Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen began his career at an investment bank in Brazil. The year was 1970, and he had just completed his studies in engineering and economics. He attended the Federal University of Parana.

A short time later, he was offered a position as an investment banker at Multibanco, a banking institution in Rio. He served on the Board of that bank, and in 1976 he was named its CEO. Igor Cornelsen held this position for 2 years. He left Multibanco when it was acquired by Bank of America in 1978. He continued to make a name for himself as a successful investment banker, and in 1995 he started his own investment advisory firm. Read more about Igor Cornelsen at Resumonk

As a part of his investment style, one of his daily habits is to keep a close eye on the international news and the stock markets. He analyzes the companies in his fund portfolio, and those that he considers to be a good investment, Igor Cornelsen sells and gets out of distressed or deteriorating areas, and looks to buy in the improving areas. This has frequently helped him identify market trends, ahead of others.

An example of this type of foresight occurred in 2010. He disposed of all of the assets he was holding in Brazil. He anticipated that economic changes would occur, as a result of unfavorable government policies that were to be set forth there. His decision to do so was made well ahead of that made by most of the other expert investment advisors.

Mr. Cornelsen prefers to do his own research and analysis. He follows Reuters for what he believes is the most accurate information. He does not rely on the financial advice of others. His advise to young fund managers just starting out, is to gather all of the information that they possibly can. They should then do their own research and analysis, and act accordingly.

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International Investor Ted Bauman Points out Major Bitcoin Weakness

A financial industry expert, whose client list includes the World Bank, the United Nations and the government of South Africa, Ted Bauman brings more than 2 decades of experience in the investment sector when assessing the latest economic trends.

The graduate of State University of New York and Georgia State University earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and MIS and his MBA from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

When it comes to sharing his wisdom on new investment instruments, the Banyan Hill Publishing editor of several financial newsletters definitely has a few things to say about the latest cryptocurrency market.

While lauding the new digital currency’s innovation, he points out that scalability issues with the way that transactions are written to crypto leader bitcoin’s blockchain should be serious cause for concern among investors.

A controversial topic in the crypto world, several alt coins have implemented changes to their own software to speed up the time frame from when a transaction is initiated until it is officially recorded in the blockchain with the critical authenticity stamp of community consensus.

As a basis for Bauman’s comparison of bitcoin transaction processing compared to more familiar examples, he points out that charge card giant Visa has the ability to process transactions at a sustained rate of more than 20,000 per second, with the average volume being in the neighborhood of 1,700 per second. The Visa user experiences an almost instant experience with processing of her card transactions. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Revealing where bitcoin falls short, Ted Bauman points out that the variability with transaction processing in bitcoin can be a few minutes to an hour or longer.

On average, bitcoin can handle 6 to 7 transactions per second, a huge difference between its own scaling capabilities and Visa’s.

It’s worth mentioning in the case of the hard fork to the bitcoin blockchain in the 2nd half of 2017 that transactions took hours to process, some not showing up until the next day. The ensuing community frenzy caused wild swings in the value of the bitcoin relative to fiat currencies, such as the USD.

Ted Bauman notes that one of the bottlenecks stems from the block size that bitcoin is able to process. He mentions that there was discussion of completing the earlier SegWit upgrades with the proposed SegWit2X upgrade late last year, which would have solved performance issues. However, Bauman also notes that SegWit2X received hard push back from the miners, blockchain software developers and other bitcoin project leaders, who cited security-based concerns.

Today, bitcoin maintains the same performance that it has had for its nearly 10 years in existence.

Other concerns Bauman has expressed about crypto currencies are related to their wide price swings and intra day volatility. More info can be found at


Desiree Perez Runs Jay-Z’s Music Conglomerate, Roc Nation

Last summer, named their 2017 Digital Power Players of the Year. Near the top of that list was a name that people should get used to seeing: Desiree “Des” Perez. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of both Roc Nation and music streaming service, TIDAL, Perez is one of the most powerful executives in the industry. Perez took over at TIDAL in 2016 and wasted no time in making huge waves in 2017. In January, she took to the negotiating table with cellular giant Sprint and helped secure a deal that made waves. The deal gave Sprint a 33.3% stake in the streaming service for a whopping $200 million dollars.

TIDAL was purchase just two years earlier by Jay-Z for ‘just’ $56 million. Perhaps the biggest value for TIDAL will be the service’s access to the 45 million Sprint cellular customers. The potential of this deal could pay off in spades and Perez deserves much of the credit. Desiree Perez is married to fellow Roc Nation executive, Juan Perez, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the music giant. Together they are perhaps the most powerful executive couple in the music industry.

Des has been a business partner and close friend of music mogul Jay-Z for over 20 years and is his most trusted adviser. She has made a name for herself negotiating many deals for Roc Nation, including both the deal for Rihanna with Samsung and the deal with Foundation Stadium for Beyoncé. Perez has over 20 years of experience running successful businesses including SC Enterprises and several entertainment venues in the New York City Area. She is part of the infamous Hova Circle of Influence that has been credited with being behind-the-scenes movers and shakers in the music world. Des has also worked with Roc Nation Sports helping to negotiate contracts for several professional athletes.

José Auriemo Neto Is Highly Experienced In Real Estate Investing

Coaching and mentoring can be beneficial for people who want to start a business. In real estate, there is a vast array of resources for those who are interested in starting their own business.

People from all walks of life can get started in the real estate field and achieve great success if they have access to top notch resources and training. That’s where José Auriemo Neto comes in – to give you access to his high quality coaching and advice on how to become successful real estate investing.

Countless individuals use real estate as a vehicle to financial freedom. This lucrative field has been helping ambitious individuals for years and is a great way to create vast fortunes for yourself. José Auriemo Neto is passionate about teaching and showing others the right path to real estate investing success.

Before you start investing in real estate, it’s imperative to get the right training and education. Consult with José Auriemo Neto to learn the proper way to approach the business and what you need to do to avoid costly mistakes and improve your chances of reaching your goal.

When conducted in an efficient manner, mentoring and coaching can provide a way to learn and be on your way to a successful career. That’s what José Auriemo Neto provides to his clients who want to grow their business.

As an experienced professional, José Auriemo Neto provides coaching and mentoring that help clients understand what works and build a profitable real estate investing business. This can include customized program to help clients set up their new venture and get off to a good start.

Many people have benefited from personal guidance provided by José Auriemo Neto. You can also benefit from his advice and guidance and attain the success you desire.

What Desiree Perez Wants To Do Next

You don’t need to look far to see how Desiree Perez has influenced the music industry. She has helped Jay Z reach the status that he has now and continues to play a major role in the industry. You just don’t see anyone with that level of success making it as long as she has. This success took some serious skills to create and she shows no signs of stopping. Perez has been able to get where she is because she stuck with Jay Z in his early years. Her ability to help him land his feet is what proved to the music industry that she had an important role to play. Many others have taken notice of what she’s done and they want that for themselves.

We understand how she was able to get to the top and we can clearly see how she plans on staying there.The music industry has suffered some setbacks from the rise of streaming and internet music. We don’t have the same traditional ways of making money and this means there is a need to find new ways to make money. Perez has helped this come true by doing what she can to give Jay Z new forms of income. She understands the streaming world better and she has made plans that match this knowledge.

Desiree Perez is probably the equipped to make a difference in the music industry and she has the best ability to make clear what she wants done. Her role as an executive has helped create some of the most memorable differences for Roc Nation and everything as a whole. Roc Nation hasn’t lasted this long because of luck or coincidence. It’s the result of lots of hard work from many people. Desiree Perez shines as an exemplar business leader.

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Securus Technologies – Acquisitions and Expansions of its Services

The Dallas-based company Securus Technologies, Inc has amassed a reputation for being innovative and at the forefront of its line of work. Indeed, the corporation has been leading in it business and expanding rapidly through acquisitions and partnerships.



Two of the latest acquisitions made by the civil and criminal justice tech company were of Jpay Inc and the payment processor GovNetPay. The Securus Technologies, Inc has stated several times that it is getting better and better at identifying which companies would work best with their set of standards and what combinations of acquisitions would be best for the company.



The CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc recently became Robert Pickens after Richard Smith assumed the role of the company’s Senior Advisor for the Board of Directors. CEO Robert Pickens stated that the two new acquisitions are a perfect pair and they would be very powerful working together. That fact played a big role in choosing the next purchase after JPay, Inc.



Securus Technologies, Inc has been gaining a favorable reputation among is clients. The company serves a diverse client base such as correctional facilities, business owner of small to medium-sized enterprises, people with large homes, and citizens who want to communicate and stay in touch with incarcerated friends of family members.



The diverse client base could prove a challenge for many other companies but Securus Technologies, Inc has been thriving under the circumstances and even expanding upon its line of work. The company has been able to work on inmate welfare projects, inmate communication, and providing tech and software for the field of criminal justice.



Over the next couple of year, Securus Technologies, Inc will be expanding its ranks further and continuing to maintain its reputation of an innovative and solution-oriented company, serving its clients with excellence.



Jeff Yastine Shares Some Interesting Investment Insights Related To Regtech Companies

Jeff Yastine knows that a lot of changes take place when the government makes up its mind to target specific kinds of businesses for regulation. It can cost larger companies and firms quite a bit of money as they have to bring aboard compliance officers and put together full departments dedicated to making sure that they are in compliance with the regulations. While impact regulations can effect society in, both, negative and positive ways, they almost always cause a business to have to spend more money. This usually has the effect of lowering a company’s stock price, and sometimes the stock of the company can come down before the regulating has even begun. Financial institutions around the world spend over $65 billion every year to ensure they keep up with regulations and laws, and it is expected that by 2020 this number will hit $118 billion. Read this article at about Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine has expressed that one effective solution to this problem is to apply regulatory technology. This “Regtech,” as it is being called, can lower costs with cutting edge software that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain tech. Jeff Yastine believes Regtech companies could be a smart investment, and at this time there are only 100 or so small Regtech companies. While most of these companies are not selling stock, as of yet, a small amount of them are holding introductory public offerings. Something of interest, to note, is that a regtech firm could possibly bring down a big financial institutions compliance costs from $11 million to only $300,000. The government is starting to consider letting regtech companies in on the process of regulation, and this means that you might be able to expect to see the rise of these types of companies soon.

Jeff Yastine has over 20 years of experience as a financial journalist and stock market investor, and in 2015, he came aboard with Banyan Hill Publishing as its editorial director. Yastine contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily as well as the Winning Investor Daily and is also the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. Before joining up with Banyan Hill, he was nominated for an Emmy as the correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report. While working with PBS, he had the chance to interview and learn from some of the top minds in the financial world including, Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet. One of his most memorable contributions was when he warned investors about the mid-2000 real estate crisis. Visit:

The Frontera Fund Grows In Importance After Joe Arpaio Incident

The tough talk and even tougher stance of Sheriff Joe Arpaio towards what he saw as the dangers posed by the Hispanic community of Arizona which trickled down to include a major push against African-American and Native-American communities along the border with Mexico. One of the best-known events of the stewardship of Maricopa County of Sheriff Arpaio came in 2007 when journalists and Village Voice Media executives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested after supposedly revealing Grand Jury secrets regarding their own company; Sheriff Arpaio had been the subject of an investigation and articles published by Larkin and Lacey’s Phoenix New Times prompting retaliation from Arpaio and his allies in Maricopa County.

Larkin and Lacey published their own view on the financial irregularities in Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department in 2007 via a series of articles in their Arizona-based publication. Sheriff Arpaio and legal experts in Maricopa County were quick to strike back with a threat, not only to Larkin and Lacey but also to the First Amendment rights of the people of the U.S. The Grand Jury subpoenas illegally obtained by Maricopa County officials included a call for Larkin and Lacey to reveal the personal information of their readership including the IP addresses of Web-based readers to the office of Sheriff Arpaio.

The law enforcement official who was pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2017 was the subject of a further front-page article from Larkin and Lacey as they set out to reveal the threat to the First Amendment begun by Maricopa County officials. On the night of October 18, 2017, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were at their respective homes when unmarked vehicles arrived with law enforcement officers arresting the men and taking them away under cover of darkness.

After being released from custody after less than 24 hours when national and international media outlets made much of the illegal nature of the arrests, Sheriff Arpaio and Maricopa County were sued by the journalists as they set out to shine a light on the illegal acts carried out by Arpaio and his allies. The Frontera Fund was born out of the frustration of local and national election candidates during the 2014 midterm elections repeating the anti-Hispanic rhetoric of Joe Arpaio on the campaign trail prompting Larkin and Lacey to use their $3.7 million compensation package to fight for the rights of every group victimized by Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County agency across the course of his two-decade stint as Sheriff.


Brown Modeling Agency & Its Winning Solution For Talent Services

The modeling field of work is very exciting and popular, but this field of work is very demanding. You would definitely need thick skin to work in this industry, especially if you plan on being in front of the camera. There will be ups and downs along the way, but perseverance is the key to success. Justin Brown knows this all too well as he has experienced the ups and the downs of the modeling industry. Justin earned a really good living from practicing in this field of work. Sometimes he would earn up to $100 a day. This extraordinary guy just so happens to be the CEO of Brown Modeling Agency, and he has helped to revolutionize the game thanks to the agency’s brilliant talent-base.


Besides being a model, Justin has worked behind the scenes by training the models. Of course, at this point in his career, he was fresh out of college and wanted to go in a new direction. To this very day, he has retained his etiquette by instilling it into each and every one of his models. Brown Modeling Agency has stepped-up its game to another level. It is now able to serve many more clients thanks to being so diversified. There are more than just models here. The agency has talented individuals that can work in numerous other sectors of business. This includes voiceover, fashion, print, runway, catalog, industrial video, convention, trade shows, corporate events and film. Being able to meet the market’s demands is critical, especially in this dynamic employment field. Justin has stated that “we are only as good as our talent.” This notion rings true on so many levels. You can visit their website



Brown Agency has participated in numerous high-profile events like Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The sky is truly the limit. Brown Modeling Agency has definitely created a winning solution. The agency has open calls every Thursday or aspiring models can send in a resume via online. This extraordinary model and talent agency has made it much more easier to get noticed, but who knows what’s in store in the years to come.



Butt Lift Surgery & Dallas: The Common Denominator

Did you know that butt lifts are some of the most sought-after procedures in society today? Did you know that the city of Dallas, Texas, has a high number of butt lift physicians? The nation’s ninth largest city has stepped its game up for the 21st century and butt lifts are high on the menu for many people. If you’re thinking about having this procedure done, then you should no that there are some common rules that you’ll need to abide by.

For those who are seeking butt lift surgery, you will need to be in general good health. This means that you can’t be taking high dosages of medications, you can’t be a heavy-drinker, and you can’t be a heavy-smoker. Remember, these are surgical procedures and if you fall under these categories, then you’ll definitely need to refrain from doing so. No doctor will consider operating on you if you can’t abide by the rules because there are too many uncertain health risks. There are two types of butt lifts to choose from. Depending on your situation, you’ll fall under the Brazilian Butt lift or you’ll fall under the . The Brazilian butt lift is far more common and popular. This style of procedure is all about transferring fat from one body part to the buttocks via small incisions. The traditional butt lift is more invasive, and it specializes in removing layers of tissue, fat and skin.

North Texas Plastic Surgery, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and Bradley Hubbard Plastic Surgery Institute are three of the best options. Of course, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with multiple surgeons before proceeding with the actual surgery. You should also choose the best surgeon that meets your demands, but also check for the surgeon’s resume. After you’ve made-up your mind, you can get the ball rolling for attaining a better bum.