Find Out How Osteo Relief Institute Treats Patients Without Surgery

Arthritis disease commonly known as degenerative joint disease results from a combination of disorders. The disease is common to many people, and the symptoms are painful joints through cartilage degeneration. It is estimated that an average of 50 million people in the United States majority being women have been diagnosed with arthritis.

Although medical researchers have found no cure for arthritis, Osteo Relief Institute has identified different ways to help patients manage the pain. They advise patients to engage in their favorite activities to help them manage the painful joints.

Osteo Relief Institute, an organization based in New Jersey, is committed to offering lasting solutions to patients diagnosed with arthritis. Being independently owned, Osteo Relief Institute prides itself on having a team of highly trained and motivated staff who provide top-notch services in caring and communicating to patients. The institute has advanced equipment all approved by FDA to offer long-lasting solutions to patients. Their primary goal is to see their patients get effective treatment without necessarily having to go through surgery.

The Osteo Relief Institute has identified different types of arthritis ( They include osteoarthritis which affects the elderly and rheumatoid arthritis which affects the young generation. The diseases cause the body to stag, and the person may end up using a wheelchair.

Osteo Relief Institute has introduced self-management measures to manage osteoarthritis. They include:

  • Frequent movement. Arthritis patients are advised to move around as keeping the joints stiff makes them more painful
  • Stretching out moments before going to bed to help the body reduce stiffness
  • Quitting smoking as it causes damage to tissues around the joints. Stopping smoking helps reduce swelling, body stiffness, and pain
  • Shedding off extra pounds as a lot of weight strains the body joints. Therefore, losing some weight will help reduce joint pain to the affected person.


Arthritis is a common disease that results from a variety of disorders. The disease affects the joints causing severe pain. There are two types of arthritis, and they include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey has identified ways to manage arthritis without undergoing surgery. They include stretching before bed, moving around frequently, quitting smoking, and losing weight. The institute boasts about providing helpful solutions to arthritis patients.

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