Securus Technologies Helping Law Enforcement Catch Fugitives

When a dangerous fugitive has been identified in our city, my task force is called in to locate and arrest the suspect quickly and without incident. When there is more than one working together, that really can make it difficult to bring them in without it affecting the residents of this community in a negative way. This was a very difficult case because the fugitives were siblings, and they made it clear they were ready for a war if we did not back off and leave them be.


There was no chance of us letting them off the hook, but we decided to tone down the police presence on the street because we didn’t want to irritate the fugitives so they took it out on the residents of this community. Although it looked like we backed off, we took our search to the local prison instead. We didn’t want the inmates to know we were there looking for information, so we went right to the monitoring room where corrections officers listen to the inmates talking on the phones.


Securus Technologies is the call monitoring company that installed the systems, one which they have in over two thousand prisons around this country. The company is dedicated to making our world a little safer, from the thousand employees to CEO Richard Smith. Once the officers in the jail plugged in some information into the LBS software, we waited for the system to alert us.


It didn’t take long for one inmate who was getting out this month to mention to his family that he wanted the siblings we were hunting to lay low at their house until he got out. He wanted to reunite with the fugitives and get back to business of robbing high-end houses. That information put us in the position to catch the fugitives when they were asleep and take them into custody without any incidents.


Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Helping People Of The Hispanic Community Fight Against Racial Discrimination

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a group that was established to help people coming from parts of Latin America, living in the United States. The foundation was founded after an incident happened to its founding members, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey and Larkin were both residents of Phoenix, Arizona at the time, and were working at the same news agency.

They were both writers, who regularly reported on the various criminal proceedings and findings in Arizona. Joe Arpaio was a name that would pop up on their radar quite often. He was a sheriff who was known for putting a large number of illegal immigrants away, and sending them back to their home countries.

His work was regarded as an extremely patriotic act, with few people actually knowing what was going on behind the scenes. Soon, the people who were convicted of these crimes started coming forward, talking about how they were in fact legally living in the country, but had to endure this discrimination solely because of a lie perpetuated by Joe Arpaio.

Being that high up in the industry, it was a risk to publish an article on Joe, but Lacey and Larkin saw it as a necessity and reported the atrocities that was taking place among the Hispanic community and Arpaio.

A day after the report was made public, Lacey and Larkin were separately taken from their homes in Phoenix, and put into two separate vehicles. They were threatened and taken to two separate prison facilities, and were not told where they were, why they were there and who had brought them in. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They weren’t even allowed to talk to their families or attorneys at the time. After a gruelling two days, they met with Joe Arpaio, and learned that they were taken into the prison facilities that were being run by him. They also came to know that Joe himself was the one who called for these arrests against them.

Having no proper grounds to keep them in the lock up with, Lacey and Larkin were both released. Soon after their release, they realized that action had to be taken against Joe Arpaio, which is when they decided to send the authorities a lawsuit against him for wrongful convictions.

The news made headlines, and Lacey and Larkin had people from all over the country backing them up. There were even big names that got involved with this war to put a stop to the racial discrimination that was happening in the system.

Lacey and Larkin eventually ended up winning the lawsuit, and Joe Arpaio was removed from his position of Sheriff of Arizona. When the question of what to do with the money came to mind, Lacey and Larkin decided that they would put it to good use and use it for the benefit of the people.

They therefore decided to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which is an organization that provides aid to people to help them fight their legal battles so that they don’t have to endure racial injustice.

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Osteo Relief Institute, the Best Osteoarthritis Treatment Center

Many people think arthritis is a single disease but this is not so. Arthritis refers to any type of joint disease or pain, and there are different variations of the condition, the most common being osteoarthritis. This is caused by the wearing out of the cartilage, causing friction between bones at the joints, which in turn causes pain and swelling. The risk of developing osteoarthritis increases with age. Family history, previous injury, and excess weight also increase the risk of developing the condition.


Osteoarthritis is incurable but there a few ways in which patients can manage it to reduce the pain and the rate of cartilage degeneration. Patients should include exercise in their daily routine to prevent stiffness which can eventually lead to loss of mobility. It is important for the patient to have a health and fitness instructor guide them in their exercise routine so as to do the right exercises and to avoid injury. There are medications available to help manage the joint pain. Patients can also opt to go for surgery to repair the damaged joints. There are a number of clinics at which osteoarthritis treatment can be sought. One of these is Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is an excellent center for osteoarthritis treatment. It has some of the best facilities for the treatment and management of the condition. The center offers free screening to determine whether a patient can benefit from their various treatment options.All the treatment options offered at Osteo Relief Institute are non-surgical and are very effective.

The staff at the institute are friendly and caring, and patients are always their first priority. They listen to the patients’ needs and get to know them well before recommending any treatment options. While the experts at the center advise patients on their treatment options, the patient always has the final say on the type of treatment he/she is comfortable with.




Osteoarthritis is a very difficult condition to live with. However, investing in proper care and medication can go a long way in improving a patient’s quality of life. Clinics such as Osteo Relief Institute have qualified professionals who understand the condition and provide quality care to patients.


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Yes, You Can Make Money With Logan Stout’s IDLife

Keeping fit should be every person’s resolution. Being able to earn money while you are staying healthy is a plus. IDLife is a fitness products company that gives an opportunity to physical fitness therapists a chance to make money while they administer fitness options and supplements to their clients. If you are passionate about nutrition and assisting others to make progress as far as their healthy lifestyle is concerned, IDLife has excellent products for you.

IDLife was founded with the consumer in mind. Just because one fitness program worked for one individual does not mean it’s going to work for someone else. The company boasts of a wide variety of nutritional supplements that can be combined for optimal results. The combination of products takes into consideration the uniqueness of an individual, their health history, their needs and fitness goals. Before one starts using the products, they undergo a personalized assessment test so that they are paired up with an ideal product.

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So how do fitness therapists make money with IDLife? Once interested fitness experts sign up with IDLife, they become associates of the company. An associate pays a startup fee and can start hunting for clients to which they can prescribe IDLife products. Every time they purchase a kit, a given amount is paid back to their accounts. For instance, for every package bought by an associate, $200 is paid back to the account of the individual.

The most exciting part about working with IDLife is that the company’s associate does not need to keep inventory at home or incur the cost of shipping a product to the client. The company handles the inventory and shipping logistics. Given that IDLife products are of high quality making hard sales is not difficult. Another advantage to those who sell the products is that most people are informed on their nutrition needs, and they can compare the science behind IDLife products with their needs.

The man behind the novel idea that is IDLife is an entrepreneur by the name Logan Stout. Logan Stout has built a career for himself in various sectors such as philanthropy and the business world. Stout also doubles up as a motivational speaker who’s very much sought-after.

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Orange Coast College Rowers Aim to Keep Flag Flying High

Orange College Rowers have a huge legacy to live up to- winning the 12th national title. Considering that they are up against teams from the best four-year universities, they certainly have their task cut out for them. At 22 Daniel Amado, the captain of the team is all gung ho about the challenges ahead. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

So is Steve Morris, the hard-working Assistant Coach. The best part of the sport of rowing to him is its aesthetics and rhythm. That Orange Coast College takes it rowing seriously is borne out by the fact that as many as 10 of its students have gone on to take part in the Olympics and the World Championships.

This nurturing and building of champion sportspeople is all the more commendable considering that many of those who make it to this community college rowing team had no prior rowing experience. Training to be part of the team is brutally tough, and it involves up to 20 hours of rigorous weekly practice. No wonder half of the people who sign up for the men’s team don’t last and drop out.

Regarding the Orange Coast College itself, it is one of that nation’s largest community colleges and sees an enrollment of 25000 students every semester. It has some excellent features, especially in so far as technology is concerned. That apart it offers 135 highly well-regarded academic and career programs that include many highly rated public nautical programs.

Regarding the number of its students getting transferred to the University of California and California State University system OCC easily is at the number one spot. That apart, many of its students get transfers to private colleges and universities in California and other parts of the nation.

OCC is a member of the Coast Community College District and has on offer fall, winter, spring and summer classes. It also happens to be fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Truly OCC is a center of excellence in both sport and academia. It is not surprising therefore for people to speak highly of it.

Duda Melzer’s Rise to CEO in Brazilian Media

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known by his nickname of “Duda.” He’s a Brazilian family based business entrepreneur. His skills are in media and communications, and he’s been well groomed for the job. He’s currently CEO of Grupo RBS, which specializes in news, radio and television media. More recently, Duda founded and is CEO of e.Bricks Digital and Ventures. This company has begun revolutionizing Brazilian media with an online presence. This article will focus primarily on Duda Melzer’s background and career, as well as take a closer look at the e.Bricks side of the business.

e.Bricks Digital and Ventures serves two different purposes. First, the company serves as a location to store projects for Grupo RBS. Secondly, the company provides venture capital opportunities for companies who are in the process of getting started online. The venture capital side of the business has already funded over 300 million to businesses in the last few years. In the first year, Duda Melzer’s company funded nearly 100 million. The companies that are able to apply vary widely, but are limited to those who can show a track record of success offline. This implementation of stringent criteria been critical to the success of the organization. Check out Valor to know more.

Also important to the success of the organization is Duda Melzer’s education and training. Duda is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio do Sul in Brazil, and also earned an MBA from Harvard University. He still takes continuing education courses from Harvard on occasion. Working after graduation as a financial analyst and the leader of a media company in the US, gave Duda the skills necessary to take on Grupo RBS as a CEO. After some reorganizing, Duda has led the company to all new levels of success. There’s a reason why Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is such a widely recognized leader, and definitely an entrepreneur to keep on any business follower’s radar.

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