Ted Bauman: The Life of An Editor

Ted Bauman, an editor who works at Banyan Hill Publishing, is one of the few who specialize in finance. He particularly specializes in The Bauman Letter, and the Alpha Stock Alert.

Ted Bauman believes that he has a responsibility to stir his readers to the right direction in terms of investment. Regardless of the level of grasp in terms of financing, Ted Bauman always provides his readers with knowledge that helps them know where and when to invest.

In addition, Ted Bauman believes that his readers have the right of living a sovereign life. That is life that is from the oversight of any government and from corporate greed. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

Ted Bauman’s Taking Banyan Hill Publishing to The Next Level

Ted Bauman provides a number of resources that talk about investment for his readers. Ted specifically focuses on the best methods that would be effective for a majority number of his audiences. In addition, Ted Bauman only focuses on some of the investment opportunities that can be utilized and are practical. That is why most of his readers appreciate the work he does.

Furthermore, one of his main interests of discussion is asset protection. He’s aim in these discussions is to provide people with some safety techniques that they can use to prevent them from crashing regardless of the nature of the market. That is because Ted believes in a lifestyle that is not affected by the current economic climate.

Till now, Ted has helped so many people to prepare for the future by providing resources through the Publishing company. That is why Banyan Hill Publishing seems to have a brighter future ahead.

According to a study done, Ted Bauman has made Banyan Publishing company to be one of the most trusted companies out there in terms of providing financial guidance. Additionally, countless of investors are eternally grateful for his article pieces that have helped them through the storm.

For example, Ted Bauman’s piece on Bitcoin helped a lot of investors avoid investing in Bitcoin in 2017. That has helped so many avoid the damages we have seen in the market. However, Ted Bauman does not believe that the market of Bitcoin should be shut down but rather there should be some fixes to make it effective for transactions.

Life History of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC and grew up in a small town in Maryland. However, after sometime he moved to South Africa to pursue his studies and work there in different positions. As a result of working there, he gained some experience that later helped him in life.

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Rocketship Education Touts Growth Scores As Tool To Measure Student Progress

The majority of schools in the state of Tennessee were provided recently with a measure of progress their students made in the previous school year. However, elementary schools operating in Davis County will have to wait another year before getting a report on student achievement.

The result of this is that when other schools receive their TNReady results later this fall, the focus for Douglas County elementary schools will be the proficiency of its students. However, schools in Nashville are turning to an assessment tool known as the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress to gain an accurate depiction of the growth of its students over a typical academic year.

While proficiency scores will always be important, they are limited to telling us only if a particular student is currently functioning on grade level or not. Growth scores, on the other hand, give a representation of how much a student has learned over a given period of time despite the starting point.

Map assessment scores have been used by Rocketship Public Schools since their inception and they have publicly commended the Nashville public school system for implementing the testing system.

Growth becomes even more important to measure when dealing with students who hail from backgrounds that are economically disadvantaged as the data is clear in showing that many of these students began their education behind other students and are never able to close the gap.

Nashville is a city where the majority of students attending public schools are from economically challenged backgrounds and the schools in the city have shown to suffer from a gap in achievement for every subject.

Rocketship Public Schools have provided the blueprint for these situations as the public charter school has routinely taken children who have entered kindergarten with assessment scores in the bottom 10% of the nation and have been able to catch them up with their peers by the fourth grade.

This is important because the trend is that children two or more grade levels behind in proficiency scores are much more likely to become dropouts in high school.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship was founded in 2006 and is a charter school for elementary students operating mainly in economically disadvantaged areas. The national non-profit has the mission of eliminating gaps in educational achievement that plague underserved communities in America.

Paul Mampilly Expresses His Opinion

Paul Mampilly is the Profits Unlimited editor and technology expert at Banyard Hill Publishing. Profits Unlimited is a research service. In 2017 sixty thousand people subscribed to the Profits Unlimited. Mampilly began writing his research after pending twenty years working on Wall Street so he could use his expertise to help regular american with investing.

Formerly knowns as Sovereign Society the newsletter is a year old and has over ninety thousand subscribers annually. The newsletter is still growing, and Paul Mampilly is a master of finance and investing who uses the newsletter to share his expertise. The newsletter is aimed at those who want to grow portfolios and those with little experience in investments. The publication is competitively priced and entry level.

Paul Mampilly attended the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Mampilly founded Capuchin Consulting. While marijuana stock has become popular Paul Mampilly is not recommending them to readers. He believes they are to much of a risk since they are already dropping. When it comes to the bitcoin bubble where prices are quickly rising he believes it will soon burst and is advising against the crypto currencies. Visit medium.com to learn more.

Paul Mampilly is from southern India, during his teenage years there was a financial crisis the goverment could not repay and began looking for investments from private citizens. One of these was Paul Mampilly’s father. The return was eighteen percent for thirty years paid annually. This is where he learned to make aggressive investments.

Paul Mampilly came to the US when he was eighteen, he got a bachelor’s in accounting and finance at New Jersey’s Montclair State University. Gabelli School of Business is where Mampilly got his MBA. He went to a number of prestigious New York colleges studying financial engineering and economics. He has over one thousand titles in his personal library and currently focuses on writing for a number of financial publications and researching opportunities for investment.

Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/potmsearch/detail/submission/6423751





Talos Energy, LLC New Merger Prospects

A new energy giant, Talos Energy Incorporation, has been created following a merger between Talos Energy and Stone Energy in a deal, analysts say will be closed sometime in the first quarter of 2018. According to a report published online on November 21, 2017 in the Houston Business Journal, Talos Energy, LLC from Houston revealed it will acquire Stone Energy Corp in a deal estimated to cost $2 billion. The new company will have an enterprise value of about $2.5 billion based on Stone’s share price pegged at $35.49. In terms of productivity, the merged entity will have a significant 1.2 million gross acres spread across the Gulf of Mexico and proven oil reserves equivalent to 136 million barrels.

The company’s average daily oil production in 2017 stood at 47,000 barrels. Talos Energy, Inc will also enjoy greater financial muscle with a ready credit facility of $1 billion and initial borrowing capacity tied at a decent $600 million. The funding plan will attract no material note maturities for a period of 4 years. At the completion of the transaction, 63% of the new company will be owned by Talos stakeholders, with the remaining 37% stake going to Stone stakeholders. Like the parent company, the new entity will continue to trade on the NYSE. In addition to robust projects inventory, the CEO of Talos, Tim Duncan said the new company will enjoy a wider pool of talent and resources. The development comes at a time when Talos has continually been ranked one of the best workplaces, a fact Tim attributes to, among other things teamwork, productive work environment and attractive compensation. Duncan will take charge as the new Talos Energy, Chief Executive Officer at the completion of the deal.

A board of directors constituting 6 members from Talos and 4 from Stone will also be established to oversee the management of the new outfit. The company will have its main offices in Houston and field offices in neighboring Louisiana. Citigroup Corp is the lead financial advisers for Talos while Petrie Partners Securities, LLC will stand for Stone.The respective legal counsels for Talos and Stone in the highly anticipated deal are Vinson & Elkins LLP and Akin Gump Srauss Hauer & Feld LLP. The core operations of Talos Energy, LLC will remain oil and gas exploration, an excerpt on Businesswire reveals. The privately owned upstream oil and gas company is backed financially by three major financial and investment giants, Riverstone Holdings, Inc, Apollo Global Management, LLC and Talos management. As of September 2012, the bigger of the partners Apollo Global Management, LLC had over $100 billion worth of assets under its management. The multinational firm maintains offices in cities like New York, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Securus Technologies – New Products and Services

The Dallas-based security tech company Securus Technologies Inc has been striving towards establishing a better criminal and civil justice industry through tech products, software, and services since 1979. The business is working with thousands of correctional and law facilities around the United States of America, maintaining over 1 million inmates in prisons and jails throughout the North American country.

Over its decades of operation, the Securus Technologies Inc has managed to gain the reputation of a fast-paced company that is regular on the market when it comes to new product releases. Last year, the company put out their Wireless Containment System which was their solution to a rising issue in the United States of America. Inmates across the country were caught on social media using contraband cell phones. There were cases of prisoners ding live streams, uploading photos from within the correctional facilities, and reaching out to strangers online. The Wireless Containment System by the Securus Technologies Inc put an end to the issue as the product rendered the contraband cell phones useless for hooking up to any network.

To render the cell phones completely useless, the Securus Technologies Inc has also been working towards blocking the outgoing calls made from such devices. The prevention system for such calls has probably saved many lives as there are any known cases of inmates ordering and organizing hits on other people. The system for blocking the calls is active at all times, and so far, the Securus Technologies Inc has prevented a few million of them.

Earlier this year, the Securus Technologies Inc released another product that was also a solution to another issue. Correctional facilities across the country have been having problems with the delivery of contraband using drones. Cell phone, weapons, drugs and other objects have been delivered to inmates using such devices while correctional facilities have been unable to prevent the delivery with much success. The Drone Detection System made its debut in February, and so far it has been utilized by most correctional facilities using the services of the Securus Technologies Inc.

The Securus Technologies Inc is highly active in the industry of inmate communication as well. The company offers prisoners and their friends and family members a number of services t stay in touch effortlessly and regularly. Some of those services include video visitation and internet chats and calls. The Securus Technologies Inc has equipped hundreds of prisons and jails with communication kiosks where inmates can contact their friends and family on the outside.

Over the years, Securus Technologies Inc has established itself as a business striving for excellence. The company continues to innovate and release products and services and achieve streamlined growth in proportions and assets in the meantime.



The serial Investor Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a business mogul, humanitarian, leader and serial investor who is known for developing simple business ideas into thriving empires. Ara is the current managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. ASC LLC is a firm that invests in emerging healthcare enterprises. He is also the co-founder, general partner and member of the board of governors of TMS Health Solutions which provides treatment for transcranial magnetic stimulation for individuals suffering from depression that cannot be sustained by regular medication.

TMS has seven facilities in the San Francisco surroundings with approximately three thousand square feet land equipped with consultation and treatment rooms designed by the prominent architect Josh Hietler. The facility is complete with a serene environment that promotes relaxation and calmness to patients with psychiatric disorders.

Within more than two decades that he has been in business, Ara Chackerian has invested most of his time in angel investing and entrepreneurship. He is linked to the establishment of several companies in the healthcare market. These companies include a medical distributor firm called PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostics which provides diagnostic imaging and tele pharmaceutical services, and Embion, which is currently known as Provider Links, each in which he has either served in as a member of the board of directors or Chief Executive Officer in its early stages.

Additionally, he is a financier in JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua, and the Nor Luyce, all companies in the state of Nicaragua that are dedicated to environmental causes and the youth development affairs. He serves on the board for companies like Mint Medical Education, TMS and other startup healthcare organizations that are based in the harbor of San Francisco. You can visit arachackerian.com

Ara Chackerian and his family are known philanthropists who invest in foundations that are into courses like youth development, technology development, education, and human rights issues. These foundations are based in the United States and other parts of the world like Armenia. Mr. Chackerian is a graduate of the State of Florida University where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1991. The mission for Ara Chackerian is to see to the technological advancement in healthcare that will lead to the enhancement of people’s lives. Visit arachackerian.com for more.

Robert Ivy And The Future Of Architecture

     As CEO and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy leads a professional organization that is encouraging architects to think beyond aesthetic deign. For example, he sees architecture as a means to improve public health by ensuring buildings encourage walking up a flight of stairs and offering occupants plenty of sunshine.

Robert Ivy works at the AIA’s national office in Washington, D.C. He manages more than 200 employees and overseas a $56 million annual budget. He directs the AIA’s focus and serves as a spokesperson, helping the public to understand architects and architecture’s value to society. Ivy also works with the 300 AIA chapters in the United States.

When Ivy was appointed CEO and EVP of AIA on Feb. 1, 2011, he brought a wealth of experience to the job. Robert Ivy worked at Ivy Architects and Dean/Dale/Dean and Ivy and he served at editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media as well. A University of the South and Tulane University graduate, Ivy is a fellow of AIA, the Philippine Institute of Architects and the Institute for Urban Design. In 2009, Ivy won the Crane Award for his work in business media. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi, an architecture fraternity with a 100-year history, named Robert Ivy a Master Architect.

Ivy authored The Architecture of E. Fay Jones in 1992, which was recognized by the Art Library Society of North America. When he took over as the editor in chief of the Architectural Record, the magazine soon became the most popular architectural journal in the world and it earned numerous industry awards.

When the economic downturn occurred, architects changed with the times. There were fewer calls for dazzling homes, architects had to change their approach. Robert Ivy believes sustainability is the future of architecture. Besides making buildings more eco-friendly, architects are designing buildings that can stand up to extreme weather events. At a meeting of the D.C. Chapter of the AIA, Ivy said that, “This is now our accepted way of working.” As architectural designs adapt to climate change, new buildings will stand up to assaults from earthquakes and flooding, possibly saving lives.

See https://siny.org/news/aia_appoints_robert_ivy_a_executive_vice_president_ceo/ if you wish to learn more.

Ted Bauman- Financial Writer For A Changing Financial World

Born in Washington, D.C. and growing up in Maryland, Ted Bauman decided to leave the United States as a young adult and move to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town. At the University of Cape Town Mr. Bauman earned postgraduate degrees in both History and Economics and then embarked on a 25 year career. Mr. Bauman chose to diversify himself and worked as an executive in the nonprofit sector choosing to focus on low-cost housing projects where he founded Slum Dwellers Internationals which has come to the aid of over 14 million people in 35 different countries. Utilizing his experience as an established consultant and researcher specializing in financing and urban planning issues, in 2008 Mr. Bauman chose to return to The United States where he became the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International where he worked until 2013. In 2013 Mr. Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing and became an editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert as well as pursing his passion of research and writing

Ted Bauman is enjoying writing as he no longer has a commute and merely has to walk to his home office to begin his day and usually works there until 5:00 p.m. Mr. Bauman values time management and believes this is one of the keys to being an excellent writer and enjoys writing for Banyan Hill Publishing where he is able to write articles on finance and asset protection that engage the reader making them want to read more. Mr. Bauman utilizes his excellent narrative and writing skills to make mundane topics more interesting and keep readers wanting more information. One topic that Mr. Bauman is exceedingly interested in is the global economy, and he enjoys engaging his readers and informing them of financial strategies that are beneficial to society as a whole not just the business world. One piece of advice that Mr. Bauman gives is that people should try to read topics that are contrary to their beliefs so they can get a better perspective on financial issues as a whole, if you only engage in reading that supports your point of view you will not be able to open yourself up wholly to new perspectives and possibilities.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=264684898&privcapId=109183793&previousCapId=109183793&previousTitle=The%20Sovereign%20Society


Hussain Sajwani Brings Positive Attention to Dubai Business

Businessman Hussain Sajwani shares that he sees each moment, as well as his successes and failures, factors that have shaped him into the man he is today. He is the chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties, a property development company that does business all around the world. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington, where he studies Industrial Engineering and Economics.

Hussain Sajwani has been an entrepreneur for quite some time. He started a catering business in 1982 and the company has grown substantially over the years to become one of the leaders in the market. Sajwani’s company now manages over 200 projects and serves more than 150,00 meals every day in several locations in the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

Sajwani is also a pioneer of Dubai property market expansion. In 2002, he saw a lucrative marketing opportunity which led her to establish DAMAC Properties. The company has quickly grown to become one of the biggest property development organizations in the Middle East. DAMAC has made a significant impact in a number of major Middle Eastern cities in addition to Dubai, including Abu Dhabi, Doha and Amman, along with Beirut and London. To date, the company has delivered more than 17,900 homes and has a development portfolio with more than 44,000 units.

Hussain Sajwani shares that he’s always had a passion for being a business owner. As a young boy, he would spend the majority of his time after school helping with the family business. When he moved to the United States to attend college, he sold time-share apartments. He used the money as capital to later start his own business, after realizing that he could make more money working for himself than having a boss. Sujwani also continues to develop his interest in real estate in order to make his professional dreams come true.

More on what Hussain Sajwani is up to, here: https://www.eremnews.com/news/arab-world/gcc/906780

CEO Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties Announces The Completion Of One Of His Latest Projects

Rěva Residences is one of DAMAC Properties latest apartment projects. It is located in the Business Bay area of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The owner of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani, said he chose this location because it is at the heart of most of the action taking place in Dubai. Business Bay is where many of Dubai’s business headquarters are. It is also Dubai’s top leisure and entertainment district, he says.

When introducing Rěva Residences Hussain Sajwani, acting in his capacity as CEO of DAMAC Properties, said that it’s a premium luxury apartment complex that consists of one and two bedroom units. To launch sales of units in Rěva Residences he held a full-day sales event on January 27, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. This was held in the Godolphin Ballroom in Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Niall McLoughlin is a senior vice president at DAMAC Properties. He said that Rěva Residences presents a lavish lifestyle proposition to potential owners of these apartments. He said it presents an incredible value to discerning owners who value access to top amenities such as a 24-hour concierge service. The building was designed to appeal to young people, including those with children. Rěva Residences, he says, includes a temperature-controlled swimming pool and a children’s play area, both of which appeal to parents with children.

Hussain Sajwani has been the owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties since he established this company in 2002. Since that time he has developed his company into an international business with luxury property developments in several cities in the Middle East as well as in the city of London. He focuses on large luxury real estate projects that includes residential, leisure, and commercial property developments. His was the first Middle Eastern real estate company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Beyond the recent opening of Rěva Residences, DAMAC Properties has two other major development projects going on around Dubai. One was recently opened for sales while the latter one, DAMAC Hills, will be completed by the end of the year. This one has villas, townhouses, apartments and mansions being built in it.

For more information, visit this book: https://books.google.ae/books?id=U2hLCwAAQBAJ&pg=PT314&lpg=PT314&dq=%D8%AF%D8%A7%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%83+%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%83&source=bl&ots=dQrXtyLO74&sig=WnZ5hHSi5J6i3Z8Yih-w5WrbS0U&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi314CYrrXZAhWR3oMKHcMfCZE4FBDoAQh1MAw#v=onepage&q&f=false