputation among is clients. The company serves a diverse client base such as correctional facilities, business owner of small to medium-sized enterprises, people with large homes, and citizens who want to communicate and stay in touch with incarcerated friends of family members.



The diverse client base could prove a challenge for many other companies but Securus Technologies, Inc has been thriving under the circumstances and even expanding upon its line of work. The company has been able to work on inmate welfare projects, inmate communication, and providing tech and software for the field of criminal justice.



Over the next couple of year, Securus Technologies, Inc will be expanding its ranks further and continuing to maintain its reputation of an innovative and solution-oriented company, serving its clients with excellence.



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