What Everyone Should Know about Cotemar

The History Behind Cotemar

There is a lot of history behind the making of the company Cotemar. It all began in the year of 1979 when Cotemar was first founded to work within the sector of energy as a service business. Since then the company has turned into the best provider of services offshore within the industry of oil and gas.

In 1985 the company was able to get their first rig. This led to Cotemar being able to provide services that were of the food and accommodation variety. In 2004 Pemex achieved it’s peak within the area of oil production. Now Cotemar is going off into newer types of business ventures that have to do with onshore oil extraction and are making great headway within the industry.

The Values of Cotemar

When it comes to values Cotemar has many that they pride themselves on. They want to make sure that they are trustworthy, dependable and able to provide the best services that they can. They want to make sure that they give their clients exactly what they want in a prompt amount of time to ensure that everyone ends up happy in the end. It takes a lot to make a great company and that is why they pride themselves in learning new ways of accomplishing their goals and improving the end results.

Services Offered by Cotemar

At Cotemar they do not skimp when it comes to the services that they offer. The list goes on and on with what they are able to provide, here are some of the services that are offered:

Accommodation and Food- 1. Are able to present accommodation and food services for over 4,000 individuals. 2. Have bedding services that are provided in every cabin. 3. Provides laundry and cleaning services.

Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels- 1. Can provide offshore maintenance. 2. Can transport various big items/structures that are needed for upstream. 3. Are able to process and transport oil and liquids that are taken from an oil field.

Construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering – 1. They can install different types of materials in place within the designated budget and time frame of the client. 2. Ensure the safety of everything transported. 3. Ensure the quality of services.

Why Choose Cotemar?

There are many reasons why clients choose to use this great company and there are still many more great things to come. Source: http://cotemar.com.mx/compania/cotemar-quienes-somos/

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