Unconventional Amenities in NYC Properties


These amenities cater to the new breed of real estate buyers in NYC. From pet spas to art galleries, buildings are going out of the way to lure in new tenants with unconventional amenities.

Properties like 180 Franklin in Brooklyn are for the more music and art lovers. It has a rehearsal space and an art studio, and it’s located near the Pratt Institute. Sky, which is located on W. 42nd street, has an indoor lap pool, NBA regulation size basketball court, and a pet spa are just a few of the out of the box amenities offered to residents. One57, located on W. 57th in Manhattan, has a massive library, billiards table, screening and performance room, and yoga studio.


Other building cater to more athletic types, like One Brooklyn Bridge Park. It has a 3000 square foot gym, golf simulator, and outdoor putting green. MiMa’s in Manhattan has pet spa, gym, and lap pool just to name a few. Luxury amenities are one of the main features this new breed of buyers are wanting.


TOWN residential real estate has become the foremost seller of rental apartment property in New York. They have world class agents who are able to meet the needs of any client matching them with the right properties. In the five years they have been open, TOWN has set the bar in excellence for selling NYC properties.

Assisted Living Facilities are Increasing in Quality as They Increase in Number


Twenty-five years ago there were very few options for senior citizens to receive long-term care. They had to choose between living in their homes with in-home care or going to nursing homes when they grew older. Nursing homes were used for everyone whether they required constant medical care or simply needed assistance in everyday tasks; clients did not receive individualized care.


In recent years, assisted living facilities have grown as the number one housing option for the senior housing solution for seniors who can otherwise live independently. For many, growing older can be accomplished gracefully with a minimum level of care that allows them to enjoy this new phase of life.


Differences in Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted Living Communities are not all alike because every state or province has different licensing requirements. Some ALFs are combined with a skilled nursing facility, and these types of communities are prepared to accommodate their clients from an assisted living situation to one that requires advanced medical care.


Assisted living communities focus on helping their clients with their basic daily activities, so their clients can live independently. Most ALFs provide hygiene, bathing, toileting, dressing, eating, medicine monitoring and using the telephone and shopping among the basic services, but, more can be added depending on the community.


The Manse on Marsh


The Manse focuses on a healthy, secure and interactive environment for their residents by offering townhouses, condos and single family homes for their clients, according to OurParents.


This community has prime services including 24-hour security and supervision of the property, immediate response systems linked to professional medical care, chef-prepared meals, laundry, housekeeping, dressing, grooming, bathing, transportation to local businesses and many social events and programs that are incorporated into the daily schedule. The added benefit is that The Manse participates in a health care program that only charges clients for the services they require.



The Manse on Marsh has a warm family atmosphere that is stress-free and peaceful, so residents can enjoy their lives, and participate in many activities. The excellence and care of this facility makes a perfect model for future ALFs.  Follow the news on Twitter, or see how The Manse on Marsh is improving the lives of their elderly residents through their blog.

Dick DeVos’ Big Hand in Philanthropy

The DeVos family has a rich history of entrepreneurship as well as a generous hand that is visible in various charitable organizations. Dick DeVos as a separate entity is also as successful as the other members of his family. He is a household name in American business not only because of his family name.


His flagship corporate, The Windquest Group, is also a force to reckon with in various industries spanning from liquor to education. Dick DeVos formerly served as the president of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and the Amway group. Other areas of operation include technology, clean energy as well as manufacturing among others. Community involvement that is in line with his family’s contributions has also contributed to his fame. Dick DeVos married Betsy DeVos, and they have four children.


Despite their busy lives, the DeVos dedicate a lot of time to philanthropy aimed at creating solutions to social problems. Betsy DeVos is the unseen hand that does a lot of management work.


This foundation separates their philanthropic work from the larger DeVos family philanthropy. However, their involvement in furtherance of education stands out due to its impact on the lives of many disadvantaged children. The desire to see education change peoples’ lives started early while their children were in school.


Their love for education has also seen Dick serve on the State Board of Education. In their capacity as a family, they initiated the Education Freedom Fund that has awarded over four thousand scholarships to date. With involvement in education, Dick DeVos has been an active contributor to arts and justice programs.


These and many other engagements have contributed to advancing their good name. Launched over thirty years ago, the foundation as an avenue for their philanthropic work. Both founders possess excellent education credentials that are partly the reason behind their interest in education.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is mainly intent on catalyzing partners or organizations. These organizations position communities both locally and internationally for viability as well as growth. With a belief in boldness, the DeVos are always ready to take the first step. Hard work is also a culture that they have adopted despite tutoring others into the business. However, they have a commitment to making a difference in whatever initiatives they are involved.