Securus Technologies Helping Law Enforcement Catch Fugitives

When a dangerous fugitive has been identified in our city, my task force is called in to locate and arrest the suspect quickly and without incident. When there is more than one working together, that really can make it difficult to bring them in without it affecting the residents of this community in a negative way. This was a very difficult case because the fugitives were siblings, and they made it clear they were ready for a war if we did not back off and leave them be.


There was no chance of us letting them off the hook, but we decided to tone down the police presence on the street because we didn’t want to irritate the fugitives so they took it out on the residents of this community. Although it looked like we backed off, we took our search to the local prison instead. We didn’t want the inmates to know we were there looking for information, so we went right to the monitoring room where corrections officers listen to the inmates talking on the phones.


Securus Technologies is the call monitoring company that installed the systems, one which they have in over two thousand prisons around this country. The company is dedicated to making our world a little safer, from the thousand employees to CEO Richard Smith. Once the officers in the jail plugged in some information into the LBS software, we waited for the system to alert us.


It didn’t take long for one inmate who was getting out this month to mention to his family that he wanted the siblings we were hunting to lay low at their house until he got out. He wanted to reunite with the fugitives and get back to business of robbing high-end houses. That information put us in the position to catch the fugitives when they were asleep and take them into custody without any incidents.


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