Bob Reina and His Mission through Charity

Talk Fusion and Their Mission to Give Back

Through their company’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion have seen their mission of giving back to the communities’ worldwide achieved through donations to various charity projects.

Talk Fusion gave a generous donation of $1 million to a society in Tampa Bay known as the Humane Society. As a four-star charity institution, it offers shelter, care and veterinary services for abandoned pets since its inception in 1912.

Bob’s contribution towards charity was also witnessed when he gave a generous donation to the Indonesian orphanage, Yayasan Rumah Kehidupan (House of Life Foundation). The orphanage’s existence was based on its mission to care for the less fortunate kids especially those from abortion cases.

House of Life Foundation achieves this through providing love, care and education so as to provide the kids with a fighting chance in their society. The foundation has helped so many lives since partnering with Talk Fusion back in 2014.

In the continued spirit of service to the community, Bob Reina introduced a charity program through which every Talk Fusion associate donates a free account to charity. Courtesy of this account, charity and non-profit organizations get access to video-marketing products that enable them develop an efficient communication platform to get to more partners and donors to get involved in their charity works.

These and other initiatives, have seen the Talk Fusion associate numbers increase in as many as in 140 countries. His initiative have been nothing short of inspiring.

Bob Reina’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Bob Reina does not just come across as any simple entrepreneur. He has set himself apart as a revolutionary. Talk Fusion is credited as the first of its kind having all video marketing solutions tailored in one package. Like every great entrepreneurial venture, his was founded on the need to send short videos via email.

His success story begun when AOL told Bob that he could not send a video to his mother via email. The reason behind it, it could not be done. Yearning for a solution pushed Bob to partner with his friend and together, they perfected the art of video-emailing and later grew to what we know as Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina proves that entrepreneurial ventures in charity can still be successful ventures.

Waiakea Water Brand is Marketed in an Environmentally Friendly Way

In case you haven’t heard, Waiakea Water is now a leading product in the bottled beverage industry. This water brand had a 4000% increase since it first appeared in 2014. One of the reasons for Waiakea’s great taste and success within the market has to do with its sustainable and environmentally sound manufacturing processes.

Ryan Emmons is the CEO company. One of the reasons why this company is so successful has to do with Emmons desire to maintain a friendly balance with the environment. Let’s face it, in today’s world; companies must be extremely mindful about how they produce products.

So many organizations, groups and individuals want the world to remain a healthy and green place. They are sick of the big industry that was a dominate theme in the 20th century. Big industry creates a lot of air, water and land pollution to create products.

It also destroys a lot of land and the environment during the process. This is why so many companies are now creating their products in environmentally friendlier ways. Emmons believes that this is the best thing for an enterprise to do; especially if it is selling bottled water.

Waiakea uses collection methods that do not interfere with the environment. Instead, it is designed to capture the fresh water from a volcanic source within Hawaii. The Mauna Loa volcano is the source of water for the Waiakea brand.

This active volcanic source has a lot of rain and snowmelt that produces fresh and clean water. When it gushes down the side of the volcano it picks up many minerals along the way. According to Global News Wire, Waiakea water then uses environmentally friendly collection methods to gather up this water.

After the water has been gathered up it is then processed before bottling. Even this part of the process is performed with friendly techniques that coincide within the environment.

The water is then bottled inside of 500 ml (roughly 16 ounces) blue bottles that are made out of recycled materials. The water is then transported to the market where it is sold to consumers for a competitive but inexpensive price.

According to Organic Authority, many people appreciate Waiakea water taking the time to use environmentally friendly practices to create their product. It helps them to realize that Waiakea is not just out to make a profit.

Apparently, they really care about the environment and about people. This is just one more thing that gives consumers a positive outlook about Waiakea’s brand of volcanic water.

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Kim Dao Reveals Her Favorite Korean Makeup Products

In the video that can be found via the link here, Kim Dao provides viewers with information on the best Korean makeup products. The first product that she applies to her skin is Etude House Face Blur. This is a primer that Kim Dao applies, and it gives her face a flawless photo shopped look that covers up her pores. Kim Dao calls this primer her ‘holy grail product.’ She applies it with a beautiful gold applicator brush to attain the desired level of coverage. Hera Magic Star is another product staple that Kim Dao loves. This magical product gives dull, tired skin a warm glow. Kim Dao mentions that this product was recommended to her by her fellow YouTube bloggers. Innisfree Cushion Base is the next product that Kim Dao applies to her skin. As she applies the product, she mentions how it is excellent for moisturizing the skin. Using these products alone gives Kim Dao’s skin a gorgeous, dewy, soft complexion. Etude House Long Lasting Foundation is a product that Kim Dao uses to last all day long. The coverage is incredible, and all blemishes and pores are perfectly concealed. Throughout the video she applies other miracle makeup products from Korea, concluding with rosy colored lipstick at the end.

Luciana Lóssio Outshines In Her Role As Minister Of TSE

Luciana Lóssio, the titular minister for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil, is completing a year in the office in May 2017 and found to be different from her predecessors. She is bold in her actions, and the steps taken by her has helped to improve the public image of the office. She was assuming the office in last May due to the departure of Arnaldo Versiani, the then titular minister. Interestingly, the post can only hold by the lawyers, and it was coming back to her for the second time.



The minister has great expertise in Electoral Law, and she is a prominent personality in the area, who also has membership in Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE). She also had some very good clients during her legal profession including some governors. Few of her characteristics made her really fit into the position she held. Her honest and sincere character that has helped her in the profession is again helping her in the office and made her even winning opponents.



Luciana completed her Law degree in 1999, from the University Center of Brasília (UniCeub). Due to her hard work and commitment, she got enrolled with Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in 1999 itself. She felt that she wanted to increase her knowledge base to address various issues and cases with more expertise. For this reason, she did three postgraduate courses which are in State and Constitution, Civil Procedural Law, the second in the Law and Legal Department and Public Prosecutor’s Office. The additional knowledge and expertise have helped her in addressing the various legal complexities she face as the titular minister.



During her legal profession, she worked at the Attorney General’s office for seven years mainly under Geraldo Brindeiro and Cláudio Fonteles. During the period, she acted as an advisor on cases that depends on TSE or STF judgments. Her ability to foresee the crunch situation has helped her a lot to resolve even very complex issues. TSE, the highest electoral court of Brazil can have seven judges maximum, and she was chosen due to her technical ability that she attained through her knowledge and professionalism she has shown throughout her career.



The successful career, excellent knowledge, impartial view, and commitment to the constitution and law are making her impeccable in her current role. She knows the critically of the office she holds and does everything to protect the dignity of the office. It can be expected that her involvement in the electoral law body would influence and purify the electoral process of the country.




Vijay Eswaran Spreads His Success, Wisdom, And Philanthropy Across The World

Vijay Eswaran founded the QI Group and also sits as the company’s Executive Chairman. The QI Group was established in 1998 as a conglomerate based on e-commerce, filled with various businesses in the education, lifestyle and leisure, retail and direct sales, luxury and collectibles, property development and logistics, and training and conference management industries on Facebook. The QI Group holds offices in locations like Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with presences in almost 10 different countries.

Eswaran’s experience includes working for top-notch companies at like IBM, in countries like Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. He returned to Asia in the 1990s after deciding to brand out on his own to become an entrepreneur.

Aside from his success with the QI Group, Mr. Vijay Eswaran is a world renowned motivational speaker. He lectures all around the world on numerous subjects that vary from spirituality to business. His lectures have taken place at business and leadership forums like Commonwealth Business Forums at CHOGM and World Economic Forum events.

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He has always been active in sharing his success, becoming a prominent philanthropist. He founded the RYTHM Foundation. This foundation has become the social responsibility side of the QI Group, having global philanthropic involvement. Vijay Eswaran established a local chapter of the foundation in Malaysia, working with local organizations to create projects for youth development, women empowerment, and special education in honor of his father.

Vijay Eswaran is also an accomplished author, becoming a best-selling author with his very successful book, Sphere of Silence. This book is about life management and has been published in numerous countries in many different languages. In addition to Sphere of Silence, Mr. Eswaran has three other publications under his belt, 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought, and In The Thinking Zone.

He is truly a leader on a global front. He has been named in the Asia annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes in 2011. He has also received a lifetime achievement award at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum. His advice and wisdom has even been sought by organizations like the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin.

Litigating with Karl Heideck

Litigating with Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck Can Help Litigate Your Case!

The Litigation process is time and again viewed as a multifaceted and exceedingly difficult to understand course of action, for the majority of common people. On the other hand, the fact is that in this modern world, the probability is more and more likely that either you will find yourself bringing another person into court or that another person will be suing you. The legal process itself is basically the action of taking a disagreement into a court of law, for the point of determining the conclusion of the situation.

The one who takes the situation into the court system is identified under the legal term of the Plaintiff. Generally, the plaintiff will insist that the individual who is being litigated against, legally referred to as the Defendant, is to carry out an act of compensation, this is often financial.

If the legal action is acknowledged by the judge, then the Plaintiff is required to start the discovery procedure. This is by and large an investigatory process, designed to gain information to demonstrate the culpability of the Defendant. When the procedure starts, the Defendant has the legal right of discovery, also. This is to determine what the Plaintiff’s attorney has as evidence.

Karl Heideck, is exactly such a litigator, he is situated in the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Heideck’s knowledge extends over a broad assortment of legal dealings, as well as banking and business centered proceedings. Mr. Heideck’s knowledge also extends to risk assessment management and helping Assistant District Attorney’s with valuable research for pre-trial proceedings.

Mr. Heideck acquired his Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College. He continued his legal instruction by finishing his Juris Doctor degree while studying at James Beasley School of Law. There, he applied his knowledge to learning about Constitutional Law and Criminal Law. His skill as a proficient Legal Intern provided him with the knowledge necessary for assisting the Montgomery County District Attorney. Mr. Karl Heideck is a working litigator located in Philadelphia.

However, several of his activities can be perused from his Facebook expeditions. Karl Heidwick’s accomplishments permit him to support numerous attorneys to win their client’s cases, because of his experience researching papers for significant legal proceedings.

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Eucatex and Its Leadership

Flavio Maluf began working for Eucatex in 1987, one year after his marriage to his current wife Jacqueline. His first assignment was in the company’s trade department. In order to familiarize himself with the other operations of the company, he moved to the industrial segment of the company. In 1996, he rose to be one of the company’s executive officers. The family business leaders and the stakeholders, impressed by his work, agreed to elevate him to the position of president. He currently occupies this position.

In order to ensure that the company remains competitive, he has taken upon himself to modernize the business. This, he feels, will give Eucatex competitive advantage. He is also keen on giving back to the community as characterized by his collaboration with, among others, MaternidadeIdio Carli and local clinics and hospitals.

About Eucatex

Eucatex made a name for itself for being the first Brazilian company to utilize eucalyptus as a raw material for plate and kitchen dishes manufacturing. In 1954, the chapas was made by Eucatex. It was soon inaugurated in Santa, Sao Paulo. Against this successful background, the company soon started producing wood fiber sheets. Indeed, the company also worked on acoustic linings. Later, the company began manufacturing acoustic sheets along with insulations. Presently, this company provides the local construction industry and furniture manufacturers with materials. With a steady increase in demand, Eucatex has built a new factory to accommodate these new realities.

Growing Up

In early December 1961, Flavio Maluf was born to Brazilian parents. He grew up in Brazil and went to school there. He graduated with a mechanical engineering certificate from Sao Paulo’s Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP). In order to familiarize himself with the day-to-day running of businesses, he went to New York University and graduated with an administration degree. In America, he also found employment here and there the entire time of his study.

Flavio married one Jacqueline in 1986. The two are blessed with three children. Their eldest child was a chemical engineering student in London. Their 19 year old child is studying at FAAP: like his father before him. Their last born, a 15 year old boy, looks to join an English college for an engineering course.

With Great Colors, Fabletics is Running Fast

Get a membership, send $10, and pick out Kate Hudson’s favorite exercise outfit. It’s yours to wear to the gym or wherever, as a special “thank you for joining” this $250 million dollar business called Fabletics, which is now leading the sales of activewear in the country. Kate Hudson is offering great style in workout wear, including patterned leggings and specially designed tops, and they are created of materials that breath, stretch, and work out with you. Not only are Hudson’s unique styles sweeping the market, but her company’s marketing style is proving a match for, a household name at the online market of all things!


How does the successful membership work? Seeking to provide a great product, offer personalized service with good value, and provide easy access to the whole experience, Fabletic carefully designed its membership. This is proving very attractive to the activewearer, and the business has grown 35% in each of the last three years. You may choose to pay 49.95 for the month and shop when you like, or if you do not wish to shop that month, you notify them by the 5th and no charge will be given. If you do not notify, your credit card is charged, but this can be used as payment or credit. Membership may be canceled at any time by a simple phone call to Member Services.


Personalized service for the membership includes surveys which help determine your likes, dislikes, and style. For example, the first survey asks: “What is your favorite way to sweat? Gym , cycle, run, or yoga, or do you mix it up?” Other questions ask, “Where do you like to workout? What colors get you goovin? Is your body type petite, lean, athletic, or curvy?” The site will go on to get your exact measurements, password info, and your email address. At this point they will give you personalized selections in all price ranges, with total outfits and separates.


Comments on the total process were very positive. The enthusiasm is due in part to the marketing strategy used by Fabletics, and it seems to be working. Customers like being encouraged a little; they like good brand names and quality products; they like convenience and little perks that signify personalized service, and they like the affordable quantity of unique style provided by Kate Hudson’s activewear. They like the membership that provides this. They like it enough to grow a $250 million dollar business in three years and challenge Amazon’S 20% of the online commerce business.


Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes that it is the membership model, offering a high value brand from the beginning, that is the reason for the marketing success. The personalized service indicates who the customer is and what she wants.


Retail stores featuring Fabletics are increasing steadily but a reverse process of success is working. The retail store has not been preparing the customer for online. Customers already know and possess memberships and have liked the experiences on-line. They go into the retail store fully aware of what they are browsing for, and Fabletics is careful to put their best foot forward in the retail stores.


The new customer is interested in new experiences that are data based and designed for convenience and shopping. has found that formula, and it has worked for them. Fabletics has been creative and used risk-positive ideas that appeal to the modern shopper, and it is also working. Competition in a new market can only benefit the consumer, who seeks the best of what he wants, for the money he wants to pay. It promises to be a long race.

Some of Sam Tabar’s Greatest Accomplishments

Sam Tabar is a private venture capitalist, legal advisor and now the chief operating officer at FullCycle Energy Fund. Sam has tonnes of experience in overseeing budget strategy for various companies in the country. Sam is fully committed to the company’s mission which entails coming with new ways to ensure that the costs are friendly, and the fuels being used are environmental friendly.

In his career, he has worked in various companies at various key roles. He worked at Merrill Lynch as a director and the head of capital strategy. He provided the company with insights regarding investors and helped get the company various opportunities that elevated their operations. He also worked at Sparx Group/PMA as the managing director and helped raise $60 for credit and equity. He also worked at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Associates as an attorney. All these can be attributed to his education background which entails a master’s degree in law at Colombia University and a degree in Jurisprudence from Oxford University.

Looking at his education background and his career from an attorney to now the COO of a global company, he has accomplished so much in his career. Having a degree did not stop him from pursuing a master’s degree which of course opened opportunities and doors for him. Going ahead for more studies is something that most people should learn from him. There is never enough that one can learn and always, being informed is a stepping stone for many opportunities.

Sam Tabar has a large social media presence. He uses his twitter handle @TabarSam to keep in touch with his fans and also educates his followers of the business world and also keep in touch with the current affairs. He uses this platform to share his thoughts and insights regarding the world business and how aspiring entrepreneurs can get themselves settled in and take charge of their businesses.

How CTRMA is Preparing Austin’s Transportation System for the Future

The Williamson County Growth Summit was recently held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel. The summit brought together different stakeholders to the future of Austin’s transportation system including Mike Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and Jared Ficklin who is a product designer at ArgoDesign.


Ficklin is notable for proposing that Austin uses an aerial gondola system as an alternative means of transport. The members of the panel answered questions from the audience and lent their expertise in the transportation sector. Heiligenstein noted that self-driving cars would play a significant role in the future of transport but said that more projects would have to be built in the area. This is because the suburbs would continue to experience a ballooning population and more roads would have to be put up. Ficklin called for the updating of building and land codes. This is because of the inception of driving cars and the type of parking space and system that they will use. Current codes do not accommodate the development of these buildings. It could be a hindrance for the integration of autonomous cars in the future.


Mike Heiligenstein is also the current president of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. He is also heavily involved with numerous transportation committees. He is on the board of the transportation institute of Texas A&M. Mike worked for over 20 years as an official in Williamson County before joining the Mobility Authority.


CTRMA is based in Austin. It was started to improve the transportation system in Williamson and Travis. CTRMA developed the 183A in Williamson. It was one of the first roads to have a cashless and electronic tolling system in place. It is collaborating with other regional organizations to develop expressways in Central Texas. The authority built the 290 toll road whose capacity was three times that of the previous road and which helped to decongest other neighboring roads.


The administration is also looking to make ride sharing easier by partnering with Carma, a carpooling app. This is because there are close to a million empty seats on cars every day. They are collaborating with Metropia to develop an app that analyzes traffic data to recommend alternative routes that motorists can use. The Mobility Authority worked with the Capital Area Metropolitan Organization to start a highway response team to help motorists with car problems. This is because breakdowns are one of the biggest causes of traffic congestion and getting people going as fast as possible is a step in the right direction.

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