Lori Senecal is known as an innovator and marketing genius

Lori Senecal is a Global Chief Executive Officer for the company CP&B. CP&B Crispin Porter and Bogusky, LLC is a global advertisement agency that employees over 700 people. Lori Senecal is the youngest of four siblings. Lori says that she had to work hard from an early age to carve out her own identity and accomplishments. Senecal attended Motreal’s Mcgill University as a business major. Lori Senecal has a profound portfolio and has been at the head of advertisement for some of the top companies world wide. Lori has been the in charge of Coca Cola in Canada and later was responsible Coca Cola’s New York office. For the year 2017 Lori has contributed to CP&B being named creativity innovators of the year by Led Advertising Age. Lori’s leadership and strong focus has fueled many companies’ entrepreneurial spirit. Lori is always striving for new and creative ideas she has been known to dismiss employees that she felt could not withstand a new approach or idea. Lori has a long career in advertisement where she has created marketing for numerous companies such as BMW, Sprint and Kraft. Lori’s approach to advertisement is that you need to take risks and be creative; on mediapost.com, she says if an opportunity does not present itself that you must create the position and start innovating today. Lori Senecal has been recognized for many top awards for the way she has took companies to the next level. Being one of the top business women she is an advocate for women to succeed in management. Open to ideas Lori has often funded and backed ideas from her employees. Lori’s annual salary is upwards of 1.88 million us dollars. At the end of 2017, Lori will be stepping down from her position as CEO for CP&B so that she could be moved to assist the office in Boulder. Lori Senecal is among the top advertisement and marketing moguls and should not be overlooked. Lori Senecal has talked about the importance of focusing more on the mobile phone compatible advertisements going into the future. For more info, visit lorisenecalglobalceo.com.


How To Help Immigrants The Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Way

For quite a long time, immigrants based in the state of Arizona have suffered at the hands of oppressive authorities. In the year 2013, two people took it upon themselves to help the immigrants in Arizona. They made sure to speak against the injustices and human rights violations faced by the Hispanic immigrants.

This act saw the establishment of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. It has managed to help over three hundred thousand immigrants get help after they were unlawfully detained and harassed by the authorities. The founding of the charity is attributed to the success of the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in fighting the injustices in Maricopa County. These were being perpetrated by the then Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two journalists wrote about the oppression of immigrants in the hands of authorities in the County of Maricopa and brought to light the illegal activities of the sheriff. This act of bravery angered the sheriff and led to the detention of Jim and Michael.

However, upon filing a petition speaking against the injustice committed by Maricopa County authorities, the two won the appeal and was awarded an amount of $3.75 million as compensation for the damage they had suffered.

Jim and Michael in partnership with other organizations that shared their interest worked carefully to ensure the delivery of those who were oppressed in the society by the authorities. One of the beneficiaries of the Frontera Fund includes Aliento. Aliento is a charity which uses art and advocacy to aid the Hispanic immigrants.

The organization was founded by undocumented youth. They aimed to show the United States and the world altogether the beauty and humanity possessed by immigrants. They also wanted to stop the belief that immigrants are criminals as indicated by the government.

Aliento has taken it upon itself to ensure that it changes the perception of people towards marginalized groups like the Mexican immigrants. Since Donald Trump became the president, one of the things he pledged to do during his campaigns was to see to the deportation of all undocumented individuals in the United States. This has many immigrants living in total fear.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund works tirelessly to ensure that DACA eligible persons in Arizona are well protected. Besides that, it works to ensure that they get equal opportunities of employment. Aliento, on the other hand, has managed to empower some immigrants with skills that make them employable.

The organization also works hard to see to it that undocumented people are aware of their rights and privileges. Among them, is a fair legal process when they face deportation.

Another organization that has benefitted from the funds donated by The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is The Justice That Works Organization. This one has directed its efforts towards programs that seek to bring to a halt the mass incarcerations of immigrants in Arizona.

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