What you need to know about Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Group and the Trump Connection

When the current president came to power, people were looking forward to a lot of exciting changes. One of the things which were noted about him was his business connections and the faces which were present at his inaugural ball.

One of the people who was invited to be part of the inaugural ball was the Hussain Sajwani family, an Emirati businessman who is in charge of the DAMAC group. The company was set up more than 25 years ago and has managed to create a network of branches all over the Middle East, and Africa.

Up until 2013, Hussain was the principal shareholder in the company. Hussain Sajwani decided to sell off some of the shares of his business regarding global depository receipts. This is an action that was carried out in the London Stock Exchange.

Today, he is in ownership of 85 percent of the total stock of the company. His net worth currently stands at $3.5 billion and still expanding. He is a former student of the Washington State University where he studied economics.

The journey towards the top of the investment ladder hasn’t been easy for Hussain. After leaving school, he first took up a job at GASCO. After working here for a few years, he decided to start his business venture. This is how DAMAC, which stands for Draieh Management Services Co. was born. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/23813-the-rise-and-rise-of-damac/ and http://www.damac.com/terms-of-use/

He has started several other companies ever since, which include Al Jazeera Investments, and also DICO investments. In total, these companies have a net worth of more than $100 million. The other areas in which he has invested include businesses that deal with ceramics in the UAE.

Hussain is a well-respected member of the business community. He is a member of the board at the Majan University located in Oman. The Damac owner spends most of his time with his business ventures, and when he isn’t working in his businesses, he plays golf and spends time with family.

He is one of the most inspirational and transformative business leaders and his involvement with Donald Trump is evidence of his position.

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