Duda Melzer’s Rise to CEO in Brazilian Media

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known by his nickname of “Duda.” He’s a Brazilian family based business entrepreneur. His skills are in media and communications, and he’s been well groomed for the job. He’s currently CEO of Grupo RBS, which specializes in news, radio and television media. More recently, Duda founded and is CEO of e.Bricks Digital and Ventures. This company has begun revolutionizing Brazilian media with an online presence. This article will focus primarily on Duda Melzer’s background and career, as well as take a closer look at the e.Bricks side of the business.

e.Bricks Digital and Ventures serves two different purposes. First, the company serves as a location to store projects for Grupo RBS. Secondly, the company provides venture capital opportunities for companies who are in the process of getting started online. The venture capital side of the business has already funded over 300 million to businesses in the last few years. In the first year, Duda Melzer’s company funded nearly 100 million. The companies that are able to apply vary widely, but are limited to those who can show a track record of success offline. This implementation of stringent criteria been critical to the success of the organization. Check out Valor to know more.

Also important to the success of the organization is Duda Melzer’s education and training. Duda is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio do Sul in Brazil, and also earned an MBA from Harvard University. He still takes continuing education courses from Harvard on occasion. Working after graduation as a financial analyst and the leader of a media company in the US, gave Duda the skills necessary to take on Grupo RBS as a CEO. After some reorganizing, Duda has led the company to all new levels of success. There’s a reason why Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is such a widely recognized leader, and definitely an entrepreneur to keep on any business follower’s radar.

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