Eric Lefkofsky Jumps From Groupon To Cancer Cure

Eric Lefkofsky, the billionaire former CEO of Groupon and a string of highly lucrative and ground breaking ventures, set his sights on revolutionizing the study of a cure for cancer in 2016 with the initial funding and startup of Tempus. The difference in Tempus is that the focus of the present 29 tech experts is a cure for cancer and not another treatment.

Lefkofsky, an attorney by education, has made a success of all things that he has touched in his career. He is a bestselling business author, a teaching professor of business, a patron of the arts and art charities, and a longtime supporter of over 50 charitable organizations through his charitable trusts.

The structure of Tempus is designed to speed up the transition of the latest artificial intelligence development and advances in genetics to produce a technologically guided individualized treatment for cancer. He has collected former colleagues from his various successful enterprises as well as leading thinkers in cancer research, computing, and genetics to form the small core of Tempus.

Tempus will not be involved in the direct care of patients in a hospital or clinical setting. The company plan is to develop the most cutting edge technology possible through the combination of computer science, engineering, and genetic engineering to combat cancer and make these developments available to the physicians and clinicians who are on the forefront of the fight against cancer.

It is clearly obvious from his many blog posts about Tempus and his vision for cancer research and a cure that Lefkofsky has made a detailed study of the presently available information about cancer. His thinking is directed at a big data approach that makes use of all present knowledge to create new solutions based on what has worked in the past and what shows promise to work in the future.

In Lefkofsky’s vision, one of the problems with developing cancer treatments that extend life and finding a cure for cancer are the lack of cooperation between research organizations scrambling for limited research funding and the desire to make a profit from the developments in cancer treatment. Tempus is designed to bridge and eliminate the funding problems and the profit motive.

The expectations of the collaborative effort are that the rate of developments that treat cancer more readily and have the potential to cure cancer will expand by 1,000 percent per year due to the structure of Tempus.

At present, the only cure for any cancer can be found for skin cancer in Cuba. One can expect the first partnering in medical research between the United States and Cuba to begin with Tempus.

There are few if any that doubt that Lefkofsky will in fact lead the way to revolutions in cancer treatment and finding a cure.

The Perfect Escape From Home Based Distractions


They say a man’s home is his castle, but it can also be the thing that is distracting him from the real work at hand. There are the constantly ringing phones, the stack of bills that needs attending to, and the ever-growing list of chores to clutter the mind. This is why many are now turning to a form of working known as “co-working”.


Co-working spaces such as WorkVille NYC are collaborative offices in which people who work independently can come together and used a shared working space. It is a place that someone can go to in order to get done the things that they have needed to work on for so long. It provides a safe and quiet area in which to accomplish tasks.

Workville NYC provides its customers with the option to either work in a private office on their site, or to have a dedicated desk among others that is exclusively theirs to work from. Either way, the member can be in an office environment which is more aptly built to help them get things done than is their own private residence.


Work-life balance is a critical factor to consider when one works from their own home. It can be difficult to maintain the right balance between the two things no matter how hard you work to do so. That is yet another reason why these co-working environments make a lot of sense. They are specifically designed to help people get done what they need to get done so that they may then move on to enjoying their home life.


As with anything done alone, work can quickly become isolating and even depressing. It is not out of the question that one might develop depression or other issues that come from feeling socially isolated. Co-working spaces can help reverse that very serious issue and help one feel more connected with those around them and better about their life in general.


There are so many reasons to check out co-working spaces and they are exploding in popularity. The more that people hear about them, the more that people join up. You could be the next to do so.

Emerging Markets Are Important For Igor Cornelsen


The financial markets of the world are constantly changing in the view of veteran Brazilian banking expert Igor Cornelsen, who has brought his lifelong experience in the Brazilian banking industry to a global list of clients with Bainbridge Investments. Igor initially used Bainbridge to manage his own range of investments that can be found in various parts of the world, and were made following the high level of research and consideration Igor places on all the transactions made for himself or his clients.


Brazil is a key ingredient in the investing recipe Igor Cornelsen offers to his clients and has often been described by the former banker as his superpower, which means he believes the country and other emerging economies should form part of every investment portfolio. Igor believes every investor should look to make a range of investments in different industries and areas of the world to protect their portfolio from being damaged by localized problems in an economy. However, Igor also believes the Brazilian economy offers many good options for investing for the future and his own success in making major Brazilian banks profitable in difficult economic times shows how this is possible.


The advice of Igor Cornelsen allows his clients the opportunity to learn how to build a portfolio that will make it simpler than ever before to create a range of investments that will prove a success in the future. Cornelsen believes many of his fellow investment specialists look for options that will produce a high level of return, no matter how long a transaction takes to produce these profits; Igor takes a slightly different view in his opinion that a regular return on an investment or series of smaller investments often add up to the same high level of return that can prove a success for every investor in the future.  See what Igor had to say about the future of Brazil, and read more about the man himself here:

The Construcap: A Closer Look At Brazil’s Largest Construction Companies

The Construcap is one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil. Founded in 1944, the Construcap group of companies is involved in a wide variety of services and construction works in Brazil and the entire continent of South America at large. The company focuses on infrastructure, industrial and commercial buildings. In strict compliance with ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, all Contrucap services are regulated by Integrated Management System – GIS. The extensive list of Construcap services includes the construction of industrial or commercial buildings, port and infrastructure, aviation, road and rail, and sports facilities.

Projects Handled By The Construcap Group

The Concer Road Concession Juiz de Fora – Rio

The New Rise of the Sierra de Petropolis, the growing stretch of duplication between Matias Barbosa Juiz de Fora as well as the demographic changes in the Baixada Fluminense led to the formation of the company in 1995 to cater for the growing demand for transport and logistics.

Minas Arena – Sports Facilities Management S / A

The company was formed in 2010 and solely financed and managed the construction of the Mineirao in Belo Horizonte sports complex.

BMC Construction and Assembly Off-Shore S / A

Due to the growing needs of the marine national on an international level and offshore sector, the company was formed in 2011 to provide IPCI type solutions to the increasing number of customers.

CFPS Engenharia e Projetos S / A

CFPS Engenharia SA provides integrated engineering services in Brazil. The company has a hand in pharmaceuticals, mining, and the energy sector.

Inova Health

The latest addition to the Construcap Group was formed in 2014 to construct, equip, manage, sustain and oversee customer services in the three hospital facilities in São Paulo.

Careers at Construcap

The company always posts new job openings on its website. Visit the company’s official website to register on the company’s employment portal for notification of the most recent job openings.