How Raj Fernando has revolutionized the Trading Business

Fernando is the founder and head of, an established Internet startup that offers an avenue for firms and individuals to share trustworthy information and ask for confidential feedback. The startup has promoted the growth of several companies. It has also enabled many employees to achieve professional growth. Scoutahead opened its doors in 2016, and it continues to register tremendous growth.

Contributions to the trading world

Raj Fernando is a talented professional in the technological innovation and global financial markets. He actively supports affairs of foreign policy organizations. He is a member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the celebrated Brookings Institute, American Security Project’s Board of Directors, as well as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Stephen Cheney, who serves as the head of the American Security Project, reiterated that Fernando’s experience and skills in cyber security are vital to the national security.

Trading career

Fernando has established a successful career as a trader. He started by serving as a volunteer for the Chicago Mercantile while pursuing his university education. Upon graduating, he dedicated his efforts toward achieving personal growth and promoting the success of Chicago Mercantile. After a couple of years of serving as a senior trader, Fernando created Chopper Trading back in 2001.

Chopper Trading

Fernando became a part time trader in 2004 to focus on transforming Chopper Trading into a technological center. He created, implemented, and oversaw some of the most refined risk management communications, source code security, trading, and monitoring systems in the financial sector. After more than ten years, Chopper Trading started trading on the largest international exchanges, including Eurex, LSE, and CME. With close to 250 experienced workers, the firm was made up of the most competent traders and veteran engineers in the financial sector. In 2015, Fernando sold Chopper Trading to a leading financial company called DRW.

Board Membership

Fernando utilizes his 25 years of experience in global financial markets and more than ten years of professional expertise overseeing cyber security initiates to offer leadership insights to his firms and various organizations and boards he serves. He supports animal causes by serving on the PAWS Chicago’s Board. He provides insights and intelligence to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s board.

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Dick DeVos Looks To The Future With Over Three Decades Of Education Reform Support

As a parent I have always been concerned with the way the education system in the U.S. would support the future of my own children, but I have had some of my concerns laid to rest by the work of Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy in bringing real life educational change to the people of 17 states already. I recently read an interview with Betsy DeVos in Philanthropy Roundtable that gave some background about why the DeVos family has become so important in the educational reform movement; I was impressed with the fact Betsy DeVos explained she and Dick had slowly come to the realization they should get involved in education reform from the 1970s onwards. Among the ways I have been impressed with Dick DeVos is the fact he has been willing to sacrifice his own time and become an elected official for the Michigan Board of Education despite enjoying a successful career with the AmWay Group that has given him a personal fortune estimated at more than $5 billion.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been at the forefront of many different philanthropic causes that have impressed me greatly, including the development of a number of schools across the country that use the charter school model to allow young people the chance to follow their dreams. The Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos gave me a large amount of information about the former President of the AmWay Group and the interesting life he has led, including his time spent as CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. Dick DeVos has spent a large amount of time trying to develop the arts in the Michigan area and the larger United States; I was impressed to see the successful development of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management that was created with the aid of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

What Everyone Should Know about Cotemar

The History Behind Cotemar

There is a lot of history behind the making of the company Cotemar. It all began in the year of 1979 when Cotemar was first founded to work within the sector of energy as a service business. Since then the company has turned into the best provider of services offshore within the industry of oil and gas.

In 1985 the company was able to get their first rig. This led to Cotemar being able to provide services that were of the food and accommodation variety. In 2004 Pemex achieved it’s peak within the area of oil production. Now Cotemar is going off into newer types of business ventures that have to do with onshore oil extraction and are making great headway within the industry.

The Values of Cotemar

When it comes to values Cotemar has many that they pride themselves on. They want to make sure that they are trustworthy, dependable and able to provide the best services that they can. They want to make sure that they give their clients exactly what they want in a prompt amount of time to ensure that everyone ends up happy in the end. It takes a lot to make a great company and that is why they pride themselves in learning new ways of accomplishing their goals and improving the end results.

Services Offered by Cotemar

At Cotemar they do not skimp when it comes to the services that they offer. The list goes on and on with what they are able to provide, here are some of the services that are offered:

Accommodation and Food- 1. Are able to present accommodation and food services for over 4,000 individuals. 2. Have bedding services that are provided in every cabin. 3. Provides laundry and cleaning services.

Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels- 1. Can provide offshore maintenance. 2. Can transport various big items/structures that are needed for upstream. 3. Are able to process and transport oil and liquids that are taken from an oil field.

Construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering – 1. They can install different types of materials in place within the designated budget and time frame of the client. 2. Ensure the safety of everything transported. 3. Ensure the quality of services.

Why Choose Cotemar?

Cotemar has been around for a long time meaning that they are experienced in providing quality service. Many clients have chosen to stay with this company and have fallen in love with the quality of service. There are many reasons why clients choose to use this great company and there are still many more great things to come. Source:

Sam Tabar Takes up the Mantle of Serving as COO of FullCycle Energy Fund


The FullCycle Energy Fund has officially appointed Sam Tabar as its COO. Tabar will be in charge of managing the company’s fund growth strategy. He will also supervise the firm’s day-to-day operations and employees.

Tabar’s views

In his acceptance speech, Tabar commended the FullCycle Energy Fund and voiced his happiness for earning such a prestigious nomination. He promised to work in full co-operation with the senior leadership team to achieve the firm’s foundation mission of shifting from expensive, polluting fuels to cost efficient and eco-friendly fuels.

Sam Tabar has spent a significant part of his career as a hedge fund manager. He held the position of capital strategists at the Merrill Lynch. In this role, he offered targeted introductions to corporate investors such as foundations, funds of funds, endowments, pensions, and family offices. Tabar acted as a consultant on operations issues and played a key role in building back and front office groups. He once served as a marketing co-head for Sparx Group (PMA), the biggest sovereign fund in the whole of Asia Pacific.

Tabar has also held senior positions at prominent law companies such as Skadden and Schulte, according to his Lawyerist profile. He holds masters of law from high-status Columbia Law School and an honors BA from the globally renowned Oxford University. He managed to balance between his law classes and editing the Columbia Business Law Journal. Currently, he is registered as a lawyer in the New York State, with Sam Tabar Advisory. Tabar is one of the earliest private venture capitalists to invest in Tribute and SheThinx, a firm that has re-established the feminine hygiene sector with a social goal to empower women worldwide.

FullCycle Energy Fund

Established in 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund finances and own projects, which transforms the humans’ relationship with waste by turning costly environmental issues into a clean, essential fuel that can be utilized to power communities across the globe. The firm’s mission is put a significant amount of money in retrofit traditional and modern generation plants. The hiring of Tabar is part of FullCycle’s plan to recruit top talents that can make tangible impacts in the society and spearhead its mission.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Are Changing The Game

In the past, people though they did not have many options when it came to jobs or perhaps they were raised to take any job and keep any job. However, deep down, they had desires, dreams, hopes, and aspirations of their own. They wanted to do something that brought out the best in them, made them happy, and allowed them to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. After all, when it comes to life, we only get one crack at it, so it is important to do it right. No one wants to look back, years later, and have regrets that they didn’t take the jump or take the plunge. Now, more than ever, is time to really go after what matters in life.


That is now made possible thanks to Bob Reina and his beautiful product, Talk Fusion, which is winning awards and changing the game all together. People do not have to work at jobs that are just that, jobs. They should be able to spend more time with their family, enjoy their life, and feel a sense of inner peace, which can be hard to come by at a job where there is a boss that is constantly over your shoulder and making you feel miserable.


Talk Fusion is the solution to the issue at hand. It allows people to work like never before and do things they never thought possible before. They can run their own business and see it grow to tremendous heights. With video newsletters, video chats, and video emails, the sky is truly the limit. They can communicate with people from all over the world and there are no restrictions and nothing stopping them. That is why Bob Reina made this product. He also made this product so that with some of the profits, he could give back. Right now, Talk Fusion is offering a 30-day free trial.


He understands that some people might be a little hesitant or a little scared to get into this type of business. However, after thirty days, they will see that it is worth it.


Unconventional Amenities in NYC Properties


NYC properties are offering more and more luxury amenities. These amenities cater to the new breed of real estate buyers in NYC. From pet spas to art galleries, buildings are going out of the way to lure in new tenants with unconventional amenities.

Properties like 180 Franklin in Brooklyn are for the more music and art lovers. It has a rehearsal space and an art studio, and it’s located near the Pratt Institute. Sky, which is located on W. 42nd street, has an indoor lap pool, NBA regulation size basketball court, and a pet spa are just a few of the out of the box amenities offered to residents. One57, located on W. 57th in Manhattan, has a massive library, billiards table, screening and performance room, and yoga studio.


Other building cater to more athletic types, like One Brooklyn Bridge Park. It has a 3000 square foot gym, golf simulator, and outdoor putting green. MiMa’s in Manhattan has pet spa, gym, and lap pool just to name a few. Luxury amenities are one of the main features this new breed of buyers are wanting. Dog enthusiasts, sports addicts, budding artists are among the new consumers of NYC properties and the buildings are responding.


TOWN residential real estate has become the foremost seller of rental apartment property in New York. They have world class agents who are able to meet the needs of any client matching them with the right properties. In the five years they have been open, TOWN has set the bar in excellence for selling NYC properties.

Assisted Living Facilities are Increasing in Quality as They Increase in Number


Twenty-five years ago there were very few options for senior citizens to receive long-term care. They had to choose between living in their homes with in-home care or going to nursing homes when they grew older. Nursing homes were used for everyone whether they required constant medical care or simply needed assistance in everyday tasks; clients did not receive individualized care.


In recent years, assisted living facilities have grown as the number one housing option for the senior housing solution for seniors who can otherwise live independently. For many, growing older can be accomplished gracefully with a minimum level of care that allows them to enjoy this new phase of life.


Differences in Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted Living Communities are not all alike because every state or province has different licensing requirements. Some ALFs are combined with a skilled nursing facility, and these types of communities are prepared to accommodate their clients from an assisted living situation to one that requires advanced medical care.


Assisted living communities focus on helping their clients with their basic daily activities, so their clients can live independently. Most ALFs provide hygiene, bathing, toileting, dressing, eating, medicine monitoring and using the telephone and shopping among the basic services, but, more can be added depending on the community.


The Manse on Marsh


The Manse on Marsh is a premier assisted living facility located in San Luis Obispo, and it is an excellent example for ALFs across the country. The Manse focuses on a healthy, secure and interactive environment for their residents by offering townhouses, condos and single family homes for their clients, according to OurParents.


This community has prime services including 24-hour security and supervision of the property, immediate response systems linked to professional medical care, chef-prepared meals, laundry, housekeeping, dressing, grooming, bathing, transportation to local businesses and many social events and programs that are incorporated into the daily schedule. The added benefit is that The Manse participates in a health care program that only charges clients for the services they require.



The Manse on Marsh has a warm family atmosphere that is stress-free and peaceful, so residents can enjoy their lives, and participate in many activities. The excellence and care of this facility makes a perfect model for future ALFs.  Follow the news on Twitter, or see how The Manse on Marsh is improving the lives of their elderly residents through their blog.

Dick DeVos’ Big Hand in Philanthropy

The DeVos family has a rich history of entrepreneurship as well as a generous hand that is visible in various charitable organizations. Dick DeVos as a separate entity is also as successful as the other members of his family. He is a household name in American business not only because of his family name.


His flagship corporate, The Windquest Group, is also a force to reckon with in various industries spanning from liquor to education. Dick DeVos formerly served as the president of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and the Amway group. Other areas of operation include technology, clean energy as well as manufacturing among others. Community involvement that is in line with his family’s contributions has also contributed to his fame. Dick DeVos married Betsy DeVos, and they have four children.


Despite their busy lives, the DeVos dedicate a lot of time to philanthropy aimed at creating solutions to social problems. Betsy DeVos is the unseen hand that does a lot of management work. These roles are in her capacity as the chairperson of The Windquest Group. She is also the chairperson of the Dick and Dick DeVos Family Foundation.


This foundation separates their philanthropic work from the larger DeVos family philanthropy. However, their involvement in furtherance of education stands out due to its impact on the lives of many disadvantaged children. The desire to see education change peoples’ lives started early while their children were in school.


Their love for education has also seen Dick serve on the State Board of Education. In their capacity as a family, they initiated the Education Freedom Fund that has awarded over four thousand scholarships to date. With involvement in education, Dick DeVos has been an active contributor to arts and justice programs.


These and many other engagements have contributed to advancing their good name. Launched over thirty years ago, the foundation as an avenue for their philanthropic work. Both founders possess excellent education credentials that are partly the reason behind their interest in education.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is mainly intent on catalyzing partners or organizations. These organizations position communities both locally and internationally for viability as well as growth. With a belief in boldness, the DeVos are always ready to take the first step. Hard work is also a culture that they have adopted despite tutoring others into the business. However, they have a commitment to making a difference in whatever initiatives they are involved.



What Makes Danilo Diaz Granados Unique as an Entrepreneur


Have you heard about Danilo Diaz Granados? Danilo is a businessman who has his company established in Miami. He is known for his astute business skills and his many achievements in the field of entrepreneurship.

How did Toys for Boys Come About?

Toys for Boys is a creation of Danilo Diaz Granados, the co-founder of the company. While he was still in school, he wanted to do business some day. He always considered moving to Miami to found a business that would be beneficial to the Latina Community. Once he completed his university studies, he moved to Miami and started the boutique and luxurious company that is known as Toys and Boys presently. The company was launched in 2013 and has gone ahead to provide luxurious products as well as services targeted at the male Latino group.

If you are looking for the perfect accessories that are worth your money, visit their website or their shop and buy what you need. They offer a wide range of products, ranging from toys such as cars and exotic pieces of jewelry.

Party Experiences

One of the reasons why Danilo Diaz Granados is a known name is because of the media presence that he has. This is attributed to the fact that he is a party fanatic. He is known for some of the most extravagant parties and events which he throws in Miami on a regular basis. The parties attract the affluent of men in Miami for a day of festivities and a showcasing of the products by Toys for Boys Boutique.

The aim of the events is to ensure that the Toys for Boys clientele is treated to a worthwhile experience like no other. This year alone, the company hosted an event that included lunch and drinks at the Palm Beach Hotel in Miami. There were bottles of champagne doing rounds. Guests were also treated to a helicopter ride with Danilo Diaz Granados himself. The festivities not only brought together many men from Miami but also led to a successful showcase of some of the products which the company offers.  Be sure to check out Danilo’s official website, for more information.

Michael Zomber Is A Peaceful Weapons Collector And Enthusiast


Born in Washington D.C., Michael Zomber has come a long way in his life since his early days in college. He has taken up a great many passions and had a successful career to boot. He has successfully authored several books and written many screenplays. He is also an avid and well-known antique weapon and armor collector, which also act as investments for him. Some of the stories he has written include Park Avenue, Jesus and the Samurai, and Son of Kentucky. He has done a lot of research on his books and these subjects pertaining to weapons and history, making him an authority on these subjects.

He has even made his way onto television on the History Channel to share some of the knowledge and history he knew about different time periods. He also was able to explain the significance of different weapons and the effects they had on battles. He also has many weapons from these time periods, such as the civil war, which he has also lent to museums on multiple occasion.

Michael Zomber started off attending college at the University of Illinois. During his time their he studied English Literature and Psychology. It was during these courses that his love for literature grew, which is what ultimately had him going back to school to earn his masters degree. He did this at UCLA, and earned a master’s in English Literature. Michael even has his own company that is dedicated to producing small films and documentaries, such as Soul of the Samurai.

Michael Zomber is also anti-war, which seems odd considering the number of weapons and armors he has collected, along with the nature of the books and screenplays he has written. But this is only because he finds the topic fascinating and would like to help more people understand the history behind these time periods of war. Michael is also a big contributor to different organizations for charity, such as the Doctors Without Borders Foundation, which provides aid all over the globe through donations. Today, Michael Zomber has achieved a great deal of success and maintains many of his passions along with his career.