Cotemar Mexico: Leading the Silent Revolution in Revamping the Mexican Oil and Gas Industry

Pemex, the state-owned giant oil company, has been facing a steep decline in production and is drowning in massive losses. Consequently, Pemex has admitted to facing a liquidity problem which has led to many job cuts. The corporation is also reeling in massive unfunded pension liabilities. Pemex has been underfunded by the Mexican government for years, and in 2016 the government stepped in to try and rescue it. In the past, Pemex has funded approximately a fifth of the government’s budget. All hope is however not lost. With the government pumping in money to try rescue this oil giant and the existence of companies such as Cotemar Mexico leading a silent revolution in the Mexican oil industry, the country believes that all will be well.


About Cotemar Mexico


Founded in 1979, Cotemar Mexico works in the oil and gas industry in the Mexican economy. The company provides services revolving around offshore oil fields development through innovation and expertise in the energy field. It is responsible for providing counsel to players in the oil and gas industry on matters regarding development off offshore fields. Years since inception, the firm has expanded its activities to maintenance and construction services as is the case in maritime support operations. Here, the firm maintains and rehabilitates oil rigs and complexes of offshore facilities belonging to Pemex.


Cotemar is also involved in catering and accommodation and transporting supplies and personnel using specialized vessels. Using specialized maritime support ships, the firm can accommodate between 450 and 800 guests which allow for the movement of staff from one location to the other with ease. These facilities come with services such as housekeeping for individual cabins, food preparation, cleaning of common areas and laundry services. Recreational facilities such as TV rooms, gym, cinema, and basketball court are also provided for visitors and employees.


The Silent Revolution


By providing these services, Cotemar Mexico is silently leading the revolution in transforming the Mexican oil and gas industry. Mexico’s oil industry is expected to make a turnaround from the losses it has been experiencing using services from the firm and an investment boost from the government. Using skilled and knowledgeable employees in designing, constructing and making structural adjustments in the oil industry using state of the art technology, Cotemar Mexico is keeping the Mexican petroleum industry up and running.


Employees working at Cotemar Mexico appreciate what the company’s efforts in keeping the industry afloat. They also praise the firm for duly training them on all they need to know in a bid to improve the standards of quality in the sector in addition to protecting the environment.


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The Life and Achievements of George Soros

George Soros is an American-Hungarian Business Man, Philanthropist, Author and Investor that is known for his numerous contributions in the field of Business and Investment. George Soros is one of the most successful investors in the world today and has earned a total net worth of $25.2 billion, which positioned him as one of the 30 richest people in the entire world.

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Germany. He had been one of the lucky survivors of the Nazi reign in Hungary, Germany, and fled to England in 1947 to get away. In his early years, he finished school at the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Soon after, he wanted to take up a higher education so pursued his Masters, and gained a master’s degree in Philosophy. After his education, he first started his career in business by taking a number of jobs at merchant banks before going into his first hedge fund, which was called the Double Eagle in 1969. All the profits that he had earned from his investment fund, George Soros used to start funding the Soros Fund Management, which was his second fund in 1970. After a short while, his Double Eagle Fund was renamed to the Quantum Fund and was the first principal firm that George Soros advised. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Since being funded, the Quantum Fund had a total of $12 million in assets under his management, and as of the year 2011, grew to an astounding $25 billion, in which was the majority of his overall net worth. Since then, he has been called the “Man who broke England’s Banks” because of all the short sales of US$10 Billion worth of sterling pounds he had earned, which gained him a huge profit of $1 billion during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis in 1992.

Since he had also been known for his studies in philosophy, all of his research has led him to come up with the development of the Karl Popper’s General Theory of Reflexivity to capital markets, which he had mentioned gave him a clear grasp of the asset bubbles, the fundamental market values of securities and the discrepancies in value that have been used in swapping stocks and shorting. Visit his site to know more at

Through the years, he has also been a well-known supporter of the progressive American liberal political causes which he has dispensed donations through a number of foundations like the Open Society Foundation. Between the year 2011 and 1979, George Soros has also donated a total of $11 billion to a lot of philanthropic organizations, in which he had played a very significant role in promoting peace and transition from the world of communism to capitalism in the European and Eastern part of the world in the late 1980’s and the early 1990s. He had also contributed in the progression of higher education in Central European Universities which can also be located in his hometown of Hungary.

In his years of business, he has contributed to numerous philanthropic organizations and continues to be the success that he is today.

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Jason hope business life

Many people are now talking about the internet of things. Jason is one of the believers of this technology. Internet of things mainly refers to the interconnection of different goods being used by a single user. By interconnecting all the hard wares, the user is in a better state of controlling the products without the need of incurring a lot of money and time in the process.This is one of the ways in which many people have promoted efficiency in their entities. There are a good number of big firms using the technology at the moment.

They have been using the technology to execute different activities. Most airlines are using the technology to monitor different airbuses. In case any parts of the plane fail to work in the right manner, the experts will be informed in real time. By so doing they will be in a better state of fixing it.By using this technology, the firms have been cutting down their operation cost by a considerable margin. In the past engineers had to go through all parts of the plane before it flies. By so doing, the institutions were being forced to employ many people to carry out the activity. This did not only increased the operation cost, but also there were many inefficiencies in the process.

The article which was written by Jason showed the importance of using the technology. It gained a lot of popularity among experts in the segment. In the near future people will not have to go online so as to get the utility they need.Jason is also participating in other activities including philanthropic ones. He has been working closely with many organizations researching on different diseases. A number of them are now researching on anti-aging pills. This will be of great help since it will cut down the rate in which people will be aging. SEN is one of the firms which has been on the forefront of the sector. Jason has provided financial support to the entity for a good number of years now. He has also offered scholarships to some students.

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What you need to know about Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Group and the Trump Connection

When the current president came to power, people were looking forward to a lot of exciting changes. One of the things which were noted about him was his business connections and the faces which were present at his inaugural ball.

One of the people who was invited to be part of the inaugural ball was the Hussain Sajwani family, an Emirati businessman who is in charge of the DAMAC group. The company was set up more than 25 years ago and has managed to create a network of branches all over the Middle East, and Africa.

Up until 2013, Hussain was the principal shareholder in the company. Hussain Sajwani decided to sell off some of the shares of his business regarding global depository receipts. This is an action that was carried out in the London Stock Exchange.

Today, he is in ownership of 85 percent of the total stock of the company. His net worth currently stands at $3.5 billion and still expanding. He is a former student of the Washington State University where he studied economics.

The journey towards the top of the investment ladder hasn’t been easy for Hussain. After leaving school, he first took up a job at GASCO. After working here for a few years, he decided to start his business venture. This is how DAMAC, which stands for Draieh Management Services Co. was born. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

He has started several other companies ever since, which include Al Jazeera Investments, and also DICO investments. In total, these companies have a net worth of more than $100 million. The other areas in which he has invested include businesses that deal with ceramics in the UAE.

Hussain is a well-respected member of the business community. He is a member of the board at the Majan University located in Oman. The Damac owner spends most of his time with his business ventures, and when he isn’t working in his businesses, he plays golf and spends time with family.

He is one of the most inspirational and transformative business leaders and his involvement with Donald Trump is evidence of his position.

Julia Jackson and the Family Business

Julia Jackson was born in 1988 in San Francisco. She grew up with a father who helped her appreciate what it took to be successful. Her family was in the wine and wine-making during the holidays. This made her develop a interest in the trade; she fell in love with it.

Julia is a graduate of Scripps College in Claremont, California where she attained a bachelor of arts degree and later joined Stanford Graduate School of Business. After college, Julia went to France to learn about Sales and distributions before she could adhere to the family business.

Currently, Julia is a spokesman for Cambria Estates, one of the best brands produced by the Jackson Family Wines. She is also involved in the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment non-profit, which she founded. Learn more about wines on The Drinks Business.

Her greatest motivation for the non-profit is the fact that there are not enough role models for girls to look up to. The program, therefore, encourages diversity while recognizing the strength of a woman and her role in the society.

The wine business is very male dominated, but Julia does her best to succeed. Julia Jackson even launched an app called Rex Apps that spreads the news about great restaurant and bars available.

The Jackson Family wines have earned many awards including the Sonoma County Wine in 2005 for their Cabernet-dominated blend. This made Julia conclude that Sonoma was the best place for Cabernet despite its reputation for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Julia works with the international sales teams at the family company – Jackson Family Wines, and is enthusiastic to introduce her family to the new generations of wine lovers in the world.

Securus Technologies – Using Technology as an Effective Tool to Build Safer Communities

The prisons for long have not been using technology as much as it could or should for the lack of modern technology in the sphere. However, thanks to companies such as Securus Technologies, all that is changing now rapidly. More and more prisons and prisoners across the country can use advanced communication as well as crime prevention technology to reduce crime as well as connect with their friends and relatives. Such technology helps the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officials.


Securus Technologies is known for developing innovative technology, and the fact that it has over 600 patents to its name amplifies the significance the company puts on innovation. Currently, more than 1.2 million inmates from across the country use the communication products and services offered by Securus Technologies. Moreover, there are close to 2,600 law enforcement agencies that use the crime prevention services provided by the firm. The primary aim of the company is to provide advanced communication technology to the inmates as well as their loved ones. They want to equip the prison and correctional facilities officials with the futuristic technology that would help them in preventing crime and solve cases much easily.


In a recent move, Securus Technologies published a company press release online telling the world what the law enforcement officials feel about the company by through letters and emails that were sent to the company address. It says how the technology offered by Securus Technologies keeps them safe in the line of duty and helps them catch the offenders with ease. The law enforcement officials also added that the information provided by the products and services of Securus Technologies helps them catch the criminals before the crime is committed, and also gives them evidence to convict them in the court. I hope that Securus Technologies continues to do such exceptional work in the field as it would help in reducing crime considerably across the country.

Traveling The Journey Like Lori Senecal

One of the common things to look forward to is change. There is always a lot of change happening in the industries. Even people’s careers go through changes. While one may find something that she is passionate about, she may find herself wanting to do something different. After all, monotony might make life dull for some people. Some entrepreneurs are always looking for new challenges to take on. Among the entrepreneurs that are looking for new challenges is Lori Senecal. There are many reasons why people want to look for something that is going to challenge them and help them grow. More details can be found on Salary.

Lori Senecal has become accustomed to taking on new challenges. She has also learned to not stay in her comfort zone for so long. She has always made some really huge achievements and have taken on new challenges throughout her life. Among the skills she has learned growing up are leadership skills. She has learned how to encourage people and also have compassion on people. She has then taken that to businesses that she has taken over. Another thing about her is that she is much focused. For one thing, she has learned how to focus her energy on what is important as a shy introvert. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Lori has gotten into advertising because she has been fascinated with how businesses gotten the message out about their products. While many other people wouldn’t expect someone like her to take over the advertising industry, she has shown that she has a place in the industry because she knows how to focus and work efficiently for her clients. They have all been impressed with the results that she has given them. Therefore, she has built a good reputation for herself and the companies she has led. She is currently training successors to take over when she moves on from CP+B. She also recently spoke at the 3% conference.

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