Tips to maintain a high personal cyber security in your organization

Cyber-attacks have highly increased over the past years, and this has caused a collapse of many companies. The cyber crimes are likely to increase in the coming years thus companies ought to derive measures to install a personal cyber security in their businesses to avoid frequently falling victims of cyber bullying. Besides, enterprises must ensure that their security strategies stand out among other conventional methods which most cyber criminals have now known. Maintenance of a personal cyber security is also essential for every organization to avoid spending huge amounts of money paying ransom to the criminals, which may result in the closure of a firm.

Many politicians have also fallen victims of cyber-attacks, notably Hillary Clinton, whose personal data was hacked during her political campaigns and in turn used to ruin it. Former United States President Obama also called for a personal cyber security of the government data due to the rising cases of the crime. His committee proposed the setup of around nineteen billion dollars to cater for the expenses of hiring experts to protect the operations. Besides, the current president of America Donald Trump also signed an executive order with the aim of increasing the state of the personal cyber security of the state’s operations particularly in the infrastructure systems and the federal data technology networks. The security has seen the country conduct its plans and development strategies effectively without interference from cyber criminals.


It is advisable to hire experts to manage your data and keep it secure, to ensure the security of your organization. Rubica is one of the cyber security teams you can look out for in case you need help as they offer all data protection and criminal identification services that you need.

The network of cyber experts has its headquarters in Newcastle, Washington and it established in 2016. Besides, Rubica has many other offices in Seattle and San Francisco, through which it outreaches many clients who need to secure their data. With their services, you can conduct your daily activities with fewer worries and confidence of acquired data (Twitter).

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  1. If you are are a user of computer, there is an urgent need to secure your computer from malwares. The writer and I are not saying that you must go to to access this. Instead of getting confused in the middle of the problems itself, get out of the problem by using the right software and anti-virus.

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