Luciana Lóssio Outshines In Her Role As Minister Of TSE

Luciana Lóssio, the titular minister for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil, is completing a year in the office in May 2017 and found to be different from her predecessors. She is bold in her actions, and the steps taken by her has helped to improve the public image of the office. She was assuming the office in last May due to the departure of Arnaldo Versiani, the then titular minister. Interestingly, the post can only hold by the lawyers, and it was coming back to her for the second time.



The minister has great expertise in Electoral Law, and she is a prominent personality in the area, who also has membership in Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE). She also had some very good clients during her legal profession including some governors. Few of her characteristics made her really fit into the position she held. Her honest and sincere character that has helped her in the profession is again helping her in the office and made her even winning opponents.



Luciana completed her Law degree in 1999, from the University Center of Brasília (UniCeub). Due to her hard work and commitment, she got enrolled with Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in 1999 itself. She felt that she wanted to increase her knowledge base to address various issues and cases with more expertise. For this reason, she did three postgraduate courses which are in State and Constitution, Civil Procedural Law, the second in the Law and Legal Department and Public Prosecutor’s Office. The additional knowledge and expertise have helped her in addressing the various legal complexities she face as the titular minister.



During her legal profession, she worked at the Attorney General’s office for seven years mainly under Geraldo Brindeiro and Cláudio Fonteles. During the period, she acted as an advisor on cases that depends on TSE or STF judgments. Her ability to foresee the crunch situation has helped her a lot to resolve even very complex issues. TSE, the highest electoral court of Brazil can have seven judges maximum, and she was chosen due to her technical ability that she attained through her knowledge and professionalism she has shown throughout her career.



The successful career, excellent knowledge, impartial view, and commitment to the constitution and law are making her impeccable in her current role. She knows the critically of the office she holds and does everything to protect the dignity of the office. It can be expected that her involvement in the electoral law body would influence and purify the electoral process of the country.




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