Eric Lefkofsky Jumps From Groupon To Cancer Cure

Eric Lefkofsky, the billionaire former CEO of Groupon and a string of highly lucrative and ground breaking ventures, set his sights on revolutionizing the study of a cure for cancer in 2016 with the initial funding and startup of Tempus. The difference in Tempus is that the focus of the present 29 tech experts is a cure for cancer and not another treatment.

Lefkofsky, an attorney by education, has made a success of all things that he has touched in his career. He is a bestselling business author, a teaching professor of business, a patron of the arts and art charities, and a longtime supporter of over 50 charitable organizations through his charitable trusts.

The structure of Tempus is designed to speed up the transition of the latest artificial intelligence development and advances in genetics to produce a technologically guided individualized treatment for cancer. He has collected former colleagues from his various successful enterprises as well as leading thinkers in cancer research, computing, and genetics to form the small core of Tempus.

Tempus will not be involved in the direct care of patients in a hospital or clinical setting. The company plan is to develop the most cutting edge technology possible through the combination of computer science, engineering, and genetic engineering to combat cancer and make these developments available to the physicians and clinicians who are on the forefront of the fight against cancer.

It is clearly obvious from his many blog posts about Tempus and his vision for cancer research and a cure that Lefkofsky has made a detailed study of the presently available information about cancer. His thinking is directed at a big data approach that makes use of all present knowledge to create new solutions based on what has worked in the past and what shows promise to work in the future.

In Lefkofsky’s vision, one of the problems with developing cancer treatments that extend life and finding a cure for cancer are the lack of cooperation between research organizations scrambling for limited research funding and the desire to make a profit from the developments in cancer treatment. Tempus is designed to bridge and eliminate the funding problems and the profit motive.

The expectations of the collaborative effort are that the rate of developments that treat cancer more readily and have the potential to cure cancer will expand by 1,000 percent per year due to the structure of Tempus.

At present, the only cure for any cancer can be found for skin cancer in Cuba. One can expect the first partnering in medical research between the United States and Cuba to begin with Tempus.

There are few if any that doubt that Lefkofsky will in fact lead the way to revolutions in cancer treatment and finding a cure.

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  1. Eric Lefkofsky has focused his genius on curing cancer. This is after all what the man has done all of his life. Tempus has already announced partnerships with leading cancer research organizations. This is the way in which dissertations online might have had things and that is something which is the way things are working.

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