An International Trading Solution From Jim Hunt and VTA Publications: One Million Dollars From One Thousand

VTA Publications is a group that caters to some 1,000+ clients across the globe. The services they provide have to do with finances. Specifically, Wall Street Trading. The Stock Market. Through a proprietary solution, there are methods that can be taught which are designed to regularly yield quantifiably on investment. To that end, VTA Publications regularly publishes a variety of financial and economic non-fiction. Additionally, this group provides booking services for seminars and special events. As a provider of long-distance learning, VTA Publications definitely has a ubiquity of recommendable qualities underneath its infrastructure. Part of the reason for this strong underbody is Jim Hunt, a financial advisor and trader who has developed a method that can reportedly turn a thousand dollars into a million using just ten trades.

Jim Hunt works with VTA, and would be the first to admit that his system isn’t nearly so complicated and spurious, or ambitious, as it may seem offhand. It’s just compounding. The goal with the trading is to double investment with each trade. Ergo $1,000 becomes $2,000, becomes $4,000, then $8,000, $16,000, $32,000, $64,000, $128,000, $256,000, $512,000 and finally $1,024,000. The key lies in finding which stocks should be traded, and this is where Jim Hunt’s revolutionary method comes in. He plans to use it to make his mother’s $1,000 expand into $1,000,000. Furthermore, his idea is to get the whole thing on so it can be visually demonstrated.

The common man needs to be able to invest his money accordingly, and use it to increase his own standing as a citizen. To this end, Jim has even been called sort of a whistle-blower for the every-man; and it makes sense: when a person can turn moneymaking into a simple process, that goes a long way toward casting off the binds of poverty. Many are going to be watching Hunt’s channel expectantly, and should he pull off what he claims, it may just be historic.  Follow Jim’s Twitter for more information as well.

Five Amazing Facts About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co-cofounder of the Swiss Start Up Factory. The Swiss Start Up Factory is a place that entrepreneur’s can go to make their dreams com true.  Read on to learn five amazing facts about the man making enterprise’s dreams come true, Mike Baur.

1. Mike loves to stay rooted in his community.

Mike Baur is a very hands on kin of guy when it comes to helping out his fellow Switzerland inhabitants. Mike is an active mentor to many new businesses and helping out Swiss youths in major ways.

2. Mike Baur is from Fribourg in Switzerland.

That’s right, Mike is a Fribourg native. This tech savvy and sought after private banker started small, and grew his dreams big, sot that he can help other’s dreams come to frustration.

3. Mike hold two Master’s in Business Administration Degrees.

Mike is a double graduate, holding a Master’s in Business Administration Degree from the University of Rochester New York. in addition, Mike had obtained an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Bern. When talking about determination, Mike has it.

4. Mike is lining up to fill some pretty big shoes at CTI Invest.

Mike Baur is speculated to fill the highly sought after position of Managing Director of CTI Invest, that is currently being held down by Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier.

5. Mike was thirty-nine years old when he co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory.

After years of experience and gaining undeniable expertise Mike went on to found the number one privately funded independent start up acceleration company in Switzerland. Now, that’s pretty impressive.

Mike picked up an early enthusiasm in banking and finance as a teen, and he has not let go of that enthusiasm. Alongside making his goals work out as expected, he empowers a huge number of people to bring their goals to reality through the assistance of the Swiss Start Up Factory.