Michael Zomber Is A Peaceful Weapons Collector And Enthusiast


Born in Washington D.C., Michael Zomber has come a long way in his life since his early days in college. He has taken up a great many passions and had a successful career to boot. He has successfully authored several books and written many screenplays. He is also an avid and well-known antique weapon and armor collector, which also act as investments for him. Some of the stories he has written include Park Avenue, Jesus and the Samurai, and Son of Kentucky. He has done a lot of research on his books and these subjects pertaining to weapons and history, making him an authority on these subjects.

He has even made his way onto television on the History Channel to share some of the knowledge and history he knew about different time periods. He also was able to explain the significance of different weapons and the effects they had on battles.

Michael Zomber started off attending college at the University of Illinois. During his time their he studied English Literature and Psychology. It was during these courses that his love for literature grew, which is what ultimately had him going back to school to earn his masters degree.  Michael even has his own company that is dedicated to producing small films and documentaries, such as Soul of the Samurai.

Michael Zomber is also anti-war, which seems odd considering the number of weapons and armors he has collected, along with the nature of the books and screenplays he has written. But this is only because he finds the topic fascinating and would like to help more people understand the history behind these time periods of war. Michael is also a big contributor to different organizations for charity, such as the Doctors Without Borders Foundation, which provides aid all over the globe through donations. Today, Michael Zomber has achieved a great deal of success and maintains many of his passions along with his career.

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